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Go Abroad China | Study at Top Universities and Learn Chinese

The GAC Learn Chinese in China program is designed to help you improve your Chinese proficiency and cross-cultural competency through coursework and Chinese culture interaction and engagement. We offer 1-3 months Chinese Language Programs to improve/develop your Chinese language skills and obtain Credits. Classes are conducted by the top rated Chinese universities such as BLCU, Peking University, Shanghai Jiao Tong etc. Each week students participate in 20 hours of classes including excursions and one-on-one language studies or study Chinese at GAC’s partner universities.

With the purpose to engage students in real-life situations, all of the students will live with the Chinese host family and the professional instructors really help advance the learning process in and outside the classroom through a variety of learning methods.

Learning Chinese in China will provide:
  • Support from Chinese language tutors and Chinese language instructors at all language-learning levels.
  • A variety of courses to choose from: intensive Chinese course training in GAC top universities, small group and one-on-one tutoring.
  • An understanding of real China through a language immersion and an internship in China. This provides an opportunity to gain professional working experience within Chinese companies.
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*International Insurance
*Transportation: Airport pickup, To and from activities
*Welcome Pack: Includes local mobile phone and orientation materials
*Orientation: Local orientation materials including city map, emergency card,taxi card, and welcome dinner
*24-Hour Assistance: Should any problems arise at any time during the program, GAC staff members will be available on call at anytime day or night
*Included: Pre-departure Support;
*Volunteer Opportunities; Computer Lab;
* Scholarships available

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  • Academics 9
  • Support 9.2
  • Fun 8.6
  • Housing 9.3
  • Safety 9
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Tsinghua University International Chinese Language and Culture Center

I visited Beijing last summer and studied at ICLCC (Tsinghua University International Chinese Language and Culture Center). Prior to my visit I had no knowledge about mandarin but I was really eager to learn.

In my classes there were a total of 20 students. My subjects were Reading, Speaking, and Listening. I enjoyed the grammar class more as the classes were really beneficial and engaging with weekly dictations, homeworks, and quizzes. Before our classes began we were provided with materials such as textbooks, audio CD, flashcards, chinese songs and slides which were used during our classes.

My only issue was that though most of us were just beginners, the teachers assumed we all had some knowledge about Chinese language and would tend to rush through our lessons. But the text books and ads we received were easy to understand and read which helped a lot.

In conclusion classes were great, I had a great time and i was able to improve my Chinese Language especially during my stay in China.

Yes, I recommend
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Learn Chinese Program in Shanghai

My name is Lea, come from US . I have studied in Boston College for my Bachelar degree . As love Chinese very much ,so 1 gaps year to study in Shanghai . School was at an appropriate pace and the content of what we learnt could be applied to daily situations which was effective for practising Mandarin.
The accommodation and family were lovely, very accommodating and helped out a lot when I had a problem. And it is also a convenient location.
Generally, my program and life in Shanghai are excellent.
GAC servie tean is really helpfull , I will miss you all .

Yes, I recommend
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Shanghai Jiaotong University

It was a while back when I was in Shanghai studying Chinese at Jiaotong University for the summer. My program provider was Go Abroad China who were quite accommodating because I would only be in Shanghai for two months and they literally handled everything for me: the most important which was organising my study visa, my flat in Shanghai, which I shared with 2 other flatmates and showing me which bus to take to school. Thankfully I didn't live too far away from campus and didn't even need to change bus lines or any of that. Otherwise it would have been quite a hassle to learn the different buses.
Now about my Chinese classes: I barely spoke Chinese when I first arrived in Shanghai, and my class, imagine 20 young people coming from different countries learning Mandarin from Monday to Friday - for me it was full time school in the summer! Life in Shanghai was amazing and crazy! I had so much fun living there, getting close to my flatmates and other classmates. A couple of times I also hit it up with the rest of the people in the Go Abroad China group.
I came to China as a total beginner in Chinese language, by the time I left after 2 months I could manage approximately 200 characters!

Yes, I recommend
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learning Chinese in Shanghai

I spent two months studying in Shanghai, it was great, sometimes tough, other times fun! I had classes Monday to Friday meaning that every week I had 20 hours of Chinese with a taichi lesson once a week usually in the afternoon. Of all the things I learnt, taichi class was always my favourite one, until I found out we would have a test and it would be graded. Surprisingly I actually didn't do bad in that test, but i also suspect my teacher was a bit lenient.

Anyway let me talk about the important classes then:
I had grammar class every morning, some days it would be followed by speaking/oral class, other days it would be reading & writing...there was a whole timetable. I must admit that my different teachers (I had 3) were generally great but like any other will not be happy with unfinished assignments or slacking in class.

I know everyone probably always says this after coming to China, but my Chinese really did improve significantly.

