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1 to 52 weeks

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HSK (Mandarin Chinese)
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Business Medical Professional Specific Purposes
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Private Lessons Small Class (1-7)
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Feb 08, 2024
May 16, 2024
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About Program

LTL Language School is a perfect fit for students who looking to improve their Mandarin quickly.

Our comprehensive Chinese programs allow students maximum flexibility. You can study at LTL from a week up to a full year. We offer Mandarin language lessons in 8 cities across Asia including Beijing, Shanghai, Taipei, Singapore and the jewel in the LTL crown - Chengde, home of our incredible immersion program.

1-on-1 or group classes are available and accommodation is also encouraged with carefully selected Chinese host-families to maximize each participants personal exposure to the language and culture.

Here at LTL we have welcomed thousands of students since 2007 and are one of Asia's most trusted and premier language schools.

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Program Highlights

  • Study Chinese across 8 different cities throughout Asia
  • Build a program from a week up to a whole year
  • Learn from the best Chinese teachers in China
  • Meet and make new friends from around the globe
  • Speak Mandarin 24/7 with a Chinese host family

Program Reviews

4.92 Rating
based on 65 reviews
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  • 4 rating 7.69%
  • 3 rating 0%
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  • Academics 4.9
  • Support 4.85
  • Fun 4.75
  • Housing 4.8
  • Safety 4.95
  • Growth 5
  • Support 5
  • Fun 5
  • Housing 5
  • Safety 5
  • Instruction 4.85
  • Support 5
  • Fun 4.9
  • Housing 4.45
  • Value 4.7
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Yes, I recommend this program

Beihai is a insider tip

This was my first time in China. I decided not to go to a hotspot place like Beijing or Shanghai. It was a good decision.
The places are very local and there are not many places for foreigners. That means that the population of Beihai speaks less english. This is important to know.
On the other hand the people of Beihai are very warmly and welcoming. The daily things like buying in a supermarket could be fun because the people help if you can not handle some things.
The language school is a small school. I had a 1 to 1 course. It is intensiv and in my opinion you learn in another intensity.
The director of the school, Savannah, organized some activities and she help always. If there is a technology problem or general questions.
In conclusion you have to decide on yourself if you want to go to a big city and in a big school. Of course, there are some reasons which speak in favour.
But learning the way of life of the Chinese people in a good way and not in overcrowded places you should visit this nice place in the south of China. Located directly on the beach.

What was your funniest moment?
At my first drive with the taxi the driver talked to me in the Chinese language.
I answered with my mobile phone translator, that I do not speak chinese but I am here and I try to learn in a school.
The driver answered with his mobile phone too. He is surprised and happy that I want to learn this difficult language and he gives me a warm welcome.
  • Intensiv learning
  • Little group. Easy for doing events
  • Less people speak english
  • Less hotspots for sightseeing
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Yes, I recommend this program

Great experience at LTL language school and homestay

I had a 6 week Shanghai experience of learning Chinese at LTL, staying in a homestay family, exploring one of the biggest cities in the world and meeting people from all over the world.

During class we used the book that is provided by LTL as a basis, but the teachers really go into depth reviewing difficult words, explaining the grammar and creating sentences. Besides the book you are constantly challenged to listen to what the teachers say, which enforces you to memorise the newly learned words and listening skills. I really want to thank my amazing teachers Jason and Winnie, because they made the lessons really fun and we chatted a lot about all kinds of topics and popular culture nowadays in Chinese.

Furthermore, the homestay family is a great way to experience what its like to be in a Chinese family. Lina was a great hostess together with her husband Ivan and his mother Ni, that cooked dinner twice a day and is a very welcoming woman who has treated me like I was family.

I already wanted to go to China for a few years, but learning the language gave me the extra benefit of having small conversations in places like Chinese restaurants and parks. Even though my level is still not sufficient to have conversations, people were interested in you which led to very unique moments. That is why I recommend anyone who is interested in the Chinese language and culture to experience this and see what Shanghai and China is really like!

