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Turkish Language House method
Turkish Language House method


It's impossible to learn a language from reading grammar rules and memorizing vocabulary lists.

Because of this, every inch of our program was designed to provide a genuine immersion experience in the Turkish language. We want to help people actually think in Turkish, rather than focus on head knowledge. We use bite sized, ready-made video lessons so you can go at your own pace and learn when you want and where you want!

We give students the ability to hear authentic spoken Turkish, to learn it naturally like a child, to actively engage with native dialogue, to walk through a coherent, researched based program, to access literally hundreds of listening resources, and to work within a community of language learners.

  • over 200 video lessons with 100% immersion with native speakers
  • Research backed methods like GPA, LAMP method, Spaced repetition, cluster learning, and more
  • over 20 interactive review activities and quizzes
  • 45 sets of helpful grammar notes
  • A listening library of over 100 native audio clips

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