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The program fees include: pre-departure support, accommodations with a host family, some meals, full coordination while volunteering in Palestine, and some visits to different sites in the city of Hebron.
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Aug 05, 2023
Nov 19, 2023
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About Program

Whatever your reason, if you’re interested in learning Arabic in the West Bank, our Study Arabic in Palestine language program is for you. With the options of super-intensive, intensive & non-intensive immersion Arabic programs in dialects such as Levantine (Shami/Ammiya), Palestinian colloquial Arabic & Modern Standard Arabic, the Excellence Center welcomes all guests seeking to learn this beautiful language.

Whether you are an undergraduate, graduate, professional or retiree our Arabic language programs are designed for you. Living and learning in the city of Hebron, our Arabic language lessons are for all levels of Arabic studies: first time learners, beginners, intermediate level speakers and advanced learners.

Our Arabic immersion classes span from one week to three months (13 Weeks) year-round (Summer, Winter, Fall, and Spring). Everyone at the Excellence Center is one big family. This environment creates a unique learning experience where our Arabic students feel at home.

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Ethical Impact

With all our Arabic courses and volunteer programs, we aim to make a long term difference for the Palestinian local community through the exchange of ideas and “walking in each other’s shoes”. Our programs and courses foster shared learning, for both our community and you. During your Arabic course, you will get to learn so much more than just the language. You will also get to learn a lot about Palestinian culture and customs and the political situation in Palestine. Additionally, you will have many opportunities while outside the classroom to practice your Arabic in a natural and authentic way while navigating your new life in Hebron. Your time with us in Hebron will also provide you with many opportunities of cultural exchange and mutual learning, both with local Palestinians as well as with our other international participants.

Program Highlights

  • Besides developing your Arabic language skills, students will experience various aspects of the Palestinian culture through their living arrangements with host families and various local trips as well as the Excellence Center’s in-house and local activiti
  • The Study Arabic Program in Palestine will give you the opportunity to live in and gain impressions from one of the most politically divisive and ambivalent regions of the Middle East.
  • The Intensive Arabic Courses offered in our programs: Modern Standard Arabic, Levantine (Shami) dialects, Ammiya, Classical and Palestinian Arabic using up-to-date teaching techniques in an intensive learning environment.
  • The Arabic Immersion Program will provide you the chance to visit unique tourist attractions with a particular native perspective – locations including Bethlehem, Ramallah, Nablus, Hebron, Tulkarm, Qalqilyah, Jenin and the Dead Sea in Jericho.
  • Our center is staffed by well-qualified, attentive Arabic teachers, each with an excellent educational background, ready and happy to help you.

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  • Value 4.75
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Yes, I recommend this program

A Transformative Arabic Learning Experience with Excellence Center in Palestine

I recently completed the 10 online Arabic classes focusing on the Shami dialect at the Excellence Center, and my experience has been nothing short of extraordinary. As a remote student, I was initially hesitant about the effectiveness of virtual learning, but Saja, my brilliant instructor, completely changed my perspective.

Saja's teaching style is a perfect blend of brilliance and patience. She not only provided thorough explanations of the deeper meanings behind phrases but also delved into the cultural context, enriching my understanding of words. Despite the virtual setting, Saja went above and beyond, repeating sentences and offering invaluable guidance on pronunciation during our Zoom calls. She has an intuitive understanding of how much information is enough to push students just a little bit further each class. This personalized approach made every session engaging and productive, leaving me eager to explore more on my own and to practice before the next session.

In conclusion, my time with Saja in the virtual space at the Excellence Center has not only enhanced my Arabic language skills but has also sparked a genuine eagerness to visit the center in person. I highly recommend the Excellence Center in Palestine to anyone seeking a transformative and culturally enriching language learning journey.

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Yes, I recommend this program

two weeks intensive Arabic course

My Time at the excellance center and palestine has been a truely precious and unforgetable experience. Firstly the course was not only really fun with great teaching but also provided me with valuable foundation in arabic that I plan to take futher. I have felt extremely welcomed and comfortable in the center and in palestine in general. Palestinian hospitality is truely remarkable and sincere. I felt extremely safe due to the helpfullness of the local people and am extremely thankful for such an incredible experience.

