Spanish Immersion Program in Panama City, Panama

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Spanish Immersion + Active Pursuits!

- Daily Yoga Lessons
- Surf Course
- PADI Scuba Diving License
- Rock Climbing
- Ziplining
- Whitewater River Rafting
- Horseback Riding
- Island Hoping
- Sailing


Panama City is home to a rich diversity of cultures and inhabitants from all over the globe. Whether in pursuit of exquisitely renovated colonial neighborhoods, a flamboyant skyline bordered by the Panama Canal, the Pacific Ocean and dense tropical rainforest, or simply in search of sophisticated nightlife and unique cuisine experiences, Panama City is packed with art, culture, history and contemporary comforts of all kind.

An Official DELE Examination Center, Habla Ya is right in the heart of modern Panama City on the border of El Cangrejo and El Carmen, only a couple of blocks from the Subway in Via Argentina, surrounded by loads of bars, hotels, casinos, gyms and shops.

Following the tradition of Habla Ya Boquete and Bocas, Habla Ya Panama City has dozen of effective Spanish Courses customized to your learning needs that'll get you speaking Spanish in no time: Spanish for Business, Legal Spanish, Spanish for Travelers or a General Spanish Course with Group or Private Lessons

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  • Housing 9.5
  • Value 9.1
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I was only at hablaya panamá city for one week and I feel like my spanish has gotten better already!

I was only at hablaya panamá city for one week and I feel like my spanish has gotten better already. I took clases from 2:00 – 6:00 pm from Monday – Friday and I enjoyed every momento of it. My profressor was very attentive to each students’ needs and used a pace that was very helpful. Every day of class was so much fun! I stayed with a very awesome host family where I got to practice my spanish even more. I can’t wait to return to hablaya and continue learning!

Yes, I recommend

Spanish Course in Boquete

Habla Ya is a very good choice to learn Spanish in an effective way. The classes are small and everyone is really helpful und there are also nice activities organized by the school which is a good way to meet more students in your free time. Learning with Spanish Professor Leidys im Boquete is a lot of fun and she is really patient and can easily pick up your level and helps individually to improve your Spanish :)

Yes, I recommend

una experiencia extraordinaria

Todos sabemos que el español es el tercer idioma más hablado en el mundo, por detrás del inglés y el chino mandarín. Estudiar español me ayudará a disfrutar de la obra de maestros de la literatura, el cine, y la cultura. En ese sentido, siempre a traves de internet buscando una escuela que tenga una reputacion y con la suerte encontre la escuela" Habla ya Panama (Panama city)" alla son los profesores nativos y profesionales que tienen mucha experiencia en la enseñanza de su idioma. Aprendi espanol con mi profesora Stella Orfa en el nivel B2 , ella es una senora simpatica, amable y responsable!!! Yo tuve muchas dificultades de gramaticas sobre subjuntivos (subjuntivo pretérito imperfecto, subjuntivo futuro imperfecto,subjuntivo pretérito pluscuamperfecto etc.) y ella siempre me enseno , explico con paciencia y detalladamente. Su actitud me dio muchas ganas de manejarlo bien el espanol y de disfrutar aprendiendo espanol.
Despues de dos semana de clases intensas logre una gran paso. Le agradezco mucho!! Muchas gracias!!!
Si quieres tener una aprendizaje activo, Habla ya Panama (Spanish School) es tu mejor opcion !!!

Yes, I recommend
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Excelentes clases de español

I am a frequent student of Habla Ya Boquete. This year I took my group classes and private lessons with Leidys. The classes are a mixture of grammar, tasks, communication. Leidys prepares her classes buenissimo and adapts her teaching speed to the student levels. Besides, the classes are always fun too. In private classes it is possible to work more individually, so I recommend taking group classes and some additional private classes. Thanks for the experience!

Yo soy una estudiante frequente de Habla Ya Boquete. Este año tube mis clases de grupo y clases privadas con Leidys. Las clases son una mezcla de gramatica, tareas, communicacion. Leidys prepara sus clases buenissimo y adapta su velocidad de enseñar a los niveles de los estudiantes. Ademas las clases siempre son divertidos tambien. En las clases privadas es posible trabajar más individual, por eso recomiendo tomar clases de grupo y algunas clases privadas adicional. Gracias por la experiencia!

