Learn Spanish in Cusco, Peru, and Enjoy the Inca culture

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The Peruvians, heirs of the Inca culture, have in their marvelous country a melting pot of history, tradition, colors, flavors, and festivities. Why study Spanish in Peru?

Spanish is the most widely spoken language in the country, though their linguistic richness reflects into their other 47 native languages. Also, Peru makes the perfect destination for those interested in nature: no less than 12 sites have been declared UNESCO World Heritage Sites. When it comes to gastronomy, something tourists appreciate to the deepest, Peru has been declared the Gastronomic Capital of Latin America. Ceviche (marinated fish or seafood), cuy (a small rodent), or Lomo saltado (beef loin) are just some of the incredible dishes Peru has to offer. Try eating them in some of the 3000 traditional festivities held in the country or in the vibrant city of Cusco!

With TANDEM International, you can learn Spanish in Cusco. Intensive courses, Spanish+Machu Picchu courses, or Spanish+volunteering.

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