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Learn Spanish by the Caribbean Sea, in the cloud forest, in Latin America's most cosmopolitan city, or at the three of them!

With locations in Panama's most exciting destinations by the beach (Bocas del Toro), in the mountains (Boquete), and in Panama City, Habla Ya provides quality Spanish programs combined with unique vacation experiences, volunteering and active adventures such as surfing, scuba diving, yoga and much more.

Whether you're looking for a chilled out town in the mountains, a cosmopolitan and trendy city, or a funky island in the Caribbean, Habla Ya Spanish Schools got you covered with authentic Spanish immersion programs, loads of eco-adventures, passionate Spanish teachers and a wide selection of accommodation options from home stays with local families and budget hostels to mid range bed and breakfasts or upscale boutique hotels.


G Street and 9th Avenue
Bocas del Toro
Bocas del Toro

Spanish Immersion + Active Pursuits!

- Daily Yoga Lessons
- Surf Course
- PADI Scuba Diving License
- Rock Climbing
- Ziplining
- Whitewater River Rafting
- Horseback Riding
- Island Hoping
- Sailing



Last week I studied Spanish in a small group (1 or 2 others) with an amazing teacher, Iraida. She was my age (23) and we were able to have many conversations (in Spanish of course) about her life and experiences and ours (also all from different cultures). I believe that in a week time I have improved my Spanish in a way that I am now able to make full sentences in numerous situations, and my vocabulary has improved a lot. Lastly I really enjoyed playing games in class to study Spanish in a fun way. Thanks Habla Ya and especially Iraida!!

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I thought it was really nice as it is
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I love these schools! I spent two weeks in beautiful Boquete with Leidys, and I can't say enough good things about her. She is a clear and concise teacher; you will grow leaps and bounds in a short amount of time! I also had my two sons, ages 12 and 7 in the program with Kimberley, Yeremy, and Alexander and they have very positive experiences.
We are currently in Bocas Del Toro and we are having excellent experiences here as well. We just finished our first week and have one week left. My teacher here is Sergio and he is also excellent. My sons have Jessica and Lynette and they both are growing and comprehending so much! We will have four weeks total in the program by the time we return home, and it will be difficult to say goodbye to the beautiful country and people of Panama. :)
If you want to learn a lot in a short amount of time come to Habla Ya! They do a wonderful job with their methodology and with their teacher training. I am planning on continuing with online lessons after I return home!

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My wife and I attended this program for a month. We both had had previous Spanish courses in the US but had forgotten much of it. From day one it was all Spanish with the instructor (Iraida) who was very patient as I butchered the language especially trying to roll my rr's (which did get better). We used a mini group format for just my wife and I which worked best for us since we were at the same level (low ability). We also attended 2 hours of private instruction in the afternoon after a 3 hour break . My wife was focusing more on medical Spanish (with Sergio) and I was working on making the basics solid. We did finish our basic course and receive our first level certificates. We enjoyed Bocas and the school and hope to return for more instruction.

The office staff at the school in Bocas (Carlos, Cesear and Ludo) were always very helpful and very eager to assist us with anything we wanted to know about (such as places to tour in the area). I wanted to surf (surfed for many years) but getting a board and then transporting to the other island to surf was becoming a problem. The guys in the office put me in touch with Chapos (great beginner instructor and good surfer) so he and I went surfing one morning (I paid him as a guide service) and it was well worth it. The office guys can help out with private tours if you want too, since they are a great source of local knowledge.

Our only negative was our lodging (1 bedroom Bocas Condos) which was represented as quite and it was not. 2 dogs barked all hours of the night which made sleep difficult. Possibly the studio rooms on the opposite side of the building maybe ok. The building is secure and close to town. It seems that the staff in Panama City handles the lodging so there is no checking on the actual accommodations therefore the information about lodging may not be accurate. Muchas Gracias Iraida y Sergio.
Mike & Kaja

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Habla Ya is a very good choice to learn Spanish in an effective way. The classes are small and everyone is really helpful und there are also nice activities organized by the school which is a good way to meet more students in your free time. Learning with Spanish Professor Leidys im Boquete is a lot of fun and she is really patient and can easily pick up your level and helps individually to improve your Spanish :)

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Todos sabemos que el español es el tercer idioma más hablado en el mundo, por detrás del inglés y el chino mandarín. Estudiar español me ayudará a disfrutar de la obra de maestros de la literatura, el cine, y la cultura. En ese sentido, siempre a traves de internet buscando una escuela que tenga una reputacion y con la suerte encontre la escuela" Habla ya Panama (Panama city)" alla son los profesores nativos y profesionales que tienen mucha experiencia en la enseñanza de su idioma. Aprendi espanol con mi profesora Stella Orfa en el nivel B2 , ella es una senora simpatica, amable y responsable!!! Yo tuve muchas dificultades de gramaticas sobre subjuntivos (subjuntivo pretérito imperfecto, subjuntivo futuro imperfecto,subjuntivo pretérito pluscuamperfecto etc.) y ella siempre me enseno , explico con paciencia y detalladamente. Su actitud me dio muchas ganas de manejarlo bien el espanol y de disfrutar aprendiendo espanol.
Despues de dos semana de clases intensas logre una gran paso. Le agradezco mucho!! Muchas gracias!!!
Si quieres tener una aprendizaje activo, Habla ya Panama (Spanish School) es tu mejor opcion !!!

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