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Program Details

Language Level
Immersion Level
Intensive Standard
HSK (Mandarin Chinese)
Class Size
Private Lessons Small Class (1-7) Medium Class (8-15)
Apartment Host Family Hotel


Starting Price
Price Details
*Quality Accommodation
*Pre-departure Visa Support
*International Insurance
*Transportation: Airport pickup, To and from activities
*Welcome Pack: Includes local mobile phone and orientation materials
*Navigation: city map, emergency card, taxi card, and welcome dinner
*Chinese Language Curriculum
*24-/7 Assistance: GAC staff members will be available on call at anytime day or night
*Activities, tours, & volunteer Opportunities
*Scholarships available
What's Included
Accommodation Activities Some Activities Classes Meals Some Meals SIM cards Transportation Travel Insurance Visa Wifi
What's Not Included
May 27, 2022
Feb 18, 2024
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About Program

Learning to speak Chinese (Mandarin) can open doors for you globally and make a positive impact on your future.

Find adventure and accelerate your Chinese language proficiency by coming to study Mandarin Chinese in one of our high-quality Chinese language programs: GAC university Chinese courses, intensive small-group class, gap-year study program, high school language program, one-on-one private tutoring, HSK preparation program etc. When you study abroad, you get to immerse yourself in another culture and learn the language much faster than studying in your home country.

Come for a couple of weeks, a semester, a season or a whole year. No matter how long you choose to stay for, we’ll be here to make sure your stay is fantastic and that all you have to worry about is working hard and having fun!

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Program Highlights

  • Internationally recognized language programs taught by professors & lecturers
  • Customized Chinese learning Classes for beginners up to advanced learners: standard class, intensive small-group class, one-on-one tutoring, etc.
  • Optional free electives (language and non-language), cultural activities, social events, guided tours, volunteering & internship in your desired industry sectors
  • Accredited & transferable University/College credits
  • One-stop & all-inclusive service package with 24/7 support to assure a worry-free life & work in a whole new career field as well as a foreign country

Program Reviews

4.81 Rating
based on 47 reviews
  • 5 rating 80.85%
  • 4 rating 19.15%
  • 3 rating 0%
  • 2 rating 0%
  • 1 rating 0%
  • Instruction 4.8
  • Support 4.8
  • Fun 4.5
  • Housing 4.95
  • Value 4.8
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Yes, I recommend this program

GoAbroadChina is the best one for Chinese language study in China

I joined GoAbrodChina Chinese language immersion program in 2023.

The GoAbroadChina Beijing office staff was very helpful in handling all issues of studying abroad. From transfers to and from the airport, enrollment at the University, health insurance and a visa,etc. I feel that this made my stay less stressful than my classmates, who constantly had to deal with these important issues using their beginning Chinese. GoAbroadChina also arranged many social and cultural outings, which truly enhanced my China experience.

I am thankful to all my teachers for their dedicated teaching.

My host family that GoAbroadChina arranged was very kind and helpful in every way. They always offered to help with my homework when I was having difficulty, and every night at dinner our conversations provided me with ideal listening and oral practice, as well as a lesson in Chinese culture. Living with a family also educates you in everything from Chinese culture to common idioms and cooking, etc.

My advice to anyone planning an intensive language course and homestay in China is to coordinate your stay through a program, and GoAbroadChina is the best one to use!

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Yes, I recommend this program

Go Abroad China Save my study pathway

My name is Mark im 24 years from Melbourne Australia. My program was Shanghai Fudan University - one Academic year's language study program.

My experience was fabulous with GAC. I Was so worried and frustrating because I have no idea about China and this is my first international flight, but since I arrived in Shanghai until I finished my program, I didn't fell im international at all.

The staff are extremely friendly and treat me with manners. Sometimes they spend more time trying to help me and give me advice. I would like to say big thank you to Serena, She helps me so much even after the working hours she helped me to secure a job and give me a hand in a huge country like China, I won't be able to survive a day without her.

The company resect all the promises between me and them with high manners.

The homestay was a great idea, I lived with a nice family and I was so satisfied because I didn't fell im different from them, They are nice and so generous to me and they have very high consideration about the young people.