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Yes, I recommend this program

LTL Shanghai

Studying Chinese in China has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. The entire LTL team in Shanghai is super nice and caring. It was always fun to chat with Mojca, Alex, the teachers and other students during the breaks. Alex and Jason organised a lot of fun activities like ktv, archery, mahjong nights, etc. My teachers Lala, Anne and Evelyn not only helped me improve my Chinese a lot but also taught me a lot about Chinese culture. I can only recommend this program. Especially to anyone that is looking to learn Chinese and immerse themselves into the Chinese culture.

  • Super caring staff
  • Improve your Chinese fast
  • Get to meet a lot of new people from all over the world
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Yes, I recommend this program

Best place to learn Chinese fast

I signed up for LTL school per recommendation of my brother who took the online chinese language course. It was nothing short of amazing. The whole experience was positive, I learned a lot in a very short time. The administrative staff were so helpful and friendly, the teacher (LaLa) was one of the best, she had a great sense of humor and it's never boring to study with her, she is very knowledgeable in teaching and also very considerate, which made me ìmprove so fast. I highly recommend this place. If you need any more info contact Moja or Alex they are the best.

What was your funniest moment?
Practicing my beginner Chinese with the administration staff Alex and Mojca, we had so much fun.
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Yes, I recommend this program

Come to LTL Shanghai!

Coming to LTL Shanghai was the best decision I’ve ever made. I’ve truly enjoyed my time here and in the process of making plans again to do another program though the school. I definitely felt my Chinese improve with the help of Lina, Jason, and Winnie. I also was helped by Mojca and Alex with any questions I had and they gave great advice for getting around Shanghai and they knew all the coolest spots. The classes are always fun here and very informative. It also helps that I get to practice my Chinese at my home stay so I’m really getting a full immersive feel. I’d recommend to anyone who is thinking about traveling for the first time do it through LTL!!!

What was the most unfamiliar thing you ate?
Duck…it was kinda good tho
  • The people
  • The teachers
  • Accomdations
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Kathleen Rhea
Yes, I recommend this program

It was the best experience I’ve ever had

I studied just 2 week in Shanghai. The staffs were super friendly and willing to help for everything, Lina was my teacher when she was explaining everything she made every doubt clear. Everyone was so friendly and kind. The homestay was so kind and she was willing to give recommendations to go, every food she gave us was so good. She took us to do a lot of activities like going to karaoke.
I would definitely recommends this experience i had, to everyone who likes Chinese culture and Mandarin learners

What is your advice to future travelers on this program?
I just want to say 1 advice, have fun and eat a lot of food even if they don’t look good.
  • Is cheaper
  • Meet new people
  • Do new memories
  • You can feel lonely sometimes
  • Sometimes it’s hard to communicate
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Yes, I recommend this program

Great place to push your language limits!

LTL Shanghai is a great program! I was looking for a place to be immersed in mandarin to improve my speaking ability for work. This was exactly what I needed. My teacher Anne, Evelyn, and Wei Wei understood my language level and challenged me to go beyond that. The rest of the staff is also incredible here and helped organize events to learn and explore! Each week I spent a lot of time in the classroom but we would normally have one to two optional group activities. This helped a lot to start applying some of the principles I was learning with the teachers close by to critique and help expand what I was trying to say. Overall great experience!

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Yes, I recommend this program

LTL Language School Beihai

The time in Beihai (China) was amazing since the city itself is (for Chinese conditions) not too big and very well located at the sea. Old town and swimming can be perfectly combined with chats with locals and the intense single or group language sessions improving your Chinese up to the next level.
Courses are very flexible and can be designed by students as well as teachers depending on individual needs. Learning material is provided and topics follow either a course program or individual wishes, especially depending on the level of language skills

What was the most surprising thing you saw or did?
Taking a taxi and explaining the driver how foreigners use smart phonese to type Chinese characters.
  • Language
  • Improvement
  • Holiday feeling
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