BridgeTEFL Graduate Level Online Course (150 Hours)
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BridgeTEFL Graduate Level Online Course (150 Hours)

The Bridge IDELT Online (International Diploma in English Language Teaching – Online) is a 12-week, 150 hour online TEFL certification course. The graduate level content is delivered via a flexible, part-time schedule (about 8-12 hours of course work per week) which makes it the perfect option for students whose schedule or location makes it difficult to attend a classroom-based TESOL course (such as the Cambridge CELTA).

In partnership with the University of Northern Colorado, the IDELT Online provides the option of taking the course for 3 graduate-level credits -- perfect for those who may pursue an MA TESOL in the future. The course has been approved by ACCET (Accrediting Council for Continuing Education and Training), which is an organization recognized by the US Department of Education.

  • Available for 3 graduate credits
  • Live webinars with expert TESOL professors
  • Highly-interactive class discussion forums
  • Access to over 100 how-to videos featuring real teachers
  • 6-month subscription to ESL Library: 1,000s of downloadable lesson plans and flashcards for teachers
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Program Reviews (4)

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72 years old
Littleton CO

Nice Surprise


On-line classes are not my favorite so I was pleasantly surprise with the quality of text, questions and videos provided by this class.

Videos were timely and held a variety of teaching styles.
The text was interesting and there was a sense that the author had actually been in the classroom and was able to weigh methodology.

I'm currently working with adult Korean women and I've been able to implement styles and strategies. Further I've found ways to do long term planning in ways that feel more balanced.

How can this program be improved?

1) More teacher oversight--it was week 6 before I got feedback
2) There was a platform shift mid course and I think not all data was moved. My request for credit was somehow not transferred. I didn't know that.
I received my certificate but no more information. When I started making inquiries I had to push to get any information. I immediately contacted U.N. C but they wouldn't allow my appeal because I missed the deadline date. The fact that I didn't know any of the dates didn't seem to enter into the conversation. I didn't receive support from Bridge even though I made my concern clear to them.

Response from BridgeTEFL

Hi Suzanne,

Thanks so much for your feedback! We're happy to hear that you were pleasantly surprised with the online course material -- online learning is a unique environment, so I'm happy to hear that you enjoyed the course overall.

As request for credit appeals are handled directly with the home institutions (and UNC specifically requested we remove ourselves from your individual situation), we've definitely taken note that this was a pain point for you as a participant. We'll definitely do our best to individualize the notifications for our participants and shed light on important upcoming deadlines.

Your feedback is welcomed and thanks for leaving a review of our program.

The BridgeTEFL Team

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42 years old
Saudi Arabia Riyadh

Idelt online course


I have honestly learned a lot with IDELT. Each unit covered every week was intense and I could use the techniques I had learned with my tutoring students. The instructor Terry was really helpful and always available to help us. Thank you Bridge for offering such a great and valuable course.

How can this program be improved?

This was my first course and I honestly enjoyed it. Thank you

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32 years old
University of Virginia

IDELT Online


The course was useful. I especially appreciated the videos and links to extra resources and materials. The text is helpful, though I can't say I enjoyed reading through the entire book chapter by chapter. The quizzes were straightforward and asked students to dig deeper into certain details of the readings. I didn't access the forum as much as I should have. Some students posted useful insights, but after writing my three posts, taking a quiz and responding to a post, I didn't have the energy to read through the rest of the posts. Perhaps the teacher could highlight a few posts each week that she found particularly good? Overall I was happy with the course.

How can this program be improved?

It depends on the student, where they will be teaching and whether or not they need the IDELT specifically. I came across a Living Social discount that offered a respectable TEFL certification for $70 (Originally over $900) which made me rethink the value of the course.

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57 years old
Florida Institute of Technology

A great course


Before i got started on this course i had my doubts about online teacher training. much to my surprise i really enjoyed the weekly posts, writing them as well as reading the thoughts of the other (future) teachers. The course was time consuming, but definitely worth it. The instructor, terry, was very supportive and knowledgeable.

How can this program be improved?

More active support in finding a job afterwards. Since I am not a native speaker, finding employment turns out to be rather complicated. Many countries demand 'native' passports.

About The Provider


BridgeTEFL is the largest provider of TEFL certification training in the United States with over 4000 graduates every year. Bridge is accredited by ACCET, which is recognized by the U.S. Department of Education. We have nearly 30 years of experience in TEFL and have helped