German Intensive Program

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Do you want to learn German and you do not have any basic knowledge? Do you want to "survive" in the German-language daily? With this course, you can definitely achieve these goals!

We will show you how to learn German with joy and in a concrete way and how to find your best path for learning that gives results. We recommend and accompany you from the beginning, with personalized interviews before, during and after the course. Based on the Curriculum, we focus on your requests and needs. Analyzing in detail the questionnaires, which are regularly submitted to you at the end of the course and reflect on the results, are fundamental prerequisites for your success. We open the doors to life in the German-speaking countries, with particular attention to Austria.

  • Spelling your name into German.
  • Answer and ask simple questions.
  • Understand the phone numbers.
  • Present using the German Language.

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