Fun: living in Shanghai was really great for me, I hung out with my classmates, went to the dinner organised by GAC and visited some nice spots courtesy of our guide from GAC. She was the one I always called if I needed some help with Chinese or something went wrong in the apartment etc.

Yes, I recommend
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studying at BLCU

I had a great experience with GAC and BLCU. Before coming to China I couldn't speak Mandarin at all and had in mind that it was the most difficult language ever. Now, I can have small daily conversations with Chinese people and I am so proud of myself! Those 2 months in Beijing were very interesting because I got to live with a Chinese family and experienced the real Chinese life! The family that I was living with was very comprehensive and would let me go out with my friends without any problem. The father and also the kid could speak good English. The whole family was adorable. They once invited me for a weekend to Xian. I really felt like I was part of the family and that is why I will certainly keep in touch with them!

Yes, I recommend
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Learning Chinese at Fudan University

I went to study in Fudan University in Shanghai for a month during the summer time. Going to China and studying there was part of my course requirements, there was a list of universities that my school already recommended and Fudan was one of them.

I checked out Go Abroad China's website a lot and finally decided to contact them to arrange everything. Everything went smoothly, I applied, got registered at Fudan University and lived in a shared apartment in Shanghai. Unfortunately I couldn't live i campus, so I had to take the metro everyday to school. I joined one of the beginner classes there and I personally noticed a lot of improvement at the end of my course.

At the end, there was an exam that tested grammar, listening, oral and I passed - I had to pass - to get all the credit points that I needed back at my university. Actually one of the reasons that I went with Go Abroad China was actually being able to get credit transfer.

As for fun city life in Shanghai? It's a normal modern city just with millions of people. There was lots to do, but I was there for such a short time that I couldn't really get into the social life.

How can this program be improved?

I had a fairly good experience, so I'm satisfied.

Yes, I recommend
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Learning Chinese

I actually stayed in Beijing for a really short time, just a month learning Chinese with a private tutor during the summer holidays. Learning Chinese was fun! My teacher did lessons on meeting new people, food, getting directions and stuff like that. I was a beginner and was clueless about Chinese but after that I made a decision to actually continue learning Chinese. To me, China was so interesting because it was my first time there; I learned to buy fruits and their Chinese names with my teacher out on the street; I rented a bike and we biked to a nearby park, sometimes my class would be held there or she would come to my homestay place. It was good having my own teacher, especially being taught the foundation for Chinese language which is very important. Go Abroad China was helpful in arranging the private classes for me; I hope that maybe in the future again I will be back.

Yes, I recommend
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Going to Nanjing University

I specifically wanted to go to Nanjing University because I already had knowledge about Nanjing and my parents also wanted me to go there, so I actually chose GAC when I saw that they had a program in Nanjing. At Nanjing University, I was placed in an intermediate class because I had studied some Chinese before. I had to take a test in the beginning to find out which level would be good for me. I think when you get to the intermediate level the intensity increases from how beginners are taught. I found that I had to do a lot of revision as assignment, if you don’t review its really easy to fall back in class. But I enjoy learning Chinese and my fluency has definitely increased even though I think the characters get harder and harder to write from memory, but anyway smartphones can write in Chinese so it’s an easy reminder! For me the thing I really had to spend extra time on was word usage, I think in Chinese it has some very specific rules and patterns that you have to really remember. GAC was helpful with the preparation of coming to China and helping me enroll at Nanjing.

Yes, I recommend
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Going to China to learn Chinese

My experience learning Chinese? Well I got my foundation from a couple of Mandarin classes per week at university, but as part of my course I found myself needing to go to China to really focus on the language.

I ended up enrolling at the Beijing Language and Culture University, which I later learned that it is one of the best at teaching Chinese language in China. I applied through Go Abroad China; during the planning stages with them, I was drawn to the fact that they would arrange for me to get picked up from the airport, my accommodation would be prepared by them and the whole application process into BLCU was easier with someone there helping me.

I was nervous about studying away from my usual environment, BLCU had its fun times and its tough moments. The class sizes were relatively small, my classmates all foreigners there to study Chinese. I was definitely in one of the beginner classes, but I learned that they arrange different classes depending on your Chinese level. First thing that definitely stood out to me was going to class every day for around 4 -6 hours to learn Chinese, I mean back home it would be half of that per week! Now I’m not a great student but I have always managed to do what is required. At BLCU, my workload definitely increased from what I was used to, but textbooks is nothing to worry about as they will be given to you at school. I will admit that after a while I got my rhythm and started enjoying my classes. I absolutely had fun with my classmates especially with the speaking lessons, as for writing characters, it was tricky to begin with but as my teacher had shared with us, there are all sorts of tricks to use to remember them!