GAC help me as well to get a job for 1 year in another company and they help as well to be an extra reference in the country.
I would definitely recommend Go abroad to China because they are very helpful and very kind and friendly people

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Yes, I recommend this program

Best trip in China

My parents really wanted me to take some time off from college, travel and get some wholesome experience before I went into university. While searching through the Internet for the perfect destination and experience package, I came across Go Abroad China. I discussed with them and within a month I was presented an offer. The classes were taught by native teachers who were really fluent in English, which was a great surprise to me. The classes were engaging and we even got to go on trips organized by the university. It was really great to know that the university cared for the well being of its international students. I had a great experience in China and Im grateful to Go Abroad China for their great service.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Chinese language course at BLCU

As a Chinese major I had to travel to China to get experience the China experience and develop my skill more by practicing my Chinese speaking and writing there while learning more about the chinese culture. The program was great for the cultural experiences and the classes helped to compliment my overall experience. I went with the goal of improving my Chinese and that is what I did I gained fluency in Mandarin Chinese and made great friends. Overall, I discovered a city that I would love to revisit in the future. It was definitely worthwhile.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Tsinghua University International Chinese Language and Culture Center

I visited Beijing last summer and studied at ICLCC (Tsinghua University International Chinese Language and Culture Center). Prior to my visit I had no knowledge about mandarin but I was really eager to learn.

In my classes there were a total of 20 students. My subjects were Reading, Speaking, and Listening. I enjoyed the grammar class more as the classes were really beneficial and engaging with weekly dictations, homeworks, and quizzes. Before our classes began we were provided with materials such as textbooks, audio CD, flashcards, chinese songs and slides which were used during our classes.

My only issue was that though most of us were just beginners, the teachers assumed we all had some knowledge about Chinese language and would tend to rush through our lessons. But the text books and ads we received were easy to understand and read which helped a lot.

In conclusion classes were great, I had a great time and i was able to improve my Chinese Language especially during my stay in China.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Learn Chinese Program in Shanghai

My name is Lea, come from US . I have studied in Boston College for my Bachelar degree . As love Chinese very much ,so 1 gaps year to study in Shanghai . School was at an appropriate pace and the content of what we learnt could be applied to daily situations which was effective for practising Mandarin.
The accommodation and family were lovely, very accommodating and helped out a lot when I had a problem. And it is also a convenient location.
Generally, my program and life in Shanghai are excellent.
GAC servie tean is really helpfull , I will miss you all .

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Yes, I recommend this program

Shanghai Jiaotong University

It was a while back when I was in Shanghai studying Chinese at Jiaotong University for the summer. My program provider was Go Abroad China who were quite accommodating because I would only be in Shanghai for two months and they literally handled everything for me: the most important which was organising my study visa, my flat in Shanghai, which I shared with 2 other flatmates and showing me which bus to take to school. Thankfully I didn't live too far away from campus and didn't even need to change bus lines or any of that. Otherwise it would have been quite a hassle to learn the different buses.

Now about my Chinese classes: I barely spoke Chinese when I first arrived in Shanghai, and my class, imagine 20 young people coming from different countries learning Mandarin from Monday to Friday - for me it was full time school in the summer! Life in Shanghai was amazing and crazy! I had so much fun living there, getting close to my flatmates and other classmates. A couple of times I also hit it up with the rest of the people in the Go Abroad China group.

I came to China as a total beginner in Chinese language, by the time I left after 2 months I could manage approximately 200 characters!

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Yes, I recommend this program

learning Chinese in Shanghai

I spent two months studying in Shanghai, it was great, sometimes tough, other times fun! I had classes Monday to Friday meaning that every week I had 20 hours of Chinese with a taichi lesson once a week usually in the afternoon. Of all the things I learnt, taichi class was always my favourite one, until I found out we would have a test and it would be graded. Surprisingly I actually didn't do bad in that test, but i also suspect my teacher was a bit lenient.

Anyway let me talk about the important classes then:
I had grammar class every morning, some days it would be followed by speaking/oral class, other days it would be reading & writing...there was a whole timetable. I must admit that my different teachers (I had 3) were generally great but like any other will not be happy with unfinished assignments or slacking in class.

I know everyone probably always says this after coming to China, but my Chinese really did improve significantly.

Fun: living in Shanghai was really great for me, I hung out with my classmates, went to the dinner organised by GAC and visited some nice spots courtesy of our guide from GAC. She was the one I always called if I needed some help with Chinese or something went wrong in the apartment etc.

98 people found this review helpful.

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