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Nov 01, 2022
Nov 27, 2022
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Come and join the leading Spanish-language immersion program in Mexico City!

Iguana Abroad offers you the chance to live in the heart of Mexico City and learn Spanish in a fast, authentic, and immersive way. Whether you are a complete beginner or you already speak advanced Spanish, our personalized courses will bring you to the next level!

Our trips include 30+ hours of Spanish tuition, a unique program of cultural immersion and a series of excursions to diverse and exciting locations around Mexico City and beyond. Iguana Abroad participants live communally in our all-included accommodation in one of Mexico City’s most vibrant and exciting neighbourhoods. Iguana Abroad will take care of all the details: Spanish lessons, excursions, meals, activities and much, much more! Get in touch today to find out more!

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  • 30+ hours of Spanish tuition
  • Live in the heart of Mexico City
  • Unique midweek Spanish-immersion events
  • Weekend trips to diverse locations around Mexico
  • Accommodation included

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Yes, I recommend this program

An Incredible Course for Everyone

Iguana Abroad was a special experience and moment in my life - it totally changed my opinion of myself and my ability to learn languages. It’s a little depressing to admit, but I studied French in school for around 7 years (primary and secondary) and even have a GCSE… but after all that time and studying, I basically speak no French. It totally killed my desire to focus on learning languages in the future. I just sort of thought, “hmm, languages aren’t for me, and most other foreign countries will probably speak some English anyway”… But, after my summer in Mexico - wow, how the times have changed!

I initially signed up to Iguana Abroad because of how cool the weekend excursions and midweek events sounded, and less so to do with learning Spanish… but, just a few weeks later and I can say I’m actually PASSIONATE about learning languages now … and my level of Spanish, my ability to speak a foreign language, is somewhere I honestly NEVER thought I would get it to. I arrived talking ZERO Spanish, and have left with friendships solely built in Spanish. I can honestly hardly believe it. The mix of the trips, the immersion events, the daily morning chats with the lovely Olga (our breakfast chef) the brilliant group classes (we all miss you Cesar!), the opportunity for language exchanges… The Iguana Abroad course was just incredible.

  • Learning Spanish - and making me realise that I actually can learn foreign languages
  • Making lifelong friends who now after the trip are amongst my closest
  • Incredible cost for everything that is included
  • Missing Olga and Cesar! And having to say goodbye my other Mexican friends! But I'll be back!
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Yes, I recommend this program

Incredible memories

This was my first time abroad so I was a bit nervous before I came but I am so glad I did! Right from the start the Iguana Abroad team make you feel so welcome, they pick you up from the airport and make you feel at home right from when you arrive. I loved the Spanish classes, but more than that I loved the weekend trips to different Mexican places. The trip to the nature park was so much fun. We all brought food and drinks and it was like a party atmosphere but in the middle of a jungle with all these blue rivers which we could swim in. I also loved the lucha libre event. Also the day trip to Xochimilco… the Axolotls are soo cute! I think for anyone thinking of coming one thing I will recommend is to try and make the most of all the immersion activities because I think these are the times that I learnt most Spanish. You really get to speak to a lot of Mexican spanish speakers and it really helps your level of Spanish…. I was a bit quiet to begin with because my spanish wasn’t so good but by the end I had made so many friends and we were actually speaking in Spanish together… So many good memories! I want to say “gracias” to Iguana Abroad for making this such a special experience :) Hasta la proxima! I will definitely be back :)

  • Learning Spanish much faster than I thought I would
  • The weekend trips to interesting places
  • The staff were all really friendly and helpful
  • None that I can think of :)
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Yes, I recommend this program

You'd be silly to miss out!