  • Housing provided by the Center
  • Breakfast Everyday
  • Local culture
  • Situation in the place
  • Distant from housing to center
14 people found this review helpful.
Response from The Excellence Center

Hi Chiara,

Thank you for sharing your truly precious and unforgettable experience at the Excellence Center and in Palestine. It's heartening to hear that your Arabic course was not only enjoyable but also laid a valuable foundation for your future language learning endeavors.

The warmth and hospitality you encountered in Palestine are indeed remarkable and sincere. Feeling welcomed and comfortable in both the center and the country as a whole is a testament to the genuine kindness of the local people.

We're thrilled to know that you felt safe during your time in Palestine, thanks to the helpfulness of the local community. Your appreciation for this incredible experience is greatly valued, and we hope it continues to inspire and enrich your life journey.

Chiara, thank you for choosing the Excellence Center!

With kind regards from Palestine!

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Yes, I recommend this program

Interesting experience

I spent a week at the EC where I learned arabic the teacher was friendly and experinced and good funThe centre was helpful and friendly and was there to support me in any way which i appreciated. My host famile were the loveliest kindest people who looked after me took me around the town and fed me constantly. You will enjoy your experience here its unique! I found Hebron very safe i never felt threatened or afraid whatver time of day. In facthe people were respectful and friendly and oten wanted to chat on the street to practice their engish.

  • Excellent teaching
  • Wonderful people (staff, people in Hebron, students from the center)
  • Experience Palestinian culture
  • due to the situation there are few green spaces to relax
  • no shared accommodation for females (female dorms)
18 people found this review helpful.
Response from The Excellence Center

Hi Julia,

Thank you for your positive review! We're delighted to hear that you had a wonderful experience learning Arabic at the EC. It's great to know that you found the teacher, center, and your host family to be friendly and supportive.

We're thrilled you felt safe in Hebron and had the chance to engage with the friendly locals. We hope to welcome you back soon, Julia!

With kind regards,

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Yes, I recommend this program

Study Arabic Hebron Review

Hello, my name is Irene from Spain. I am a graduate in Political Science and presently pursuing my Masters in Human Rights and International Law. This summer, I had the privilege to take the Summer Intensive Arabic course at the Excellence Center (EC) in Palestine.

During my five-week stay, my days typically started with Arabic lessons in the mornings. The lessons were well structured. I had been studying Fusha for four years before, so starting Amyia was a challenge, but here I have been able to communicate within a short period of time. I found the teaching method to be immersive, and I have learned many phrases and idioms that have greatly helped in grasping the nuances of the language. By the end of my course, I was able to converse about many topics in Amyia – a significant improvement from where I began.

Beyond the lessons, the EC organized visits to various places which further enriched my
understanding of the Palestinian culture and history. Being part of these visits allowed me to witness firsthand the socio-political context in which the language evolved.
The Center buzzed with a very positive energy. The staff and teachers were always eager to help, ensuring that I had everything I needed for a comfortable learning experience. The international volunteers and students added to the diversity of the Center, allowing for a rich and multicultural environment.

I visited several cities in Palestine, such as Jerusalem, Bethlehem, Ramallah, Jericho, Nablus, Tiberia, Haifa, Yaffa, and Acre. Each place, with its unique history and charm. However, living in Hebron and staying with a host family was the highlight. Their warmth, hospitality, and the day-to-day interactions helped me understand the Palestinian way of life from a grassroots level.

Regarding safety and security, I felt safe throughout my stay. The local people are extremely protective and ensure that visitors feel welcome.

It’s hard to pick favorites from such a wholesome experience. But the food, the people, and their spirit stood out. Palestinian hospitality is so inspiring and heartwarming. Their resilience, amidst all adversities, was truly a lesson for all of us. One of my favorite memories was being invited for lunch by a family whom I met on the way from Jerusalem to Hebron. The day I went to their house, we picked fresh vegetables from their garden and eggs from their chickens. We cooked on their terrace under the vines and talked for hours and ate a delicious fresh meal.

