Staff Spotlight: Edward Adeli

What is your role at IVHQ? What inspired you to join them?

Edward: As the in-country Program Coordinator for IVHQ Ghana, I must ensure I match our volunteers' needs and skills with appropriate projects, in order for them to have a life changing experience here in Ghana.

My inspiration came from within - the desire to make a difference and influence other people’s lives through meaningful travel experiences for those who want to understand my culture and the way of life in Ghana, at the same time as impacting other people’s lives

Program Alumni

What do you enjoy most as far as your role?

Edward: The best thing about what I do is meeting new people every two weeks from all walks of life. I do not need to travel to meet all these people who come from everywhere around the globe, I am fortunate to have the whole world in my house every two weeks. That is the best feeling anyone could have. Also seeing the impact our volunteers are making on the various projects is a wonderful feeling.

What should every volunteer considering Ghana know?

Edward: Ghana is a democratic country and is one of the safest place to visit on the African continent. the people are very tolerant and the friendliest you can ever imagine. Currently dubbed 'the Gateway to West Africa', Ghana is a becoming a strong tourist destination in Africa.

The Ghana Program

Ghana is a tropical country with two main seasons, the wet season, which starts from May and ends around August and the dry season, which starts from August and ends around December. The most popular destinations to visit are the Cape Coast slave castles, the Kakum National Park, and we have the highest waterfall in Western Africa, called the Wli waterfalls, in the Volta region of Ghana.

Trotros are mini vans and are the most popular means of traveling in Ghana. They are very cheap and readily available anywhere, anytime.

Also, Ghana has the largest man-made lake in the world, stretching from the South to the northern part of the country.

Any tips for first-time volunteers abroad?

Edward: As a first time traveler to this wonderful country, you will feel safe and welcome anywhere, anytime. Akwaaba - Welcome.