Learn Chinese in China
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Learn Chinese in China

Develop Chinese language skills through this Small Group Chinese Class in China program. Small group courses at Keats School and its well known one-on-one immersion Chinese language program are both wonderful ways to become fluent in the language. Each year over 200 students take part in the small Chinese classes, the perfect program for individuals who are living in Kunming for a long or short period of time. The participants meet two hours each day for 16 weeks. They can choose from levels offered: Beginner, Elementary, Intermediate and Advanced. Keats will be able to provide student visas and will help students get in touch with local housing agencies to set up accommodations.

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Keats School is the only Chinese language school in Kunming which offers full services and is located in the city center. We provide intensive one-on-one Chinese language instruction to overseas students. Our teachers, who speak standard Mandarin and...