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BridgeTEFL is the largest provider of TEFL certification training in the United States with over 4000 graduates every year. Bridge is accredited by ACCET, which is recognized by the U.S. Department of Education. We have nearly 30 years of experience in TEFL and have helped thousands of people achieve their dreams of teaching English abroad!

BridgeTEFL offers several options to make your dream come true to teach abroad:

- Online TEFL Certification: Our courses are 100% online with over 90% of our students satisfied with their experience and education. These courses are affordable and flexible!
- Classroom-based TEFL Certification: Bridge 4-week, full time TEFL course that gives trainees the chance to teach real EFL students. We also partner with several centers to provide other classroom-based TEFL courses worldwide.
- Teach Abroad Programs: We will guide you through getting TEFL certified, finding housing, and in some cases, a paid teaching contract!

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34 years old

Career builder


Actually, I am an Indian with English background but not a native English speaker.
I wished to work in Europe but condition and requirements are tough to fulfill by me.
It is easy to go Argentina if any one comes from background like me.
So be cautious while choosing kind of programs.
Course material is simple and easy.
Support was brilliant because I had problem due when I missed completing my course in time
The management helped me giving extension period to finish in prescribed time.
Tutors were assisting and moral booster.

How can this program be improved?

Job intern assistance.

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48 years old
Chicago, IL

Good refresher


I felt that the videos were a good refresher for me of research-based techniques for teaching EFL and ESL. I appreciated the self-paced approach of the courses, which allowed me to complete them in a time frame which was convenient for me. The course was helpful to me, and I came away with some new ideas for teaching in my classroom. The courses were highly recommended to me, based on the convenience, cost, and content, and I wasn't disappointed.

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1 year old
Lakewood, CO
University of California- San Diego

TEFL Made Easy


Bridge TEFL was the first online course I had ever taken. I wasn't sure what to expect, but the introductory information and sign-up was straightforward and simple. The self pacing was pleasant aspect, compared to later courses on different sites with weekly deadlines. I liked the resources provided, the dictionary/glossary, and recommended book list for supplementing your teaching. They provided an easy nudge forward, by not allowing you to advance until each module was completed. The ability to review all previous material was a great study aid. The videos gave great examples of strategies in action, included how to extend or alter lessons for specific needs. The greatest strength of the program was the excellent feedback and guidance provided by the online tutor. Amy's feedback was supportive, specific and detailed, and always looking to have me improve as a future EFL teacher.

How can this program be improved?

Add reminder emails generated biweekly to keep people on some kind of pace, but without stressful deadlines.

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46 years old
City University of Seattle

Using Time Effectively


Dear Reader,
I had the chance to visit Asia and gain first teaching experiences. I have to admit, I loved working with young adults. Nevertheless, a scooter accident (what else) changed my plans. Had to go back to my home country.
Due to the injury I am still not capable of working. The only activity that I can perform right now is learning. That is how I found Bridge ESL/EFL Online courses. It is definitely a 'bridge' for me.
I am working hard to reach my goal, to be a certified ESL/EFL teacher.
Bridge Online (120 hr.) course gives me the opportunity to use my time effectively. I am more than satisfied with the program since I can study on a self paced basis.
After finishing the course I will be standing in front of the class again (with a certified diploma) and that gives me the strength for a fast recovery.

Thank you

How can this program be improved?

The program itself is excellent. Prepares all those who are willing to teach and enjoy a steady intellectual development.

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72 years old
Littleton CO

Nice Surprise


On-line classes are not my favorite so I was pleasantly surprise with the quality of text, questions and videos provided by this class.

Videos were timely and held a variety of teaching styles.
The text was interesting and there was a sense that the author had actually been in the classroom and was able to weigh methodology.

I'm currently working with adult Korean women and I've been able to implement styles and strategies. Further I've found ways to do long term planning in ways that feel more balanced.

How can this program be improved?

1) More teacher oversight--it was week 6 before I got feedback
2) There was a platform shift mid course and I think not all data was moved. My request for credit was somehow not transferred. I didn't know that.
I received my certificate but no more information. When I started making inquiries I had to push to get any information. I immediately contacted U.N. C but they wouldn't allow my appeal because I missed the deadline date. The fact that I didn't know any of the dates didn't seem to enter into the conversation. I didn't receive support from Bridge even though I made my concern clear to them.

Response from BridgeTEFL

Hi Suzanne,

Thanks so much for your feedback! We're happy to hear that you were pleasantly surprised with the online course material -- online learning is a unique environment, so I'm happy to hear that you enjoyed the course overall.

As request for credit appeals are handled directly with the home institutions (and UNC specifically requested we remove ourselves from your individual situation), we've definitely taken note that this was a pain point for you as a participant. We'll definitely do our best to individualize the notifications for our participants and shed light on important upcoming deadlines.

Your feedback is welcomed and thanks for leaving a review of our program.

The BridgeTEFL Team

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