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Habla Ya Spanish Schools

- Book a 4 Week Spanish Immersion (or longer) and receive FREE from us one of the following: 5 Day Surf Course, 20 Yoga Sessions, Open Water Diving Course (PADI) OR Rock Climbing Certification!
- Permaculture programs, urban gardening, internships and many new volunteer opportunities coming soon!

Learn Spanish by the Caribbean Sea, in the cloud forest, in Latin America's most cosmopolitan city, or at the three of them!

With locations in Panama's most exciting destinations by the beach (Bocas del Toro), in the mountains (Boquete), and in Panama City, Habla Ya provides quality Spanish programs combined with unique vacation experiences, volunteering and active adventures such as surfing, scuba diving, yoga and much more.

Whether you're looking for a chilled out town in the mountains, a cosmopolitan and trendy city, or a funky island in the Caribbean, Habla Ya Spanish Schools got you covered with authentic Spanish immersion programs, loads of eco-adventures, passionate Spanish teachers and a wide selection of accommodation options from home stays with local families and budget hostels to mid range bed and breakfasts or upscale boutique hotels.



I spent a week in Boquete and a week in Panama City taking classes at Habla Ya. All my teachers in both cities were excellent with clear diction. The teachers in Panama City were more formal while the teachers in Boquete were more relaxed - typical cultural difference. My teacher in Boquete, Leidys, was excellent and very fun to learn from. Our private lessons were like visiting with a friend. I had very wonderful homestay families in both locations. Personally I preferred the Boquete experience as it is a more manageable environment (the big city is hectic, and hot, and the campus in an older building, while the mountain town is charming and everyone is friendly) - if I could do it again I would just spend a couple days solely as a tourist in Panama City and more time as a student in Boquete.

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I’ve tried taking Spanish at college night school, using online tools and listening to educational CDs. Nothing truly worked before immersing and attending three weeks at Habla Ya, and particularly working with my professor, Leidys Pitti. Leidys is not only extremely patient, but has the ability to recognize the level of each student’s ability and progress and meet them where they are. My first week of class was with three other students, and Leidys skillfully engaged each of us in asking questions, writing, and practicing new learning in fun ways in class. The second week, I was a solo with Leidys, and we had the opportunity to have real conversations every day. I’m amazed at how well we each understood each other and enjoyed the discussions and practice. The third week, there were two students. With Leidys teaching and a lot of practice, we had gained confidence in remembering not only many, many words, but in understanding how to put them into sentences and improve on grammar usage (verbs, adjectives, possessive, plural, etc.). I cannot recommend Habla Ya and Leidys enough. These three weeks have been game changing in building a solid platform for my ongoing use of the Spanish language. I’m thrilled to be going back to Los Angeles to practice with friends and look forward to returning to Habla Ya to continue building my skills to speak this beautiful language.

How can this program be improved?
More profesoras like Leidys.
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Belle expérience à l école Habla Y’a bien tructurer.
Professeure Leidys très professional avec expérience.
Pour la ville d’en Boquete très charmante température.
Un peut fraîche avec un peut de pluie.
Les villageois très gentils.
Je recommande Boquete école Habla Y’a pour cours d espagnol.
Pour la nourriture très bon et abordable, avec beaucoup de Variété.
Transport facile d accès et peu honnereux.

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I spent 4 wonderful weeks at Habla Ya in Bocas del Toro. Erian was my professor in group classes and he is amazing. He’s patient, kind, and fun. I learned a ton in a beautiful place and I can’t wait to return. Many thanks to Habla Ya!

Pasé 4 semanas maravillosas a Habla Ya en Bocas del Toro. Erian fue mi profesor en las clases del grupo y el es increíble. El es paciente, amable, y divertido. Yo aprendí muchísimo en un lugar muy bonito y no puedo esperar a regresar. Muchas gracias a Habla Ya!

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Estaba 4 semanas en Bocas del Toro en HablaYa y nunca voy a olvidar eso tiempo. Me quede en una familia y tome el curso del grupo y una hora de clase privada.
*I spent 4 weeks in Bocas del Toro in Habla Ya and I will never forget that time. I stayed with a family and took the group course and a private class.

Me quede en la familie Ortiz. La madre Maribel es muuuy amable y simpatico. Me sentia como si fuera su hija. Ella cocino todos los dias comida muy rica. Ella siempre estaba bailando y cantando y por eso teniamos siempre mucho para reirse en la casa.
*I stayed in the Ortiz family. Mother Maribel is very kind and friendly. I felt like I was her daughter. She cooked very rich food every day. She was always dancing and singing and so we always has lots of laughs at the house.

Yo tenia la suerte de tener clase con la prima de Maribel, Benita Georget. Ella es una profesora muy amable. La clase siempre era divertido y todos los días me alegre de ir a la escuela. En la clase aprendí mucho. Como yo estaba en un nivel bastante alto, hemos hecho muchos análisis y conversaciones. Mi hora de clase privada también tenia con Benita. Siempre hablábamos mucho y si tuve una pregunta ella trato de explicarme con mucho paciencia.
*I was fortunate to have a class with Maribel's cousin, Benita Georget. She is a very kind teacher. The class was always fun and every day I was glad to go to school. In the class I learned a lot. As I was at a fairly high level, we did a lot of analytics. My private class was also with Benita. We always talked a lot and if I had a question she tried to explain me with a lot of patience.

Pero no solo en la escuela nos vimos. Los profesores tambien salieron con los estudiantes. Pasábamos nuestro tiempo libre juntos y por eso podia hacer amistades muy buenas. En Bocas del Toro se puede haver muchos cosas. Tiene muchos actividades organizada de la escuela y todos las playas son increíbles.
*But we did not just meet at school. The teachers also went out with the students. We spent our free time together and that's why I could make very good friendships. In Bocas del Toro there are many things to do. It has many organized activities from the school and all the beaches are amazing.

Entonces, aconsejaría a todos de venir a Bocas y pasar un tiempo increíble.
*I would advise everyone to come to Bocas and have an amazing time.

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