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Mar 17, 2017
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Beginning Modern Standard Arabic: MSA 100

This course requires no prior knowledge of the Arabic script. Students are introduced to Arabic sounds and letters through listening, dictation, reading words, short sentences and short paragraphs before engaging in meaningful short dialogue and paragraph writing. By the end of this course, students will be able to read and understand short paragraphs related to daily tasks, express acceptance or refusal of requests and describe human beings or objects through speech and writing. Basic cultural elements will also be introduced and discussed.

Intermediate Modern Standard Arabic: MSA 200

The course requires prior knowledge of Arabic (MSA 100 or equivalent). The course is designed to extend the students’ level of Arabic through the integration of the four main language skills (i.e., listening, speaking, reading and writing). Relevant and engaging cultural activities are presented and enhanced through pair and group work. At this stage, students are encouraged to use Arabic as much as possible. The instructor may resort to English for clarification, but only if necessary. Grammar and vocabulary are also expanded through the contextual and communicative methods of teaching.

Intermediate Modern Standard Arabic: MSA 250

The course requires a level of MSA 200 or equivalent. This higher intermediate level of Arabic aims to introduce students to short paragraphs from authentic material which are culturally, politically, or socially relevant. Students are encouraged to develop their listening and reading skills using extracts from newspapers, magazines, and Arabic TV channels. Students are introduced to the grammatical features related to the extracts.
At this stage, both students and the instructor abstain from using English in class for communication, or at least limit its use to a minimum.

Advanced Modern Standard Arabic: MSA 300

This course requires a level of MSA 250 or equivalent. It is designed to allow students by the end of the course to reach a level of Arabic proficiency which will allow them to communicate with native speakers through speech and writing with ease and confidence. The students are encouraged to give PowerPoint presentations in Arabic and answer their peers’ and instructor’s questions. The students will also be able to watch and listen to the news and discuss its content.

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