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Mar 16, 2017
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At Academia de Español Continental, we offer One-on-One lessons to learn Spanish. You can come to study with us for just an hour or for months if you like! Besides these one-on-one lessons, we also offer several fun and instructive study programs where you can for example study Spanish with somebody or travel through Guatemala while studying. We also offer academic programs. Here below we give you an overview of our programs.

– Partner Study – study Spanish together with you travel companion!
– Parent and Child – study Spanish together with your child!
– Total Immersion – for two weeks, five days a week, eight hours a day, give it your all!
– Fun and Study – morning lessons, afternoon excursions and weekend travel!
– All-inclusive – create your own Fun and Study program by choosing where to go!
– Group Lessons for volunteers – helpful lessons for a minimum of three volunteers!
– Learn and Help – study Spanish combined with part-time volunteering!
– Ready to Help – study Spanish for two weeks to then be ready to volunteer full-time!
– Academic Semester – Fifteen weeks of in total 300 hours of Spanish, academic credits available!
– Academic Summer – the Academic Semester, but for eight weeks in total!
– Teach and Learn – Receive extra Spanish lessons if you teach our teachers English!
– Skype Lessons - You go back home, but are not done studying Spanish with your favorite teacher!
– DELE Exam Preparation – We help you in your preparation in your DELE exam, based on the level you want to apply.

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