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Iguana Abroad

Why choose Iguana Abroad?

Iguana Abroad is a multi-award winning Spanish language immersion program based in the heart of Mexico.

All of our courses offer an all-inclusive full immersion experience featuring:

- Study: Daily classes at one of the leading Spanish schools in Mexico
- Immerse: Exciting cultural immersion events
- Travel: Fascinating excursions into the true beauty of Mexico
- Live: A choice of the best accommodation - either homestays or independent living

... And everything else! (Daily Mexican breakfasts; pre-arrival “Needs Analysis” session with native teacher; private airport pickup service; bespoke arrival package; certificate of course completion; 24/7 support from the IA team)

Whether aztec ceramic sessions, Mexican cookery classes or travels to the ancient pyramids and hidden gems of Mexico’s nature, you’re always rapidly learning Spanish, making lifelong friends and broadening your horizons on an IA course!

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Yes, I recommend this program

Iguana Abroad Spanish Immersion Program - Mexico

Compared to other Spanish language programs I have done in the US and abroad I would definitely recommend Iguana Abroad. The course is personalized to your level of Spanish and the teachers are amazing which really helps you improve quickly.
1)The classes were perfect for my level and I was able to move up a class to a more advanced class when I improved faster than other people in the lower class
2) Iguana Abroad encourages you to speak Spanish in different social situations very often on the program. This practical side to the course was so helpful for improving my level of Spanish.
3) The Spanish lessons were all with native Spanish speakers
4) The weekend trips were perfect for meeting new people
5) Living in a Spanish speaking country (i.e Mexico) helps SO much when you are learning the language – you have unlimited possibilities to practice day and night which you don’t get in the US.

Aside from the Spanish learning the trip was really fun! I would definitely recommend Iguana Abroad 100% to anyone who is thinking about joining. Making the decision to go abroad may seem scary at first but it’s 100% worth it. You won’t regret it.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Perfect Summer out of the UK

I loved every moment on Iguana Abroad. There were some great travel moments with the group, delicious food, some funny (and sometimes surreal) stories and overall lots of unforgettable memories! Most importantly, we were joined on the trip by some great guys who made the trip extremely special. I also learnt more Spanish than I thought I would in such a short time. The course was structured into morning lessons at the Spanish school (9am to 12am) then in the afternoons there were either social events with the group, or free time to explore the city or practice Spanish with friends. The accommodation was simple but comfortable and well located. The organization of the program was excellent - before we arrived there was always good communication and the trip ran very smoothly.

  • Good communication and organization of the course
  • Spanish teaching very good
  • Interesting location
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Yes, I recommend this program

Amazing, authentic, fun Spanish-language experience :)

Iguana Abroad was an amazing course :) One thing that I really liked about the course was that there were always a lot of opportunities to meet Mexicans on the program, both at the Spanish school and also after the classes during the immersion activities and excursions. The weekend excursions were always with a mix of people from our Iguana group and Mexican friends, which made the events really sociable and perfect for learning Mexican Spanish and informal/slang words. Mexico is an incredible country – very different to how I was imagining it before I arrived. In every town and village (even the smallest places) you can find incredible historical architecture and ancient monuments, and the whole country has a mix of Aztec and Spanish history, which makes the experience of studying Spanish there really diverse and rewarding. I fell in love with Mexico on the program - I hope I can come back next summer... Fingers crossed!

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Yes, I recommend this program

The best Spanish course

I decided to join Iguana Abroad because I have family from Argentina and I always wanted to communicate with them in their own language (my grandpa never taught my mum, so the language has been lost for two generations now). Iguana Abroad was the perfect program for me because living in Mexico on an immersive course you learn Spanish so much faster than you would at home, and it’s also a lot more fun! :) The program focuses on authentic conversational Spanish as well as reading and writing, so it was the perfect balance between learning the structure of the language and also feeling like you are developing the skills to speak to native speakers. When I called my grandpa on the program and spoke to him in Spanish I almost cried because I could tell how proud he was of me hearing me speak his language. I am so grateful to Iguana Abroad for this experience. I hope I can come back one day :)

  • Spanish classes with native speakers
  • Accommodation included
  • Excursions and immersion events really help improve your Spanish
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Yes, I recommend this program

An awesome Spanish program with great people

Iguana Abroad was such a rewarding experience. The program allows you to live in Mexico while learning Spanish, travelling and generally getting to know this awesome country! To be fully immersed in a culture and learn from local Mexican teachers was such a special opportunity and something I will remember for the rest of my life. Everyone on the course was so welcoming and open to share their life experiences of Mexico and the staff on the program made us feel excited about Mexico and Mexican culture. I would like to especially thank Harry and Harry for organizing the program and also the Spanish teaching staff for their patience with my slow uptake of Spanish vocabulary!


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