ActionQuest: Summer Adventure Program in British Virgin Islands
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ActionQuest: Summer Adventure Program in British Virgin Islands

Participants to the ActionQuest Summer Adventure Program in British Virgin Islands will have the opportunity to live aboard a sailing yacht in a small group of 12 of similar age to learn life-changing lessons, build connections and experience the confidence of succeeding as an individual and as a team. In addition, by learning introductory marine biology, water skiing, seamanship, navigation, wake boarding, windsurfing, participants also have the opportunity to earn internationally recognized certifications in sailing and scuba diving.

British Virgin Islands
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I have completed two trips with ActionQuest, in the summers of 2016 and 2017. I participated in the Neptune and Rescue programs, both are part of the "dive side" of ActionQuest. Not only did I improve my diving certifications, I learned how to sail, and about the marine world. The program is run aboard a boat, meaning there is no daily routine, you sail to a new spot everyday. Each trip you sail about 250 nautical miles, and get to visit some of the most famous sites in the islands, such as the Baths and Sidney's Peace and Love.

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Best Experiences!

Between the scuba diving, making new friends, watersports, and family reflections at the end of the day, I had an amazing time with my shipmates and crew. The best part of this trip was travelling somewhere new and exciting, to a place I had never been to before, and learning and experiencing what the BVIs had to offer. This experience impacted me because I had a chance to participate in something that was new to me. My favorite memory about this journey was with my shipmates and how we always gathered together during free time to hang out, play cards, swim, and talk- no one was ever left out. I encourage future participants to understand that this is an unique experience, and that they are very lucky to be sailing with ActionQuest.

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My Favorite Place

Actionquest is my favorite in every possible way. I love the people. I love how much I've grown. I love the amazing programs. I love everything about it. If you're looking for a way to grow as a person or get out of your comfort zone and experience something truly amazing, AQ is for you. The amazing staff helps everyone no matter what your background is and they make sure that every student is involved.

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What AQ means to me

My three years at Actionquest were life changing. They earned me new friends, new skills, and revealed to me much about myself that I never knew, and that I pride myself on today! In my last program, Divemaster, my staff were incredible. The atmosphere on our boat was always fun, if hard working, but there was always a careful eye on our safety, even for us long time returners to Actionquest who were nearly running the boat ourselves. You guys at Actionquest have something Incredible going on, and if it weren't for other plans and goals in my life, I would be honored to work at ActionQuest for years, making the impacts you do, learning, teaching, and having those little, underestimated conversations with my shipmates, conversations that made such a big impact on my own life.

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An Amazing Program

I have been going to Action Quest for the last 5 years and I am proud to say that it has fundamentally changed my life. In no other place will you find such a warm and supporting environment where you can grow and develop as a person. The diving, staff, and students are all amazing. I remember the first time that I went to Action Quest. I was 13 years old and terrified of the ocean. However, thanks to the supportiveness of the staff and kids on my boat, I felt comfortable diving and being myself. I now have hundreds of logged dives and am a certified instructor thanks to AQ

How can this program be improved?

I just wish the trips could be longer!

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Beyond amazing

It was the best summer of my life. Everything was perfect. The staff, the diving, the sailing and the friendships.

The staff on my trip is what made it really special. I saw them both as teachers and friends. They helped my shipmates and I along our path of finding our happiest self.

They really helped me see that there isn't only one path in life. That I don't have to take the traditional path in life and can create my own path.

Everything was beyond my expectations. I was able to become both certified in sailing and scuba well enjoying the training at the same time.

Yes, I recommend
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Third Summer Still Amazing

ActionQuest is an amazing program that has really changed me as a person as I am now able to be more of myself instead of my shy self. Also the staff are all amazing and ensure that everything is running smoothly while having a ton of fun.

I was on "S/Y Pure Joy" first session and had Amelia (Meelz), Sarah, and Mike as my staff. Meelz has been an amazing role model for me ever since I first had her my first year at AQ 2 summers ago. She is an awesome instructor and friend, ensuring that everyone is having a good time. Sarah one of the nicest people I have ever met and always has a smile on her face - at the same time knows when she needs to be more strict with kids. I had Sarah last summer too and she has always been a great person to talk to. Mike is great staff member he is one of the easiest people to talk to and always has great stories to tell. He also is very good at handling kids and ensuring they stay in line. All of the staff on my boat really helped to make my session the best that is possibly could, always so excited about all the events coming that day!

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this was my third summer with ActionQuest and I love and enjoy the programs so much that I want others to experience them too.
On Minerva we only did 2 lifeworks forums and they were valuable and necessary in the program because people weren't getting along the best before forum but after the lifeworks forums shipmates were more understanding and kind to one another. What’s best about ActionQuest? The amazing things you do and experience and how good it feels to do them and the incredible people you meet while doing those things."

How can this program be improved?

none it's awesome

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ActionQuest is an extremely unique place that offers amazing experiences for kids of all ages and from all over the world. It has taught me so much, not only about sailing and scuba diving, but also about myself, and going to ActionQuest has made me a much happier person. I truly enjoy lifeworks forums. I think that they bring up important topics, and often bring boats closer. They also help connect the lessons that I have learned at ActionQuest to my life outside, so that I may bring these new lessons home with me.

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