Staff Spotlight: Lea Huang

Service Department Assistant
Meet Lea Huang, one of the assistants in the service department at Go Abroad China. Her major job duties are finding and deciding on different accommodations depending on the request of the client, making sure that clients are received well on their first arrival in China.

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What is your favorite traveling experience?

Lea: Most of my travel experiences have been right here in China and my favorite experience was in Nanjing, a city in southern China. Even though Nanjing is becoming modern in a lot of areas and is experiencing a large influx of foreign students, but it remains full of history and has a rich cultural scene. I also enjoyed the cuisine, scenery, walking along some of the old buildings still left in town and the people were as welcoming as ever.

What language have you always wanted to learn and why?

Lea: Recently I’ve become a bit engrossed in Japanese and it is mainly just a personal preference; I’ve gotten very interested in Japanese television and their modern city life so language seems to be the first step in understanding all this. Besides, I also wish to travel to Japan in the future and I want to have some basic Japanese noted down before I go!

What has been your career path so far?

Lea: Previously I was involved in general office administration before joining Go Abroad China’s service team. So for now, it is just ensuring everyday that I help our team to offer the best possible customer service that we can deliver, be it in arranging housing, internship placements and just being available to solve whatever issues or additional questions that arise during a client’s time with us.

How have you changed/grown since working for your current company?

Lea: I am still fairly new to Go Abroad China & the study abroad industry so my main goal is to understand more about the industry, whether be it reading about projected trends, studying about how our own company is doing, doing research about the kinds of companies we are in competition with. The list is long of the things I make sure to be aware of, but all in all, I have really improved in taking initiative and reading around the area that I am employed in.