Staff Spotlight: Isabel Gibert

Project Assistant

What position do you hold at City Travel Review? What has been your career path so far?

Isabel, City Travel Review Project Assistant

Isabel: My main role was to assist the cultural workshops of the project and help the participants with any doubts or questions. I also suggested places to visit and posted different events on the facebook group everyday to keep them busy and give them ideas for their reviews.

I have studied English and French at university so I love languages and meeting new people. After living in the UK for almost two years I can appreciate the differences between the Spanish and British culture very well. Certainly, this has helped me to empathize with some of the participants quite easily.

This last year I went to Thailand with a British charity,The Karen Hilltribes Trust, where I taught English for three months. It was a big cultural shock and challenge but thanks to this experience my communication skills have considerably improved and now I am able to deal with different kinds of situations and large groups of people.

Traveling is my passion and I try to express my enthusiasm for it through the workshops and the different activities we plan for the project.

What do you most enjoy about your role?

Isabel: Everything! The group was really nice, all the participants were vey enthusiastic so it was very easy to plan activities with them. I loved to teach them my culture from a native point of view as usually people come to Spain and all they want to do is party. It was nice to show them the difference between a tourist and a traveler. I had a fantastic time!

What makes City Travel Review's programs unique?

Isabel: I think the travel guide is the answer. It is a very creative and useful way to spend your summer and I think all the participants love the idea of being part of a team where you have to discuss different ideas and points of view.

What's your favorite story of a program participant's City Travel Review experience?

Isabel: Me going out with them and having my purse and phone stolen after telling them to be careful with their belongings.

What tips do you have for someone considering a City Travel Review program?

Isabel: Just be keen to learn something different and meet new people. The guide is just an excuse to get to know the city better, you don't need to take it too seriously. Of course, you have to work and being able to organize and manage your time is very important but don't push yourself too hard thinking that your reviews must be perfectly written otherwise you won't enjoy the experience. The team of teachers is there to help you so any doubt please ask!