Alumni Spotlight: Nuri Arunbiarti


I took International Relation major in university and I was born in Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia. Other than my politic education background, photography and become a volunteer are also one of my highest interests, and I try to combine that two things to become a volunteer in other country.

Why did you pick this program?

Nuri: I picked this program because I love to travel to country that I never been before, and I love kids, I can say I dedicated my free time to them, wherever and whoever they are.

What is the most important thing you learned abroad?

Nuri: Diversity is the most important thing to learn abroad. People, language. religion and culture, so I or we know how to appreciate each other even we knew each other just for couple days.

What was the hardest part about going abroad?

Nuri: The hardest part was hear foreign language that I've never heard before. It's confusing and frustrating. I'd prefer to go to countries where most of people can speak English so I can communicate easily with them but I don't mind to learn about their language. Going abroad is part of learning.

Tell us about an experience you had that you could not have had at home.

Nuri: I love to meet strangers. I love communicate in English. My father used to live in England so we speak English sometimes. It's a good way to improve my speaking skill so when I went abroad, I already have that skill to communicate with other people. Most of people that I met, they didn't care if my grammar was bad, as long as they understand what I mean, it's totally okay.

What is one piece of advice you'd give to someone going on your program?

Nuri: When you come to other people country, specially for the first time, just follow their rules and etiquette, because that's how you appreciate them. Get along with local people is important but don't just know their names then you forget about them once you go back to your country

As a photographer, my important tips are: 1. Take a selfie with local people is not an embarrassing thing, trust me. 2. Send postcards for your relatives and best friend from the country you visit. 3. Don't make local people judge you from how your dress or look. People always judge how you act to other people afterwards.