ISA Study Abroad in Sevilla, Spain
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ISA Study Abroad in Sevilla, Spain

Sevilla, the capital of Andalusia, is the fourth-largest city in Spain and offers students opportunities to explore Spain's culture, language and history. Blending tradition and modernity, Sevilla is as relaxed as it is energetic, with boundless sunshine, non-stop flamenco dancing, and countless tapas bars. Located on the banks of the Guadalquivir River, student mobility around the city is unmatched with easy access to metro, bus, tram, and bicycle. Recognized for the largest Semana Santa celebration in the country and spectacular turnouts for the Feria de Abril, students will be able to stand alongside local Sevillanos to partake in these unsurpassable Spanish festivities.

Depending on the program, ISA students can enroll in courses at the Universidad de Sevilla, the ISA Study Center with Universidad Internacional Menéndez Pelayo, or the Universidad Pablo de Olavide, all of which offer varying, yet unequivocal, opportunities for every student.

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Program Reviews (19)

23 years old
Tampa, FL
University of Tampa

Around the Wolrd


During my time in Spain I was able to travel all around Europe and see many different countries and cultures which was an incredible experience! During this time I was able to visit friends that I have previously know. But doing this I was able to get an first hand experience of the country and was able to see different places that normally wouldn't be seen.

How can this program be improved?


24 years old
Arequipa, Peru
Menéndez Pelayo International University

ISA Summer 1 Review


Sevilla is a beautiful city full of rich history, culture, and fun experiences. Walking to and from school, seeing the vibrant life going on all around, and trying various flavors of gelato were always highlights of my day. Learning about Sevilla's history and going on tours to historical places like La Catedral, the Alcazar, and the Toro del Oro were great! One of the coolest things about Sevilla is walking on the Puente de Triana and passing over the Guadalquivir, watching a bullfight, or looking over the entire city at twilight at Las Setas and being part of history in the making. Another fun part about the program was that we were able to explore other cities like Cordoba, Granada, and a couple cities in Morocco. After tours of those cities, we got some free time to eat and enjoy the cities on our own. It was exciting to experience foods from different regions of Spain. The only difficulty I encountered was doing homework for my classes because I always wanted to be doing something to experience everything Sevilla had to offer (which is a lot).

24 years old
Tempe, Arizona
Pablo de Olavide University

Cultural Integration in Sevilla


I couldn't have been luckier to experience a city more beautiful as Sevilla and a program as well structured as my partnership through ISA . I stayed with a host family which is essential to cultural integration. Living and talking to natives everyday encouraged me actively participate in the Spanish lifestyle. I think that Spain is a great place to live, and not just visit, because there is a lot of history to explore. One of the greatest parts about going global is the process of becoming a more critical thinker and developing creative approaches to solving problems. ISA provides a fantastic platform to explore such a historic city. The excursions included Madrid, Toledo, Malaga and Lisbon. It was also optional to travel to Morocco. These provided great opportunities to explore other cities with like-minded students.

How can this program be improved?

Pablo de Olavide was a great university and I really enjoyed my classes. However I took classes with other international students and would have preferred to have taken courses with locals.

24 years old
Milledgeville, Georgia
Georgia College & State University

I wish I was still in Sevilla!


Studying abroad in Sevilla was the best thing I’ve done in college! I went with a group of people from my school to study international marketing. Right upon arriving in Spain ISA greeted us at the airport and took us to our new homes for the month. I was very intimidated at the first place we stopped to eat not knowing ANY Spanish but somehow I made it through all month learning a lot! Throughout our whole month in Spain, ISA was constantly there to help us navigate through the city, teach us about culture, and organize events like kayaking down the river at sunset or attending a bull fight. ISA knows how scary it is to be in another culture with new surroundings and they make it very easy to adjust and fall in love with the city. Sevilla is a large city but with a small town feel. It is so easy to get lost in the little streets but somehow we would always make it back to Plaza de Cuba! The coolest part about Spain was all of the tapas restaurants. My favorite thing to do was go and order a bunch of dishes I couldn’t even pronounce off the menu to try all the original Spanish dishes (including payaya which is a must!). A little piece of my heart will always be left in Sevilla and I can’t wait for the opportunity to go back again thanks to ISA!

How can this program be improved?

If I had to change one thing about the program, it would have been to have all of the people on my trip's housing in one central location to make it easy to meet up, instead of all throughout the city!

24 years old
Gainesville, FL
University of Florida

Study in Sevilla!!


