Coastal Biodiversity and Invasive Species Research Internship in Greece

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kayak survey
kayak survey


A research internship in coastal biodiversity and invasive species will explore a wide range of applicable topics.
For almost 20 years, Archipelagos has been monitoring the biodiversity of shallow, littoral zone ecosystems of the eastern Aegean Sea. The data collected allows us to get an understanding of local conditions, ecosystem changes, processes and threats.

Projects have a wide range of focus, including:
• Conducting biodiversity assessments of fish, invertebrates and algae, according to international protocols
• Collecting data on invasive species via underwater visual census surveys and questionnaires in order to understand the factors influencing the species distribution as well as the impacts on the ecosystem
• Creating GIS maps which provide an overview of species distribution
• Determining impacts of the factors threatening protected species and ecosystems using bio-indicator species
• Experimental installation of artificial reefs and sustainable mooring systems

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