The environment at BLCU: I thoroughly enjoyed it. The campus is not overly large but you get to meet so many people from different countries, (occasionally a few in the same situation as I, having gone through Go Abroad China) prepare to learn about countries you have never even heard of! But seriously, I noticed a big improvement in my spoken Chinese level after a few weeks, probably from all those practice conversations we did in class almost everyday. In that sense I am really happy, my teacher was always really nice to us and made class enjoyable. If I had another chance to return to China I would definitely be back.

How can this program be improved?

Yes, maybe they can more clear about providing scholarships.

Yes, I recommend
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My Amazing Chinese Class!!

I learned Chinese when i was a kid, and to be honest i really like this pretty difficult language. Then when i started my university, i think maybe i can go abroad and try to learn this amazing language.Then i started search go abroad learn Chinese,and i found out Go Abroad China.They are really good.

Yes, I recommend
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Enjoy My international Education in China

I had a really good time in China and i was supprised at how much i learnt. The people were also really friendly and i managed to make some really good friends who i am planning to stay in touch with. The accomodation was great. The house was lovely and located in a nice area which was only 5 minutes from the underground. The rooms were cosy and clean. My hosts were very friendly and helpfu, who made me feel welcome and provided good dinners. I would like to say thank you Go Abroad China. Thanks for finding such a good host family for me.
Besides, my school teacher were entertaining and yet very efficient. The teachers were very good as was the course's content. I learned a lot and i would certainly recommend this course to my friends.

Yes, I recommend
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A remarkable time in China

Well, finally I was standing at one of the top universities in the world—Peking university. It felt like a dream. At the first day of my study, the course was all I expected and so much more. The teachers were professional, but at the same time, you could have a laugh with them! The course material was at exactly the right level for me, bridging the gap between A Level and degree level, which I was very happy with, and we covered some interesting topics. Although my Chinese is not such good and I made lots of mistakes, my teacher was very patient with me and all the teachers and staff were very friendly. They makes me felt confident to learn Chinese well and it turns out I did doing very well now.
I stayed with a local lady and her young daughter, which is near to my university. The location was amazing and it is convenient to buy everything you need. In fact, the first pictures I took were on my balcony: there are lots of flowers planted by the lady. All in all, the accommodation was comfortable.
Besides, the friends I made in China have impacted upon me so much, and I now have holiday homes in 10 other countries! I cannot recommend Go Abroad China enough, and China as a destination as well. If you want to go, go!

Yes, I recommend
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Memorable Study Experience

It was very well done, everything went smoothly, even out of my expectation.
First, speaking of the support from, I had nothing to say, every step is perfect from the beginning to the moment that I had to leave China. Go Abroad China placed me in a good family. The accommodation was very fitting for me, I am glad I was placed with real Chinese people. They cooked wonderfully and were always concerned about my well being, such nice family. And speaking of my study university, I like it very much. I found it interesting how successful the teachers were at teaching to each student in China without having to translate into one's mother tongue. Also teachers were lovely and really understanding, seemed to enjoy what they were teaching and I feel like I learnt loads in a short time. Thanks again to the teachers! I am going to recommend my friends to use Go Abroad China for study abroad.

Yes, I recommend
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My Study Abroad Experience

It was a great experience. I am really satisfied with my study university—Beijing Language and Culture University. Not to mention the study environment, the class group was small enough in order to be productive. The teacher used modern and efficient methods of learning. The school also has a good reputation for teaching Chinese to foreigners. Besides, I was arranged in an excellent host family. I lived in a large rooms and the Chinese food is quite good. Oh, don’t forget the after class activities which helped me make a lot of Chinese friends.
Anyway, all of these are credited to Go Abroad China. They did a lot of favor to me. I really would like to thank for them.

Yes, I recommend
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Best Way to Study a Foreign Language--Total Immersion

I had never imagined my dream may come true one day. Going to China to study Chinese was a goal of mine since I was about 7 when I saw it in a movie. And now my wish is realized. Before my travelling, I did a lot of research and then Go Abroad China came to my final decision. After I contact them, they made the research, preparation, transition, and experience abroad easy and smooth. They provided all of the necessary details and logistics of going to a different country, as well as a great network of support all throughout the process. I was especially happy with the transition that Go Abroad China provided.
After arriving at one of the fastest developing country, I was really excited to see the beauty of the country. Before the registration, Go Abroad China team provided information about my study university. I really appreciate their help.
I created a short video of the beginning of my adventures in China, which will give me forever memory I ever had.
Anyway I had a very wonderful life in China. This experience makes me know better of Chinese culture and my Chinese speaking is improved significantly. Thus I created a short video of my adventures in China, which will give me forever memory I ever had.

Yes, I recommend

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