How can this program be improved?
The school offers extra activities. However, they could promote these activities more, so that more students participate.
Yes, I recommend
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Komptenz und Spaß dabei (Competency and fun)

Having been enthusiastic about the Habla Ya language school in Bocas, I also visited them in Panama City. Again, I had a competent and entertaining teacher who could teach me the Spanish language in a fun and understandable way without the boredom or learning stress even in the approach had a chance, which is not a matter of course with my difficulty learning languages. I made good progress and had fun ... what more could you want ?!

Nachdem ich in Bocas bereits von der Habla Ya Sprachschule begeistert war habe ich diese auch in Panama-City besucht. Auch hier hatte ich einen kompetenten und unterhaltsamen Lehrer, der mir die spanische Sprache auf spielerische und verständliche Weise vermitteln konnte ohne das Langeweile oder Lernstress auch nur im Ansatz eine Chance hatten, was bei meiner Schwierigkeit Sprachen zu lernen keine Selbstverständlichkeit ist. Ich habe gute Fortschritte gemacht und hatte Spaß dabei... was will man mehr?!

Yes, I recommend
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Recuerdos de Habla Ya.

I maybe among the eldest students to occupy a class room at the Habla Ya Boquete Campus. The age range and nationalities of students varied. The sense of community and passion for learning remained constant.
Raised in the Canal Zone during the 1950s, I was familiar with the curative powers of Ceviche de Corvina and chicha. I had wandered some of the fern and waterfall lined hiking trails, but I was not prepared for the excellence of the teaching and administrative staff at Habla Ya. Professora Leidys, known for her patience and humor, served as a cultural attché with her knowlege of Panamanian history, customs, folklore and family life. Her command of Spanish grammer and linguistics presented in her entertaining and innovative teaching style, made each class an adventure.
The family living program reinforced our class work and privided a near- total inmersion experience. The abuelito my household enjoyed discussing politics and events forgotten by most. The host mother cooked with cariño. I was handed the house keys and accompanied by family to festivals and outings. What I found particularly remarkable about Habla Ya was the return rate. Class mates from Canada, Belgium, Germany and elsewhere talked of classes from years past. Folks keep coming back for refresher courses.
That says something!

Yes, I recommend

Excellent teachers

I spent a week in Boquete and a week in Panama City taking classes at Habla Ya. All my teachers in both cities were excellent with clear diction. The teachers in Panama City were more formal while the teachers in Boquete were more relaxed - typical cultural difference. My teacher in Boquete, Leidys, was excellent and very fun to learn from. Our private lessons were like visiting with a friend. I had very wonderful homestay families in both locations. Personally I preferred the Boquete experience as it is a more manageable environment (the big city is hectic, and hot, and the campus in an older building, while the mountain town is charming and everyone is friendly) - if I could do it again I would just spend a couple days solely as a tourist in Panama City and more time as a student in Boquete.

Yes, I recommend
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I’ve tried taking Spanish at college night school, using online tools and listening to educational CDs. Nothing truly worked before immersing and attending three weeks at Habla Ya, and particularly working with my professor, Leidys Pitti. Leidys is not only extremely patient, but has the ability to recognize the level of each student’s ability and progress and meet them where they are. My first week of class was with three other students, and Leidys skillfully engaged each of us in asking questions, writing, and practicing new learning in fun ways in class. The second week, I was a solo with Leidys, and we had the opportunity to have real conversations every day. I’m amazed at how well we each understood each other and enjoyed the discussions and practice. The third week, there were two students. With Leidys teaching and a lot of practice, we had gained confidence in remembering not only many, many words, but in understanding how to put them into sentences and improve on grammar usage (verbs, adjectives, possessive, plural, etc.). I cannot recommend Habla Ya and Leidys enough. These three weeks have been game changing in building a solid platform for my ongoing use of the Spanish language. I’m thrilled to be going back to Los Angeles to practice with friends and look forward to returning to Habla Ya to continue building my skills to speak this beautiful language.

How can this program be improved?
More profesoras like Leidys.
Yes, I recommend

Belle experience

Belle expérience à l école Habla Y’a bien tructurer.
Professeure Leidys très professional avec expérience.
Pour la ville d’en Boquete très charmante température.
Un peut fraîche avec un peut de pluie.
Les villageois très gentils.
Je recommande Boquete école Habla Y’a pour cours d espagnol.
Pour la nourriture très bon et abordable, avec beaucoup de Variété.
Transport facile d accès et peu honnereux.

No, I don't recommend
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4 weeks in Boquete, 1 week in Bocas del Toro

I spent four weeks at Habla Ya in Boquete and one week in Bocas Del Toro studying Spanish with Habla Ya. In Boquete, I took group classes with Yubal and he is excellent. He made class fun and was clear with the material so me and my classmate learned a lot! He also speaks very good English which was very helpful in times of confusion for clarification, and he was sure to review anything we weren't clear about. I looked forward to going to class every day.

