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Come -virtually- to Burgos to learn Spanish in an enjoyable and flexible way. You will learn Spanish and you will delve into our History, Culture, Traditions and Life.

This intensive online course, through AVE, with individual monitoring and tutoring offers you:

• Interactive and multimedia activities with real language and culture situations which compile the wealth of the diversity of Spanish language from the different countries where Spanish is an official language.
• Learning and communicative tools such as discussion forums, chats and email.
• A personalized monitoring and assesment.
• Personalized tutoring from Spanish Teachers from the University of Burgos who will program activities, oversee colaborative activities and will answer all your doubts.

More information:
• Levels: A1, A2, B1 y B2
• Length: 60 hour individual work + 20 hour collaborative work.
• 3 month access to all digital contents.
• 6 ECTS credits.

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