As I look back, my time in Palestine and at the Excellence Center was transformative. The region, often reduced to its political struggles in the media, is so much more. It’s a land of history, culture, hope, and dreams. The Palestinian spirit, their zest for life, and their warm hearts have made a lasting impression on me.

Would I recommend the Excellence Center and this experience to others? Without a doubt. If you’re keen on understanding Palestine beyond the headlines, there’s no better way. Come with an open heart, and you’ll leave with a soul enriched.
While the Centre is doing a commendable job, having more interactive cultural sessions
alongside the Arabic lessons would further enhance the learning experience.

  • Housing provided by the Center
  • Breakfast everyday
  • Experience Palestinian culture
  • Security and border control at the airport
  • Would like to participate in more cultural or poiltical visits
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Response from The Excellence Center

Hi Irene,

Thank you for sharing your incredible experience at the Excellence Center in Palestine during your Summer Intensive Arabic course. Your review paints a vivid picture of your journey, and it's clear that it left a profound impact on you.

The Center's efforts to provide a holistic cultural experience are commendable. The visits to different places and immersion in Palestinian culture and history added depth to your learning and understanding of the socio-political context. It's wonderful to hear that the Excellence Center buzzed with positive energy and that the staff, teachers, international volunteers, and students created a diverse and enriching environment.

The way you describe Palestinian hospitality, resilience, and the connections you formed with local families is heartwarming. Your description of sharing a meal with a family and cooking together exemplifies the rich cultural experiences that can be found in Palestine.

Your recommendation of the Excellence Center for those who wish to understand Palestine beyond the headlines is valuable, and your suggestion of more interactive cultural sessions alongside Arabic lessons is a constructive way to enhance the overall learning experience.

Irene, thank you for sharing your transformative journey and encouraging others to approach it with an open heart. Your review serves as a testament to the enriching experiences that can be found at the Excellence Center in Palestine.

Greetings from Palestine!

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Yes, I recommend this program

Study Arabic Hebron Review

I studied Arabic in Hebron for approximately 3 weeks. My time here was filled with wonderful experiences immersing in Palestinian culture, and meeting the wonderful people at the center and around Palestine. My teacher Saja was the best, and I enjoyed every class with her and my classmates. Classes were engaging and interactive, and I am a lot more confident in speaking Arabic than I was at the start of the program. I enjoyed traveling around and visiting the different cities and exploring the rich history present here. I felt safe and would recommend studing Arabic in Palestine to anyone interested. Thank you to everyone at Excellence Center.

  • Excellent teaching
  • Wonderful people (staff, people in Hebron, students from the center)
  • Experience Palestinian culture
20 people found this review helpful.
Response from The Excellence Center

Salam Nadia,

Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts on your Arabic study experience in Hebron. We are thrilled to hear about the wonderful journey you had during your 3-week stay. It's truly heartwarming to learn that you were able to fully immerse yourself in Palestinian culture and forge meaningful connections with both the people at the center and the local communities.

We're delighted that Saja, your teacher, left such a positive impact on your learning Arabic experience. We're glad to hear that you felt safe throughout your time here, and we appreciate your kind recommendation of studying Arabic in Palestine to others who are interested.

Once again, thank you, Nadia, for choosing the Excellence Center in Palestine, and we wish you all the best in your continued Arabic language journey and future endeavors.

Greetings from Hebron!

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Yes, I recommend this program

Experience in Palestine

My name is Chris, I study Arabic as part of my degree at university and came to the Excellence Center to practise and learn more Arabic.
I had a great experience at the Excellence Center in Hebron during my two-week Arabic course. My teacher, Haya, was extremely helpful and attentive, and made sure each lesson was personalised for who was in the class. I feel far more confident with the language now than when I started two weeks ago. As well, the center's organized visits to local areas like the Old City provided insightful perspective on the situation here and the way of life.
One thing that stood out to me was the warm and welcoming nature of the people I encountered. From the staff at the center to the locals in Hebron, everyone made me feel like a part of the community and helped me with my Arabic.
As well, I was comforted by the strong sense of safety I felt throughout my time at the Excellence Center. Despite being in an initially unfamiliar place, I quickly realized that the center's location and the community's support created a secure environment for me to explore and learn. The Center was a good transport hub and I travelled from the public transport near the center to cities like Ramallah, Bethlehem, Jerusalem, and Haifa.
All in all, my time at the Excellence Center in Hebron was great. Haya's dedication, the insightful local visits, the welcoming people, and the sense of safety made this experience worth it.