The 6 weeks I spent in Sevilla with ISA during Summer 2014 were by far the best weeks of my entire life! Sevilla is an incredible and beautiful city, full of culture and history! My classes were not overly difficult which gave me time to spend with my classmates and really explore the city. For example, a few of us used to love getting ice cream down by the Cathedral after class and just people watch. ISA also coordinated excursions to other cities in Andalucia for us to visit on the weekends (and they were included in the price of the trip, so no added costs) and they took us to places I normally would not have visited if I were on my own. I also stayed with a host family which really immersed me into the culture and helped me improve my spanish. All in all, it was an amazing program and my only regret is that I did not go abroad for longer.

How can this program be improved?

I was lucky enough to be placed with a host family that had an apartment in the city center, but most of my classmates lived with host families in the suburbs. It just would have been nice if we could have all lived in closer proximity because it was often times almost an hour walk from my apartment to where my friends lived in Triana.

24 years old
University of Kentucky

Once Upon a Time, in a Country Far Far Away


My time in Sevilla was incredible. The city itself is has so much to offer and is straight from the pages of a fairy tale, from its picturesque streets to its friendly inhabitant. My walk to school led me down along the river and through the park. During breaks between classes I would go picnic right across the street at Plaza de España aka Tatooine from Star Wars. Flamenco shows and tapas bars abound are an absolute must. Even the occasional bullfight is an experience worth having, if a little graphic for my taste. The ISA staff is incredibly helpful and personable. It was also nice that Sevilla has an airport, so that when I was able to pry myself away from the city I was able to easily travel to several other countries. Overall it was an incredible experience!

How can this program be improved?

At first I thought that I wanted to live a little closer to school, but as time went on I began to love the walk and I was glad that I got to experience a little more of the city that way. If I had to change something, it would just be the ability to sign up for my own classes. I got to choose which classes I wanted to take, but I would have liked to see the times that they were being offered and decide from there. However, I understand that the schedules are a fluid concept and depend on which classes the group as a whole decides to take

24 years old
Allendale, Michigan
Grand Valley State University

Study Abroad in Sevilla, Spain with ISA


My experience with ISA in Spain was life changing. I was nervous at first, leaving the country with no family and no friends, but my expectations were exceeded. I chose to live in an apartment and the set up was amazing. Everything that we needed was provided and if there was anything else that we wanted, the ISA staff figured out a way to make us happy. The classes provided were both fun and educational, and I gained real knowledge about Spain's history and advanced my use of Spanish language. My favorite part of this program was the provided excursions to different cities in Spain and Morocco. The transportation and organization was all planned for us and our only job was to experience new culture and have fun. The on-site staff was like my family away from home. They were willing to do whatever it took to make us feel comfortable, safe, and happy. (Even if it meant coming to your hotel room every ten minutes to check on you and bring you gatorade when you are sick :)) Overall, the only complaint I have is that I couldn't stay forever.

How can this program be improved?

If I had to change one thing, it would be to choose class scheduling. I know the classes were limited but it would have been nice to have classes that were back to back instead of with a large gap in between, especially for students who had a long walk back home.

24 years old
Berlin, Massachusetts
Saint Anselm College

Spring in Sevilla


My time in Sevilla, Spain with ISA was incredible. There were always weekly activities and excursions for us to do, so you can never bored! There are a variety of classes you can take too! Since I was so busy, I barely had time to miss home. My program was so welcoming and helpful, transitioning to Spain was so easy. I lived with a host family, and my program did an excellent job finding us a great Host Mom. My roommate was gluten free, and my host Mom always cooked her separate gluten free dishes. Seville is a great city for anyone who is looking for an authentic Spanish experience. I highly recommend this program, especially in the Spring because of all the fun festivals and holidays there are!

How can this program be improved?

I wish my program was a little longer. I was in Seville for 3.5 months but I felt like I wanted a little more time. Right as I got adjusted to the food and language it felt like I had to leave. I would like to see them offer a program in Spain that is 4-5 months, so students are there for all the festivals and have plenty of time to travel and enjoy their city as well.

24 years old
Louisville, Kentucky

Living amongst the residents of Trianna


During my stay in Seville, I lived with a host mom who was amazing. She was the best cook I've ever met. I had classes everyday which were so fun. Everyday may seem like a lot but when you're in Spain, nothing gets you down. I met many Americans that are currently close friends. I walked and biked everywhere which was an awesome way to explore the city. My ISA program took me on many excursions that allowed me to see many parts of Spain for cheap. While there I went with a friend to Ibiza, Spain for a couple of days which was one of my favorite trips. Getting around the country is easy and fun, you just have to be flexible and calm. I would travel back there in a heart beat.

