Planning on learning German? Choosing Berlin is a great choice. Berlin is a world city of culture, science, politics, urbanization, and history. Not to mention, as the capital and most populated city in Germany, Berlin has a solid variety of language courses, study abroad programs, and language exchanges to help you learn German abroad.

Most people in Berlin speak German, although hearing English and French is common. The version of German they speak is “Berlinerisch”, and generally regarded as an urban variety of Low German. During the Thirty Years’ War, German received a mix of French and Yiddish influence which remains to this day. Because of this mix of languages, it is linguistically not a dialect, but a “metrolect”.

All in all though, there are only a few words Berliners use not spoken in other parts of Germany. For options, culture, and a truly urban experience while learning German in Germany, choose Berlin.

Private tutoring / group courses

Both of these are great options for those who aren't able to attend universities. These can also take advantage of the small amount of people and encourage communication between students, which tends to be the best environment for language learning. Beware however; private tutoring tends to be double the price of group courses.

If you want private tutoring just for the extra one-on-one practice, a language exchange is a good budget alternative to consider. Tandem Berlin will help you arrange a language exchange (or, as the call it, a "tandem partnership").

University courses

Berlin has the largest concentration of universities in Germany, creating a fair amount of options for German language learners who are still enrolled in college and want credit for their time abroad.

Universities to learn German at include Free University of Berlin and Humboldt University of Berlin. While you're at it, why not take another course or two and get the German perspective?

Language study & internship combination programs

In addition to language learning, many programs also offer internship opportunities for participants. First, you'll learn German within a short but intensive time period, and afterwards partake in an internship.

Although you'll need to have a good grasp of German before undergoing an internship in Berlin, if you're up to the challenge, you'll learn so much more, not only through practicing your German, but applying it to everyday life and immersing yourself in German work culture.

What's there to do in Berlin in my free time?

Berlin always has a lot going on, from the Berlin Film Festival every February, the largest publicly film festival in the world, to its famous nightlife and the Berliner Festspiele music festival, if there's one thing we can promise it's that you won't be bored while in Berlin.

How easy is it to speak only German while in Berlin?

In terms of language, one thing to note is that Berliners will tend to switch to English once they hear an accent when speaking German. You must be wary of this! When practicing your German, you must be stubborn in your endeavor for improvement. If you lose the battle, your German will falter and not be able to improve!

How affordable is Berlin?

As far as European cities go, Berlin is one of the most affordable. A bed in a dorm room can run you 10 - 30 Euros, while a cheap kebab is an affordable 2 - 3 Euros. A basic meal out could cost between 9 - 15 Euros (not too shabby!).

If you're staying long term, look into student housing or apartment rentals. Although average rent in the city center hovers a little over 1,000 Euros / month, sharing with a flatmate or friend can help you cut these costs.

German Language Programs in Berlin

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EF International Language Campuses
Learn German in Munich or Berlin with EF
8.67 •12 reviews

From medieval architecture to a vivid modern art scene, EF offers...

CESA Languages
CESA Languages - German Gap Year Program in Berlin
10 •1 review

The CESA Languages Berlin Gap Year course is ideal for anyone on a Gap...

Sprachenatelier Berlin
Sprachenatelier Berlin: German Courses in Berlin
8 •1 review

At Sprachenatelier Berlin we offer our students intensive German...

Nomaden Berlin
Study German in Berlin: Language, tours, and events package - The Berliner Beat

The Berliner Beat is not your usual regimented language trip, its a...

Live Languages Abroad
Learn German in Germany and Austria with Live Languages Abroad
Multiple Countries

If you want to learn German, Germany and Austria are your places to go...

Alpadia Language Schools
German Courses in Berlin

Alpadia Berlin proposes an attractive variety of German language...

Carl Duisberg Centren
Learn German in Berlin at the Carl Duisberg Training Center

Berlin is a dynamic and creative city, linking Eastern and Western...

Eurocentres German Language School in Berlin

Eurocentres' language school in Berlin is located close to Potsdamer...

Languages Abroad
Learn German with Languages Abroad
Multiple Countries

Studying German abroad is a valuable asset and one that can give you a...

Anda Sprachschule
German Intensive Courses

Anda Sprachschule is a friendly school with two locations in Berlin...

Intensive German Courses in Berlin

Humboldt Institut offers intensive German courses in small groups as...

ESL - Language Studies Abroad
Learn German in Berlin

Berlin: urban, exciting and the perfect place to spend some time...

DID Deutsch-Institut
Learn German in Germany at DID Deutsch-Institut

DID offers small group German courses for adults and teens of all...

F+U Academy of Languages
Intensive German Course | 20 lesson/week

This intensive course covers one level (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1) in 8 weeks...

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