Archipelagos Institute of Marine Conservation

Why choose Archipelagos Institute of Marine Conservation?

Archipelagos, Institute of Marine Conservation is a Greek non-profit, non-governmental organization committed to researching and defending the biodiversity of the Greek seas and islands.

Archipelagos’ work focuses on a combination of multi-disciplinary scientific research with efficient conservation work, in which the local communities play an active part. This work creates a strategic foundation that enables and strengthens Archipelagos’ campaigns at a local, national and EU level, to defend the rich biodiversity of the eastern Mediterranean from the ever-increasing human impacts.

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Yes, I recommend this program

My experience at Archipelagos

My experience at Archipelagos was one of those that changes you somehow. It taught me about simplicity, the rooms were not luxurious, but the truth is that we are at a research base, we don’t need much more.

It also taught me about patience. It showed me how important is motivation and the attitude to change things in order to call for action. Sometimes more planning or control doesn’t mean it’s better. So I had to slow down, and I think this is something we should all apply to our stressful fast paced western lives.

On the other hand, the fact of having different bases at different places of the island allowed us to explore and realize the breathtaking opportunities Samos and Lipsi offer nature wise. There are many hikes you can enjoy!

Moreover, I loved the fact they have different teams, so you can always feel welcome. I am a psychologist who has a deep love for nature and specially the ocean. I would have never imagined I could fit in a nature conservation organization. However, I realized about the importance of multidisciplinary as a way to face current problems. Complex problems can only be approached efficiently through an interdisciplinary view. So this experience made me realize I could connect somehow my discipline to nature through a master in Planetary Health, in which I am currently enrolled.

I learnt so much about things you cannot learn academically, that I would push everyone to live an experience like this once in life. Specially for the people. You develop such strong connection because of the fact of living in a small community, that the bonds that remain are very strong and sometimes, forever.

The team there, starting from the cook, which is super sweet and always willing to add new recommendstions or receipes. To Mikalis, the gardener and handy man that fixes everything that stops working. To Anastasia, the face of the organisation, which I consider is a very strong and determined woman, with super good intentions to make a better place, from the people to the ocean. Then we have Bea, a super energetic and determined project manager. She is powerfully devoted for her job, so she will make sure you feel comfortable during your stay and will be there for anything you need, and you can see that from miles. Lastly we have Peri, the captain, one of the most pure human beings I have ever met. He will teach you about how things used to be before we humans came and changed everything for “progress”. He will transmit you the importance of worrying an paying attention to what it’s important in life, and most of the times it comes to spend time with those you love. Try sharing a pita and some wine with friends and fev gatos, you will see what I mean.

Said that, I would like to say that if you decide to come, you should be open minded. You will find people from different backgrounds , from different cultures that do and manage things probably different that you would. And of course many things could be improved, we are not perfect. But you need to be aware of where you are, you are not coming to a hotel, be open to the experience and immerse yourself in an ocean of new lessons, Archipelagos and the ocean, with its values and biodiversity have so much to teach to all of us.

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Sifat -E-
Yes, I recommend this program

Incredible Experience

As a graduate law student interested in the impacts of climate change on the environment, I found my experiences at the Archipelagos Institute of Marine Conservation in Greece not only incredibly educational but it opened my eyes to all the ways that climate change can impact marine life and by way of extension, human life as well. Although I had no prior hands-on experiences working with an environmental NGO, the staff and students from around the world, supported me in every aspect of my experiences there. It was an experience I will never forget and I hope to use it as a foundation for my moving forward with my studies in Environmental Law.

  • Dedicated and highly trained professional staff.
  • A hands-on opportunity to grow and learn
  • An added benefit is a chance to meet great people and the opportunity to work on your research for your Master's thesis as well.
  • No public transport but you can hire taxi.
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Yes, I recommend this program

Great internship

It was a fantastic experience and I am very sad it is already over. The supervisors are great, the directors are passionate, you're able to meet people from all over the world. . . And that's without mentioning the work experience you get! I was able to experience boat and kayak surveys, learn how to use QGIS, take part in flamingo surveys, etc. Not only you gain a lot of experience, but you gain it doing something meaningful and important. The accommodations are simple and it is not a place for everyone, but I think it was great for my internship. I would go back in a heartbeat.

  • -Great conservation work
  • -Get to know people from all over the world
  • -The employees are great and give great support
  • -Simple accommodations and gets cold in the winter
  • -A bit expensive
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Yes, I recommend this program

My experience as a marine ecology intern

I had an amazing time in Lipsi with Archipelagos ! It was a really unique experience and it allowed me to gain skills on the field and a lot of knowledge. Even if the communication was a little bit hard sometimes with the Archi crew, I am very happy I could be a part of the team for a few months. I met amazing people from all over the world, I expended my horizons and my ambitions. It feels great to be part of a NGO that fights for environmental protection ! And the Sanctuary is such an amazing place
Thank you for everything !

  • Diversity of people we meet
  • Discovering new environments and species
  • Working with the aim of helping the environment
  • Communication with the staff can be hard
  • Accomodation isn't the best
  • The price can be high if we don't have exterior help with the funding
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Yes, I recommend this program

Go on with your projects

Working with Archipelagos is a good opportunity to imagine, write and suggest you rown research project and link it with the ongoing projects of the associaction.
Then you will be helpd in managing and implementing it.
The NGO work in the islands of Lipsi and Samos at the moment and there are a lot of position for diverse interests: terrestrial, marine and GIS.
The balance work/free time is ok and the amount of effort is balanced with the background of the intern and the personal motivation. Highly suggested



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