Before arriving: great communication and reassurance. Clear support and instructions/guidance. Honest and friendly staff (from both Harry's- yes there are 2!).
During: safety was guaranteed as you are picked up from the airport and taken to the apartment. Lovely welcome weekend with a guided tour which is very helpful to feel a. Safe (which it was) but also to know your local area and more confident to walk around in.
Support and care throughout.
Many chances to be independent and free aswell as have guided cultural immersion a lovely balance of both.
Language acquisition: attending the school was great. IA do a good job of arranging the right level. (Also vid call school teacher before going to Mexico). There are numerous chance to practice and learn spanish. Both Harry's are helpful and supportive. The trips and meals out also help. We were provided with key vocab which helped if you wanted to go out independently.
Accomodation: lovely. Clean - also have cleaner and breakfast chef. Muchas gracias to her :) Local and safe. Transport links were also good as well as attractions and a giant park. Great sized rooms.
Social: great you meet different people from around the world, build friendships, go out with IA and meet other Mexicans that help with your Spanish. Great cooking and salsa class. Also went to see axolotls (my fave - I got it tatted!)
Leaving: again great support taken back to the airport if you wanted to. Even once in the UK they check to see if you arrived safely.
Health wise: again super supportive if anyone was unwell or felt anxious they were there to be supportive and listen. Provide meds and snacks - a personal experience btw.
Note: Carolina is also one of the staff/ leaders and she is so so lovely!!! Just incase you as a reader think it's only male staff. It's not.
As a lone traveller for the first time, not only am I grateful for the chance to go but I felt so reassured and safe. Yes lonely at times but supported and not alone.

  • Supportive
  • Immersed culturally
  • Safe
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Yes, I recommend this program

Worthwhile immersion experience

Iguana Abroad is a great, low-cost immersion experience in the heart of Mexico City. I would heartily recommend applying whether you have studied Spanish in the past or not. The Spanish school where we learned in group classes in the mornings is called Lengua Y Cultura and is a well-established language institution in a great location. The accommodation provided was spacious, comfortable and located in a safe and relaxed area of the city, with plenty of amenities close by. Key to the experience are the mid-week and weekend trips included, which ensure you're able to see cultural attractions in and around the city, as well as take part in must-do activities, such as mezcal-tasting, Mexican-style cookery and salsa dancing. The staff are all very friendly and keen to make sure your experience is enjoyable. They are very attentive and know the city as locals, willing to introduce you to their Mexican friends, too, to add to the immersion experience. A worthwhile trip!

  • Accommodation
  • Language immersion
  • Weekend activities
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Yes, I recommend this program

Thank you IA :)

Iguana Abroad was an incredible experience for learning Spanish whilst immersing myself within the Mexican and Latin American culture in CDMX. The trip was really special as the organisers (the 2x Harrys and Carolina) were always there to help and support us with anything we needed, and made sure that we felt completely comfortable from the get-go. I really appreciated the effort they went to because it was my first time travelling, yet I knew from the 1st zoom call that they are dedicated to ensuring you feel comfortable and have the best experience possible!

Learning Spanish for the first time was quite intense but also incredibly rewarding. Being able to practice my Spanish with locals and seeing the progress over time was one of my favourite parts of the programme, as I would never have had that level of exposure from a classroom in the UK. There were plenty of opportunities to practice too, such as speaking to the lovely breakfast chef in the mornings before lessons, the school's Spanish conversation club, whilst out and exploring the city, and of course all of the events and trips included in the programme.

The neighbourhood of La Condesa was surprisingly peaceful; when I envisioned Mexico City, I assumed that it was going to be non-stop and hectic, but instead, the neighbourhood was friendly and calming. Walking through the streets at night felt much safer than it does in Manchester! I especially enjoyed finding the go-to taquería (Tacos Hola El Güero) and using the outdoor gym in Parque España. By the end it felt like home, it's a really special place.

The selection of weekend trips allowed us to explore places outside of CDMX which would've been difficult to organise by ourselves. IA hired mini-buses for the trips and invited some Mexican friends along too so that we could make some new amigos along the way! A special mention goes to Las Estacas, which was everyone's favourite because of the perfectly blue water and buena onda (good vibes) all day long.

Overall Iguana Abroad is great for anyone interested in learning Spanish and willing to immersive themselves into everything CDMX has to offer!

  • The organisers are always there to help with anything you need
  • An excellent way to learn spanish as you can practice and see your progress every day!
  • You get to fully experience Mexican culture in the capital of CDMX with everything it has to offer
  • Because of the intensive nature of learning Spanish it can be a lot to process at times
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