How can this program be improved?

I would have liked to live closer to school but that is the only thing I would have changed.

24 years old
Columbia, SC
University of South Carolina

Semester in Sevilla


I studied abroad in Sevilla, Spain during the spring 2014 semester. I went through the study abroad program ISA (International Studies Abroad). ISA was so helpful in getting me situated in Spain and also in answering any questions that I had prior to leaving and while I was in Spain. Living in Spain was challenging at first because my Spanish was not very well. However, I lived in a host family (whom I LOVE) and they helped me SO much with my Spanish. It was incredible how much my language skills improved while I was over there. Also, my host family was so polite and nice and their home was very clean. They were a lot of fun and told my roommate and I all of the best places to go eat tapas!!

How can this program be improved?

If I could change one thing, it would be the activities that ISA organized in Sevilla. There were random and it was fun to go to them, but sometimes they didn't feel very organized. Actually, it was only one instance but there was a planned activity and the instructor didn't show up so it had to be rescheduled and everyone was disappointed. But besides that one mishap, ISA is a really great program and very organized.

24 years old
Marquette, MI
Northern Michigan University

A Semester in Sevilla


Studying abroad in Sevilla, España was the absolute highlight of my college career. I loved walking over Puente de Triana and watching the sun rise over the cathedral every morning, in addition to the heavenly scent of the azahar blossoms. Though my absolute favorite memory of studying in Sevilla was staying up for 26 hours to watch the processions during Semana Santa fueled solely by café con leche y churros con chocolate! The ISA program administration was fantastic! They made such an effort to create excursions and cultural experiences for an authentic Sevillan experience!

How can this program be improved?

I would have liked more courses with locals as part of the program or at least with other internationals. It was a bit frustrating to take classes only with Americans.

26 years old
Nashville, Tennessee
University of Tennessee- Knoxville

Sevilla program fosters growth


ISA Sevilla was truly a liberating experience full of constant exposure to a new interpretation of Spanish culture. I felt safe and independent on my own, but having on-site staff guiding us and informing us while on excursions boosted my confidence. Being given a home-stay also made me feel at home, enjoy home-cooked meals, and help me adjust to the new area.

How can this program be improved?

Get to know everyone in your group! Since students are from all parts of the U.S., making new friends can lead to more adventures when your experience is over. Groups can be large, so remember to diversify your interactions with others.

24 years old
Gainesville, Florida
University of Florida

Live In The Moment


There is something incredibly serene about waking up and walking in the cool of the Sevillian summer mornings and drinking a coffee on the river. I was always a person to keep to a routine and found something as simple as that capable of keeping me sane during what was one of the most fun and adventurous summers of my life.
I engaged with as many locals as I could, especially my host mom, Josefa, in order to learn more about the specific culture and accent of Sevilla. ISA helped facilitate interactions and experiences with the community, which strengthened our ties and memories in the city.
It was difficult to get into the swing of things at first, but as the program sped up and drew to a close, I realized how applicable "Carpe Diem" was. It helped me get over any worry, hesitation, or fear that I had because #YOSO (You Only Sevilla Once). Which will hopefully end up being untrue because I love Sevilla and definitely want to return.
The amount of personal growth a person goes through when studying abroad is mind-boggling. I developed more in my core values, beliefs and critical thinking because I was put in situations that necessitated me doing something.
My highlights would be the weekend trips that we would go on. We went to Tarifa, Spain and Lagos, Portugal and both were incredible. It was a small group of us on both trips and it led to greater bonding and sweeter memories.
There is truly nothing like an immersion program to help you lose yourself in a foreign world. But when you find yourself again, back in your home country, you can see that you are a new and greater person for having lived every moment.

How can this program be improved?

Help encourage alll students to speak in Spanish only!

24 years old
Gainesville, FL
University of Florida

ISA in Sevilla - Perfection!


Sevilla is an incredible city, filled with so much culture and history. ISA did a great job organizing the program so that we got to experience the history in unique ways - like kayaking down the river that Columbus and other famous explorers sailed down during Spain's Golden Age. In addition, the classes I took at the University were totally manageable and ISA professors understood that we were there to learn outside of the classroom too, so we had lots of free time to travel and really experience the culture in which we lived. The excursions ISA organized were also great as they took us to many other wonderful cities in the region, especially some where we might not have gone on our own - like Jerez, which is famous for its production of Spanish sherry. All in all, ISA in Sevilla was a great program and a perfect fit. I definitely made more than a lifetime of memories while abroad and I cannot wait until I have the opportunity to go abroad again!

