Adult Language Program: Introduction To Chinese Phonetics

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This course is suitable for those who can converse in Mandarin but not familiar with the Chinese phonetic (Hanyu Pinyin) system. Learning the Hanyu Pinyin will enable trainees to pronounce and note the sound of the Chinese characters more accurately.

The course will have 6 sessions and will be led by certified trained teachers (through the National Institute of Education, NIE) or very experienced teacher who have been teaching in local universities, government schools, and language schools for more than 5 years.

This course is applicable only to Singapore Citizens, aged 50 years and above.

  • Differentiate the different pronunciation and tones,
  • ​Chinese input on various platforms, eg. mobile phones, computers etc.
  • Chinese characters (Basic Strokes, Orders of Strokes, Radicals).
  • ​Initials, finals, and their combinations.

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