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For more than 40 years, ActionQuest has offered outstanding water-based summer adventure programs for youth. They successfully have inspired the inherent leadership skills within thousands of young adults though hands-on learning, cooperative living and adventurous travel worldwide.


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Daria’s Review on AQ Dolphin Program 2022

Action Quest provided me with a second home and family. Currently, my favorite people on the entire planet are the ones that were on my boat this past session. Scuba diving and sailing are the most amazing activities ever, and I cannot believe I was able to breathe underwater and see many creatures you never get to see on a regular basis. Sailing is so calming and it helped me to forget everything stressful in my life and just focus on the waves and horizon. I seriously cannot say enough about how close I got to my shipmates and the impact they've had on me as a person. I hope that everyone can experience something like this once in their life, and I am so grateful to have done so myself. The best thing about Action Quest is the people that you meet; there are no connections like the ones you make living on a boat with someone."

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Best Summer Experience

Action Quest has been one of, if not the best, opportunities of my life and I wish that everyone could have the opportunity to experience it, because everything is truly amazing. Everything. But seriously, the diving, sailing, marine biology, etc are great but you can’t beat the people. The people you meet are what really make the program special. I have been lucky enough to participate in Action Quest’s programs for two summers now, and they have both been great. Some of my best memories are of the times we shared on the boat, making dinner, playing cards, studying for our certifications, and enjoying the beautiful sunsets! I can’t wait for next summer!

What was the most nerve-racking moment and how did you overcome it?
I think my most nerve-recking moment was traveling overseas by myself for the first time, however the staff were extremely inviting and caring from the moment we landed. Everyone was so kind and I quickly lost all worries. This later helped me grow and become more independent and made the bond between staff and students stronger.
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Action Quest Neptune

It was the best three weeks of my life! the food exceeded standards for food that was served on a boat. Some of our groups most meaningful conversations came out of life works. I loved all of them. The environment is incredible. I got to spend everyday scuba diving and spending time in paradise while hanging out with all these incredible people. Even though some things were out of my comfort zone it pushed me to grow so much as a person, and made some of the most valuable friendships. I really hope to return for an internship next summer!

What was the most nerve-racking moment and how did you overcome it?
Deep diving- we got to dive down to 95 feet which was insane, as well as leading a night dive!
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The Most AMAZING Experience of My Entire Life

100% the best experience of my life and I will tell you exactly why:

The vulnerability that was shared on this trip is truly something I will never forget and never get over. I went into the trip thinking that it would only be centered around marine biology, but I was proved wrong in the best possible way. By having reflective conversations with my crew, feeling safe enough to cry when talking about difficult things in my life, and having the support throughout it all, is such a gift and I am forever grateful to ActionQuest for providing me with that experience. I have recommended it to everyone I know, all my parent’s friends, and everyone can see the joy I have after being there. I have not been that happy in a really long time so once again thank you to everyone who made those three weeks possible, and the best three weeks of my entire life. The food was great for being on a boat for three weeks. There were rarely any meals that I had a serious dislike for.

Everything was more than I could ever dream of.
Please understand that it is not one thing that makes ActionQuest so amazing. Everything about it, the people, the crew, and the activities made this experience the most amazing three weeks of my life. I couldn’t pick just one. Thank you so much for letting me have the opportunity to come out. This trip has made me want to come back time and time again, even as a counselor one day. I am forever grateful. This is just the beginning of my adventure, and I couldn’t have asked for a better start than ActionQuest.

If you did this all over again, what's one thing you would change?
I would do it exactly the same, it was truly that perfect. I cannot thank the staff enough for creating the most incredible experience of my life, I will never forget how this trip helped to change my life and set me on a course for a brighter future!
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2019 experience

Our daughter had an incredible time on this trip! I liked this program of course for this reason, but also because she learned several new skills and the updates that we were given routinely made it easy for us to visualize her daily experiences. I like the level of the responsibilities that the teens had for helping with meals and taking care of the boat and also the lack of time they had with their phones. (no social media for several days at a time is so healthy) I would definitely recommend this to any par4ent that wants their teens. oday, for many teens, there are so many pressures on them to conform to what our culture believes makes a successful adolescent (sports, ACT prep, good grades....). Not to mention all of the other pressures that come from just being a teenager in an age of social media. This is a great outlet that allows and encourages young people to do something different, to come together with kids from different areas with different backgrounds, to learn new skills and learn how to respect and care for our oceans, and also to learn to independently and confidently experience something new. This is not just a fun camp experience for your teenager. They are learning valuable skills. They are expected to be particpating member of the team and everyone is encouraged to take on leadership roles at one point or another. I highly recommend this program.


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Alumni Interviews

These are in-depth Q&A sessions with verified alumni.

Zara Elle Cornaby

My absolute dream job is to become a marine biologist. I am currently a junior in high school and have always had a deep love for the ocean. The mystery, adventure, and desire to discover drives me to do everything humanly possible in order to have a job in the sea.
Zara C. with crewmates

Why did you choose this program?

My mother has been looking into it for years. Since I have always loved marine biology, this program seemed to align most with what we were looking for in a program. The team seemed friendly, the location was beautiful, and the program had so many options to choose from. I don’t think we could have found a better program to pick.

What did your program provider (or university) assist you with, and what did you have to organize on your own?

I had the option of writing why I wanted to go to Action Quest in order to receive a percentage off of the fee to go on the program. Overall, the planning and execution were very organized and we were helped and contacted often to keep us in the know of what was going on. I felt at ease throughout the whole process.

What is one piece of advice you'd give to someone going on your program?

Do everything possible thing that is available to you. We had the opportunity to hike to the top of a mountain, over half of the people didn’t do it and just stayed on the boats to sleep more. That hike was one of the most incredible parts of the trip, and I genuinely am not a big fan of hiking. By saying yes to every opportunity, you will feel the reward and that you really maximized your experience. Also bond with the people on your boat. The people are what make the experience so open yourself up to the possibility of new friendships.

What does an average day/week look like as a participant of this program?

You wake up resting on the ocean. Fun music is playing, everyone is climbing out of their sleeping sacks, and you begin the chores for the day. But they aren’t really chores because you are singing and laughing with your crewmates the whole time. You eat breakfast, laugh some more and maybe play a round or two of cards. You head to your dive site, take photos, see new species, adventure around. That day you might be headed to land, shopping, and interacting with other people on the other boats. Or possibly you have a beach dinner with the whole fleet. Either way, you go full tilt until it gets dark or starts to rain. But you don’t really care, so you go outside and dance in the rain, sing some more. Maybe you share some personal information, maybe you talk about nothing at all. The night ends with stargazing and talking. Slowly everyone goes to bed, excited to repeat it all over again the next day.

Going into your experience abroad, what was your biggest fear, and how did you overcome it? How did your views on the issue change?

I had never been to a sleepaway camp and I really wanted to be with a good group of people. I overcame it by allowing myself to believe that everything would be fantastic, and it was. I found that the experience on the boat was one of the best in my entire life. I think back to it often, missing those people, missing sleeping far from home on a boat. It truly was incredible.

How is the food?

Most of it is pretty good for being on a boat most of the time. You have chips and snacks, food such as ramen and pasta, plus there are other options for those with dietary restrictions. You have opportunities to go onshore and also grab lunch or snacks, but those don’t occur every day. Overall, the food is pretty decent.