  • Housing provided by the Center
  • Free Breakfast everyday
  • Welcoming community
  • Sometimes a little chaotic and very spontaneous
  • More difficult border policies than most experiences
19 people found this review helpful.
Response from The Excellence Center

Salam Chris,

We were delighted to read your review detailing your recent experience at the Excellence Center in Hebron. We sincerely appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts, and we're thrilled to hear that your two-week Arabic course with us was so rewarding.

It brings us immense joy to know that your teacher, Haya, played a significant role in enhancing your Arabic learning journey. Our instructors take great pride in tailoring lessons to suit each student's needs, and Haya's attentiveness and dedication are truly commendable. Your observations about the warm and welcoming atmosphere you encountered align with our core values. At the Excellence Center, we strive to create a supportive community that fosters both language development and a sense of belonging.

It's fantastic to hear that you took advantage of our convenient location as a transport hub to explore nearby cities like Ramallah, Bethlehem, Jerusalem, and Haifa. We believe that such experiences contribute to a well-rounded understanding of the region.

Thank you once again for choosing the Excellence Center in Palestine for your Arabic learning journey. We wish you all the best in your studies and any future endeavors!

Warm regards from Palestine,

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Yes, I recommend this program

three weeks intensive Arabic course In Palestine

Great Arabic lessons in Palestine for a fair price. The center provided pleasant housing, and a daily breakfast with the occasional field trip. I would greatly reccomend it for anyone looking for Arabic lessons in the region. The travel to Palestine was supringly relaxed. I made some great friend around the Center.

Traveling to Palestine wan't nearly as bad as I expected. The were no problems at the airport. The trip from Tel Aviv to Hebron was organised by the center, this was pleasant and fast, but a little pricy. Most importantly, Hebron felt like a very safe and pleasant city

  • Excellent teaching
  • Housing provided at the center
  • Amazing Community of fellow students
  • Sometimes a little ad-hoc
  • Stress about travel to Palestine (although in reality it's not bad)
24 people found this review helpful.
Response from The Excellence Center

Salam Martijn,

Thank you for sharing your experience of studying Arabic at the Excellence Centre in Palestine. It's wonderful to hear that you had a positive and fulfilling time during your Arabic language program.

Your appreciation for the Arabic lessons at a fair price reflects the value that the Excellence Centre provides to its students. The combination of pleasant housing, daily breakfast, and occasional field trips adds a holistic dimension to your learning journey.

Building friendships around the Excellence Center is an added bonus of your time in the West Bank, Palestine. Connecting with fellow students and making great friends undoubtedly enriched your experience and made your stay even more memorable.

Thank you, Martijn, again for sharing your thoughts, and I'm glad to hear that your Arabic language journey in Palestine was a rewarding one.

With kind regards,

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Yes, I recommend this program

Study Arabic Hebron Review

My name is Raul Barrena and I am from the Basque Country. I have been in the Excellence Center for one week in order to study the Palestine arabic dialect and in this short period of time I have had such a good experience. The organization of the center is really good as well the teachers of the Center. I have found very nice people from many countries whose have improve my stay in the Center.
I would like to come back someday and I would also like to thank all the staff of the Center for their brilliant work.

  • Excellent teaching
  • Wonderful people (staff, people in Hebron, students from the center)
  • Welcoming community
26 people found this review helpful.
Response from The Excellence Center

Salam Raul,

Thank you for sharing your positive experience at the Excellence Center in Palestine. We're delighted to hear that your one-week stay for studying the Palestine Arabic dialect was so rewarding.

We greatly appreciate your kind words about our organization, teachers, and fellow participants. We look forward to welcoming you back someday. Your gratitude means a lot to our dedicated staff. Thank you for sharing it

Best regards,

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