How can this program be improved?

I would change the length of time of the program as 6 weeks just is not enough time to see and do everything. I think 9 or 12 weeks would have been ideal!

32 years old
Lincoln, Nebraska



My time in Sevilla literally changed my life. From the courses, to the culture, to the ISA staff, to my host family, and the excursions...I'm a better person for participating on this program. Studying abroad ignited my passion for travel and this year I will hit my 26th country!

24 years old
Berlin, Germany

Unfortunate experience


I believe that the trip was very terribly advertised and did not provide what was promised. Numerous times, I asked if it would be a cultural experience, where we would meet students in school from foreign countries, as well as learn to speak Spanish. Yes, for those that know Spanish and have family in Spain, then they just paid for a trip to encourage their learning. However, students who have very basic knowledge of Spanish are NOT taken care of. I asked many times to be placed into a Spanish family that understood at least some English. When I arrived, my family spoke no English at all past "Hello" and learning Spanish became quite impossible. Emphasis was given to the Spanish speaking children and it discouraged other students from learning since they were beginners. I am completely discouraged from this and all other ISA programs. ISA programs are expensive and are not worth it. I am currently studying at a European University through a European program and not only is the price practically 3 times cheaper, it is much more accommodating.

Response from ISA (International Studies Abroad)

We are sorry to hear that you were disappointed by your ISA experience. Unfortunately, we do not offer English speaking homestays in Sevilla, and we follow up with each student that makes this request. If a student does not feel comfortable living in a homestay for this reason, we offer apartment housing as an alternative option.

To foster greater cross-cultural interactions, ISA Sevilla staff and the universities offer "intercambio" language exchanges to help students practice their Spanish and interact with local students. We also offer Spanish language classes at the beginning level as well as free tutoring with our bilingual on-site staff.

We strive to provide a great value for our students by creating all-inclusive programs that include housing, tuition, excursions, cultural activities, international medical insurance, as well as a full-time on-site staff available to students 24/7. ISA prides itself on the individual attention we provide to our students, so we will definitely use your feedback to help improve our programs for future participants. We are happy to hear you are continuing your education abroad, and wish you the best!

24 years old
Dayton, Ohio
Wright State University

La Vida en Sevilla es una Maravilla


Without a doubt, I would head back to Sevilla with ISA in a heartbeat. The culture is something completely different than what I am used to, and I have to say that I miss it a lot! ISA's staff was so supportive and helpful, from giving directions to chatting about the language and fun Spanish phrases, they helped me through every step of the process. Whenever I would go in to the office, I would be asked how my classes were and how my host family was. They genuinely cared.
The school is absolutely gorgeous- it is the old Royal Tobacco Factory. During the warmer months, it got sort of stuffy in the classrooms because they don't have great air conditioning systems, but it was not unbearable.
The people in Spain, and in Sevilla especially, can come off as stand-off-ish. You really just have to put yourself out there and get to know la gente! You can't be shy if you want to make Spanish friends! Along the same lines, get an intercambio! The language exchange is so helpful and the intercambios are really helpful with finding the cool places to go and showing you around.
Overall, I had a wonderful experience with ISA and recommend them to everyone I know who is looking to study abroad!

24 years old
Columbia, MO
University of Missouri- Columbia

Amazing Cultural Experience in Traditional Spain


The ISA Sevilla staff were the most wonderful people. They made it their mission to get to know everyone and make sure all of us were comfortable and happy. All of the students there were like-minded: we were in Spain to get a cultural experience, and that was really refreshing. Being in Southern Spain, the pace was very slow and relaxing, a nice break from the crazy schedules we keep here. I love Sevilla and call it my second home, and I think ISA really did an excellent job heightening my experiences while I was there.

24 years old
Knoxville, TN
University of Tennessee- Knoxville

Best Experience of my Life


I had absurdly high expectations coming in to this program and in all sincerity..THEY WERE SURPASSED! Studying abroad is the GREATEST thing you can do... ISA makes you feel comfortable (MJ and Mauri are the BEST), are affordable and offer awesome excursions in Spain, Portugal and even Morocco! Sevilla is such a comfortable, beautiful city. It's all walkable, somewhat large in size but small enough where you feel a part of the city! The weather is always great, everyone is always outside and kind as can be. If you want a traditional Spanish experience I say nothing but ISA Sevilla will do!!

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