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Why choose Canterbury TEFL?

Canterbury is one of longest running and most reputable TEFL programs in Spain with Canterbury Consulting Spain, the parent language school, providing English language services in Madrid since 1994.

We are actively involved in education through the Madrid City Council and The Chartered College of Teaching and have created our own successful, international education programs; The British Spanish Schools Exchange Programme, BSSEP and English Adventures, where we offer an additional, unique TEFL Summer Camp Training course and camp employment.

Canterbury has been awarded numerous language immersion contracts by the Madrid City Council due to our quality, reputation and longevity as an organization.

Canterbury TEFL directors are founding members of the UK´s prestigious, Chartered College of Teaching.

With over 2000 graduates our teaching staff and program are renowned in EFL teaching circles.



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Yes, I recommend this program

Amazing Experience!!

This is an incredibly comprehensive program. The effectiveness of this course is in the delivery of its core objective, which is to be able to teach English in an effective and professional manner. From learning how to conduct yourself as a teacher and the key fundamentals of pedalogy, and then the application of this knowledge with role plays and then hands on experience; this course gave it all.

My experience being taught Spanish by Angie Gonzalez was also invaluable in understanding how to teach Spanish speakers, she has been fantastic, I have progressed into a confident Spanish speaker through theory and application on topics that I value most, such as speaking and listening. This course has offerred me key life skills that I will take with me everywhere. Suggestions for improvement
would be more visual learning support(videos), additional online resources, and maybe a slightly extended course whereby the material is spread across 6/8 weeks, potentially, for those you find it more digestible.

A big thank you to James and all the team at Canterbury.

  • Effective
  • Comprehensive
  • Character Building
  • Online resources
  • Extremely fast paced
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Yes, I recommend this program

An Experience of a Lifetime

Hi! My name is Rachel and I am 21 years old and from Arizona in the United States! Before I go into all of the elements of this program, I just want to say that this was by far the most incredible experience of my life. Madrid is now my favorite city in the world and working as an English teacher at Canterbury was such a special experience. I will hold these memories and this experience close to me for the rest of my life. If you are considering getting your TEFL certificate, you absolutely will not regret going through this program.
I attended the TEFL certification course in October of 2021. It is an intensive course but it is definitely manageable and worth the time. I really enjoyed everything I learned and I loved getting to know my classmates. The course gives you so many tools and resources so that you can feel prepared to teach a real class. Part of the course includes working with real students and getting feedback so that there is a smooth transition between being in the classroom and going out to teach. The teacher John Bouse is incredible and honestly one of the best teachers I have had the privilege of learning from. You will be in good hands.
After the course, I worked for Canterbury Consulting as an English tutor. I loved working with these students and was able to be their tutor from October until May! Working through Canterbury is really nice because of all the support and I would definitely recommend working with them if you get the chance, especially to start out with. This will help you get an idea of what it’s like to work with students in a real-world setting and you might even make connections to find more students! My only disclaimer is that I was not able to get enough hours through Canterbury alone to support myself financially in Madrid, so if you are planning on solely financially supporting yourself through this job then you will need to put in some extra work to find students. There are several online companies that you can work for such as Cambly and Italki. Also, I would look online and see if there are any language exchange events you can go to and maybe find clients or make connections there! If you have any issues, definitely don’t be afraid to talk to James for help. It took me a few months, but I was able to get enough students to support myself and make it work!
I also took Spanish classes with Angie and I absolutely loved it! You can get by in Madrid without knowing Spanish but it will be a little bit difficult and you won’t get the full experience of living in Spain. So I highly recommend putting in some time before coming to Spain to learn Spanish. Babbel is a really great app as well as Lingo Pie and Innovative Language Learning. Then once you finish your course you can start taking classes with Angie. I did my classes with her online and she is the best. She makes a personalized lesson for you and meets you wherever you’re at to help you improve.
Madrid is a really unique city that you won’t be able to help but fall in love with. It is a very safe city so you will never feel uncomfortable walking around alone or taking the metro at night. The people are incredible and the city itself is beautiful. If you are worried about finding a place to live, I recommend the app Idealista which is how I rented my first apartment. I signed the lease and everything while I was still in the States, which made me nervous, but everything worked out great! Another suggestion is to get your monthly metro pass as soon as you can. I waited a long time because I was nervous but it went really smoothly and the metro system in Madrid is amazing and really easy to understand. You can just use google maps to tell you which stops to get on and off at!
I hope all of this information is able to help you on this great adventure! This was the best decision I ever made and it changed my life forever. Thank you :)

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Yes, I recommend this program

Spanish Adventures Program was GREAT

Angie was such a great and fun teacher. Our class was rather small so she made an effort to make sure we were learning what we wanted in order to get the most out of the course. She brought a positive attitude to teaching that made it fun and made me excited to come to class every day. I like that the class was very interactive and that encouraged us to speak often (which is really how you learn). We had lessons covering grammar, vocabulary, and culture plus she always shared slides with us so that we could review and study more. I really feel like my level improved during the class.

  • Fun
  • Small classes
  • Central location
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Yes, I recommend this program

Changed my life !

I heard of this opportunity through the Linguistics Department at UCLA and, although it sounded too good to be true, I applied and had an interview right away. Staff was very helpful with all my questions and welcoming. I had never traveled alone so it was comforting to meet via Skype beforehand. I learned so much about TEFL and working with young students. I came out a completely different person from this experience. It cleared some post-grad doubts and helped me develop new goals. If I had the opportunity to do it again and again I’d do it in a heartbeat.

  • Kind staff and coworkers
  • Long-term stay abroad compared to a trip
  • New teaching and cultural knowledge
  • Air fare is higher during summer
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Yes, I recommend this program

Spanish Adventures Program

Angie is an amazing teacher. The classes were a mixture of grammar, vocabulary, and conversation practice using various methods such as videos, articles, stories, etc. She tailors the lesson to fit the students' levels and is receptive to any topics the student is interested in learning. In addition, the classes are quite intimate so you get more personal attention. My Spanish level improved substantially during the time I took the course. I also loved how she taught common expressions used in Spain. I used a lot of them and my Spanish friends were always very impressed!


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