The Latinx Patient: Medical Spanish & Latinx Culture Program

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Are you a student considering a career in health care systems as a nurse, doctor, or social worker? EdOdyssey can help you stand out and gain the crucial skills and knowledge necessary in America’s diverse, multicultural society. The Latinx populations represents one-third of the U.S - go beyond the traditional “Medical Spanish class” and enhance your language studies with the power of context and culture!

You will learn important medical Spanish vocabulary and gain the crucial insight into the culture and context of the Latinx community, America's largest minority population. Through dynamic and fun classes led by our local team in Peru and experts from the field you will increase your cultural competency and gain global perspectives necessary for the next generation of health care professions to better relate to and interact with the Latinx community. As a bonus, you will also discover sociocultural factors facing this community that affect their health care access.

  • Small Group Classes
  • Program Certificate Demonstrating Your Achievement
  • Improved Communication & Spanish Language Skills
  • Increased Patient-Provider Knowledge
  • Stand out for your future career / major

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Yes, I recommend this program

Amazing Program - Take It from an Insider's Perspective!

I learned about EdOdyssey's Medical Spanish and Latinx Culture program from my time as one of the company's summer interns. I helped create some of the marketing content prior the project's official release. I can tell from my behind-the-scenes work with the EdOdyssey team that everyone in the company is very passionate about making cultural immersion possible, even during the pandemic. I was blown away by the sheer creativity and dedication that the team put into this program. EdOdyssey is really making the best out of a tough time: travel may be on hold, but learning from valuable cultural experiences doesn't have to be!

From my experience learning about the program from an insider's perspective, I can say that this is no ordinary Spanish course. Students will not only improve their over Spanish skills, but also learn field-specific terms that other Spanish programs may not cover. The Latinx culture aspect of the program will provide students with a deeper understanding of the beliefs that Latinx patients hold regarding their health and help them view cases from a more culturally-informed perspective.

Furthermore, EdOdyssey is working with El Sol, a certified language school based in Lima, Peru, for the Medical Spanish and Latinx culture program. Students will learn directly from Latinx educators who have experience with language and culture in the medical setting. The skills that this program offers are sure to make any Spanish student and/or aspiring healthcare professional stand out! I definitely recommend this program!