Staff Spotlight: Chloe Sweem

Program Manager


What position do you hold at ISA?

Chloe: I am the Program Manager for our Internship sites in Spain and Chile. I help students through the application process and tease out what kind of internship they are looking to find in their field of study that fits both their professional and personal goals.

Jumping into the field of international education has been fulfilling and opened my eyes to a wide range of career paths available to globally minded people.

Did YOU study abroad?! If so, where and what inspired you to go?

Chloe: My first international experience, a language intensive summer program in Santander, Spain; first sparked my love for travel and the Spanish language. Like so many others I was addicted and then studied abroad in Vienna, Austria and Toledo, Spain.

I desperately wanted to call myself fluent in Spanish and staying the year in Spain gave me the proficiency I desired and of course so much more!

Which study abroad destination is most underrated?

Chloe: I don't think it is a discussion of overrated and underrated, but rather all in the approach. Living in a tourist destination in Spain gave me this outlook; souvenir shops and train stations might seem like the most mundane locations but there is always something to discover if you are open to the experience.

I had interesting conversations in ticket lines, and observed new trends at the grocery store, and even met a friend in McDonalds. That said I believe you will always be happier if the extra effort is put in to think of what you want out of the experience. Before I went abroad, I identified two or three non-negotiable requirements that really enriched and guided my time in Spain.

What is one piece of advice you'd offer a returned study abroad student?

Chloe: It is a standard in the field to preach recording your time abroad, which I wholeheartedly agree with. Time goes by so quickly and you can only absorb so much. Writing it down will make those memories stick. Moreover, I believe it is really important to reflect on the experience once you have returned.

Taking the time to solidify the accomplishments you've made, personal, academic or professional will take you so much further in life.

I believe reflection can harness the momentum of learning and living abroad and translate it to everyday life after you return; whether it be going overseas again, tackling a hobby, or setting a new goal.

What makes ISA programs stand apart from other program options?

Chloe: The thing that sets ISA programs apart is the personalized support from beginning to end. From the minute you apply there is staff ready to help students start this exciting chapter of their lives.

Everyone at ISA has firsthand experience and knows how life changing and important this time is for students. We are dedicated to delivering the personalized attention students need but also give students room to flourish in their new experiences.