Awaken is an organization for anyone and everyone to discover themselves while exploring the world. Our mission is to provide transformative travel experiences, allowing people to live unique and unforgettable moments while experiencing adventures that lead them to generate personal and professional development.

We also have a wonderful foundation for kids in which we are always seeking passionate volunteers to work with our youth!

In addition, we offer professional skills development workshops in the following areas: negotiation and conflict resolution, leadership, teamwork, public speaking, mindfulness, inter/intra-communication, and neurocodex. Our workshops are created by using the scientific bases of emotional intelligence, positive psychology, neurolinguistic programming, coaching, systemic thinking, and experiential learning.



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Yes, I recommend this program

What an experience

The experience with awaken was amazing ! Edinson help us a lot and the mission we did were incredible and change me as a man for the life ! We wet amazing people and lovely children!
On the morning we were with children 3-17 years old to help them with their homeworks or just play. During the afternoon we were on detention center for young men to exchange with them on what they want to do when they going out. It was so interesting and I hope we helped them to find their way.

Thank you A lot Awaken

What was your funniest moment?
All the dinner with the awaken family
All the moment with the children
Ecuador is an amazing country
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Yes, I recommend this program

An amazing team that will make sure you live the best cultural experience

I was part of the Awaken family for 4 months. I had an amazing experience, both with the team that always helped me out or cheered me up when participating to the development of Awaken than with the Ecuadorian.
As a business developer, I was in charge of the social media of Awake. I was always free to share my ideas and free my creativity. Which made it interesting to grow and learn by myself.
What made me love Awaken even more is the human side of the business. Working closely with associations, we had the chance to help people in need beside work.

What was the most unfamiliar thing you ate?

As a national plate, I tried the guinea pig! A must to do if you like trying cultural food
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Yes, I recommend this program

A real Human and Professional experience

This intership was a real value added for my carrier ! The flexibility of the missions given and the company in general allowed me to have an unique experience according to what I was looking for. The structure of the company is a reflect of what we are more and more finding in new companies in terms of managing.

Moreover, the company helped me to perceive all the facets of the country, allow me to face some realities about some social challenges.

The kindness of the people there really made my travel.

It was a real chance !

What was the most surprising thing you saw or did?
I've accidentally fished a snake which was stronger than me and the boat where I was in.
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Yes, I recommend this program

Amazing human experience !!!

I participated to this programme 18 months ago and I will never forget that incredible human experience... I traveled to Ecuador with 2 french guys to help the full time team to take care of children. Activities are various, we worked, we played, we organised outside sport game... and each of us found an other side of himself....Ecuatorian people have a big big heart and I really recommend this experience to all of you !

Do not hesitate to ask Aweken or Edison about all your interrogation... For example the staff helped us to fine the best accommodation depending of our situation.

What is your advice to future travelers on this program?
Do not hesitate to ask Aweken or Edison about all your interrogation... For example the staff helped us to fine the best accommodation depending of our situation.


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