Staff Spotlight: Daniele Leao

Marketing Executive


Daniele Leao, originally from Brazil has an under graduate degree in Linguistics and Post graduate degree in Marketing and Integrated Communication. Daniele is passionate about understanding people and their motivations, different cultures and communication styles. Over the past seven years, she worked in an advertising agency, where she developed an in-depth understanding of branding, communication and advertising process in addition to working and studying how people connect with brands. Dani joined the AI team with a vision of helping people pursue an international-oriented career.

What is your favorite travel memory?

Australia is by far my favorite travel memory. I lived in Brazil my entire life and always dreamed about living in another country. I spent months planning my exchange program and finally decided to come to Australia to experience another culture, improve my English skills and develop myself personally and professionally.

I first arrived in Sydney in February 2014 to study English. I was supposed to stay for only five months, but I completely fell in love with the country and the city and I have now been here for three years!

After my English course I applied for the Australian Internships’ 6 month program and ended up being hired by the company. Now I help other people to achieve their dream careers and develop their skills abroad.

How have you changed/grown since working for your current company?

Living in another country changes you forever. I became another person (a better person, I guess) after I moved to Australia, especially after I started working for Australian Internships.

Over the last 2 years I have learned so much about respecting other cultures and understanding people with different mindsets. We deal with candidates from more than 90 nationalities and every time I get an enquiry I need to be prepared to answer it taking into consideration the candidate’s specific needs and characteristics.

You learn that by doing a good job you help other people and this good energy and motivation comes back to you in unimaginable ways. It is really rewarding!

What is the best story you've heard from a return student?

I will never forget an intern named Sener, from Turkey. He applied for the Hospitality Internship Program in Front Office in 2006 for 12 months. During this period he met Shiho who was completing an internship program through Australian Internships in the same hotel.

Basically, they fell in love, got married and now - 10 years later - have 3 kids!

After his internship, Sener was recruited and quickly progressed to management level. Today he is the Department Head of one of the best hotels in Australia.

What makes your company unique? When were you especially proud of your team?

The Australian Internships’ team is one of the most committed teams I have ever been part of. People from different nationalities help students and recent graduates to kick start their careers with the best companies in the country.

Everything the company does aims to provide excellent service from the beginning of the process.

Australian Internships not only provides an internship placement, but a comprehensive internship program that includes all the support candidates need to succeed: assistance with resume and cover letter preparation, coaching, mock interviews, travel planning, ongoing support for the duration of the program among many other things.

I believe that what makes Australian Internships different is that we all LOVE what we do, and we all feel rewarded when we see our candidates achieving their dream careers.