Also in Boquete I took private classes with Kimberly and Jeremy. Kimberly is incredibly sweet and very good at creating conversation with her students which lets us help practice when we don't even realize it. I really enjoyed my time with her! I spent less time with Jeremy but he was also helpful in going over new vocabulary and helping me remember it. Both professors were sure to help reiterate what I had been learning in group classes.

I got to stay with the Miranda family in Boquete which was a complete gift! All were extremely kind and fun to talk to, and their house is like a garden oasis that is beyond peaceful.

For one week in Bocas del Toro I stayed with the Morales Campbell family, who were very hospitable and easy to talk to. Their house is right in the middle of town which made walking easy as well. My professor was Benita, who I loved so much! She treated me and my other classmate like daughters, and her direct teaching style helped us advance faster in the level we were in. Benita wanted to know how we learned best so that she could teach accordingly, which was also so cool. She made my short time in Bocas very fun and made me feel immediately welcome.

Yes, I recommend

1 week in Boquete

I studied Spanish for a month in Bocas and Boquete. I spent 3 weeks in Bocas fell in love with the place and the people. My time in Boquete was tranquil and an amazing end to a incredible trip. I was lucky enough to have awesome teachers in both locations but in Boquete I had Leidys (also had Kimberly for private classes). Leidys was friendly and provided a variety of activities in class to enhance my skills. I recommend that if you'd like to learn Spanish - Panama is a great option. If you like to go out at night and enjoy beaches Bocas is certainly for you - or if you prefer a laid back hiking town you should check out Boquete.

Yes, I recommend
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Residential and online experience with Habla Ya

Over the last year I have had occasion to work with Habla Ya language schools of Panama, first during a one-month series of on-site individual and group lessons with a variety of teachers in Panama City and subsequently via the web with my teacher Leidys in Boquete. My initial goal had been to take my basic command of Spanish to a higher level in working with patients (I am a physician), and I can confidently say that this goal has been more than amply met. Though I continue to use interpreters in some situations, their role has generally been to confirm my understanding or to assist in particularly complex communications.

While advancing my capacity to use the Spanish language was my initial goal, what I have also experienced has been the delight of exposure to a culture and history of which I had been at best peripherally aware as well as rich literary and musical traditions, and I credit this awakening in no small part to the enthusiasm and professionalism of my teachers at Habla Ya. I have worked with tutors and teachers in a variety of contexts in recent years trying to improve my skills, and I have made far more progress working with Habla Ya than anywhere else. The school has developed a very effective approach to teaching, maintains a very high standard of pedagogy, and adapts very effectively to individual needs.

I continue with my studies at Habla Ya, confident that my understanding of the Spanish language and its iinterwoven culture will continue to improve. Thanks, Habla Ya!

Yes, I recommend

A Rewarding Learning Experience!!

Leidys Pitti is a friendly and attentive professor who delivered well-planned and well-paced lessons that ensured maximum comprehension. Her knowledgeable and experienced teaching gave us the confidence to carry conversations solely in Spanish. Her strength lies in her willingness to share Panamanian cultural norms and customs alongside her lessons. Her amiable nature and quick wit made the experience enjoyable and rewarding.

Yes, I recommend
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It ist definitely worth it

After a stay in Boquete in 2014 and 2016 I visited Boquete again in 2017. And once more I took Spanish classes at the Habla Ya Spanish School.

I booked 4 weeks of group lessons in advance and extended my stay with more private lessons. I got a promotion offer and got a free diving class in Bocas as I booked some time in advance.

For the second time I attended classes with Leidys Pitti. I was very glad that the school made it happen that I could join her class again. Within 4 weeks we finished one level and she gave me good advices for the upcoming DELE exams.

Everyone at HablaYa is really friendly and helpful and for me it felt like coming home this time. If you have any questions - no matter what kind of question - they are there to help you.

That is why I honestly want to thank everyone at HablaYa and especially Leidys for the wonderful time I had in Boquete.

Yes, I recommend

Great to learn Spanish

I had only one week in Habla Ya in Panama City but thanks to my awesome teacher (Sergio) I could make so many progresses. The staff is very friendly, helpful and determined to make your experience there the best as possible. My teacher found the perfect way for me to improve my skills and I had a lot of fun learning from him. The teachers try to adapt the learning method based on the individuals. I really liked this personal touch.

Yes, I recommend

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