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Why choose Centro MundoLengua?

Customized study abroad programs in Spain for middle and high schools, colleges and universities, adult learners, and AP® Spanish teachers.

Centro MundoLengua is a private Spanish language school and educational tour operator. We provide opportunities for middle and secondary school students to improve or perfect their proficiency in the Spanish language, while experiencing the culture of Spain firsthand.

In addition, at Centro MundoLengua we have signed agreements with major universities in Spain, helping numerous colleges and universities organize study abroad programs in Spain.

As part of its continuing education programs for teachers, we have collaborated since 2005 with the College Board, providing the only accredited AP ® summer institutes for Spanish language and literature teachers in Spain.


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Centro Mundo Lengua

¡La escuela de idiomas Centro Mundo Lengua es genial! Te colocan en clases separadas dependiendo de tu nivel de español. Por las mañanas, normalmente estás en el aula o fuera cerca de la escuela.

Por la tarde hay un programa que le acerca a Sevilla y a la cultura española.

Durante la semana vives con una familia de acogida, ellos cocinan para ti y si no puedes comer en casa, te dan un almuerzo para llevar.

gente joven. Por la tarde bulle de vida hasta la madrugada. La gente es muy habladora y amable. Tiene muchas estatuas y edificios históricos

Centro Mundo Lengua language school is great! You are placed in separate classes depending on your level of Spanish. In the mornings, you are usually in the classroom or outside near the school.

In the afternoon there is a program that brings you closer to Seville and Spanish culture.

During the week you live with a host family, they cook for you and if you can't eat at home, they give you a packed lunch.

young people. In the afternoon it bustles with life until dawn. The people are very talkative and friendly. It has many statues and historical buildings

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Mundo Lengua Review

Pienso que la experiencia has sido divertida. Me ofreció nuevas oportunidades para experimentar la cultura española como nunca antes la había tenido. También aprecié mucho los recorridos por la ciudad y otras actividades que han sido muy divertidas. También pensé que algunos de los temas que cubrimos en clase han sido muy interesantes. No tuve ningún problema con el programa durante mi estancia en Sevilla. Sentí que la experiencia fue increíble y que se la recomendaría a otros. Gracias, mundo lengua

  • The sites and experiences
  • Hands on learning
  • Honestly the food
  • Typical Spanish Schedule
  • Sleeping
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Yes, I recommend this program

Great summer in Sevilla!

This was an amazing school trip and I learned so much about Spanish language and culture! I’ll never forget the two weeks that I spent here and the amazing staff at MundoLengua who helped us learn so much. We also got to explore the city and tour many cathedrals and mosques to learn about different cultures that we would definitely have not known if it weren’t for our trip and guide, Paula. Thank you again to everybody here for a great living situation and wonderful and responsive staff to any issues that arose!

  • improving spanish skills
  • independence
  • heat
  • lots of walking
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Mi experiencia con centromundolengua

Me ha gustado mi viaje a España mucho, porque pienso que mi español mejoró mucho durante el viaje. Pude hablar en español en mi clase, en las tiendas, y con la mujer de la casa donde estuve. Pienso que lad actividades son un poco repetitivas, pero estoy feliz porque aprendí mucha información sobre la cultura y la historia de España en poco tiempo. Después del viaje, quiero regresar a sevilla en el futuro

English: I liked my trip to Spain a lot, because I think my Spanish improved a lot during the trip. I was able to speak Spanish in my class, in the stores, and with the woman in the house where I stayed. I think that the activities are a bit repetitive, but I am happy because I learned a lot of information about the culture and history of Spain in a short time. After the trip, I want to return to Seville in the future

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Yes, I recommend this program

I’m experiencia en Centro Mundo Lengua

I’m experiencia en Centro Mundo a lengua ha sido muy buena. Me encanta mi profesora y la clase con otros estudiantes de otros estados. Cuando vine a España, este programa incluyó muchas actividades que me mostraron mucho sobre la historia de Sevilla y la vida de la ciudad. Me ha gustado esta experiencia mucho y este programa.

English: I'm experience in Centro Mundo a lengua has been very good. I love my teacher and the class with other students from other states. When I came to Spain, this program included many activities that showed me a lot about the history of Seville and the life of the city. I liked this experience a lot and this program.

  • Fun!


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Staff Interviews

These are in-depth Q&A sessions with program leaders.

Sarah A. Krendl

Job Title
Intern, Marketing Department

During her semester abroad in Santiago de Chile, Sarah discovered her love for traveling and getting in touch with new cultures, people, and languages. After finishing her "Global Sales and Marketing" studies in Austria, she decided to go abroad and do a gap year.

Now, she's ended up at the language school Centro MundoLengua in the heart of Seville, enjoying eating tapas, speaking Spanish and being in touch with incredibly friendly people.

What is your favorite travel memory?

I am 22 years old and have already seen many many countries and cities in the world. One of the things I always thought is weird, but have now fallen in love with, is traveling alone. Traveling alone enables you to discover a city in a totally different way. You realize things you would not, do things you wouldn't otherwise do, and talk with people you might not have if you were traveling with somebody else.

I think one of my favorite travel memories was just two weeks ago when I went alone to Palma de Mallorca for a weekend. Since I am an outdoor sports lover, I rented a bike to just go to the coast in the south. I really missed riding a bike, I was used to it in Austria -- in Spain, I simply do not have a bike.

At the bike rental place, I got to know a super friendly man that I ended up speaking with for over an hour. In the end, he asked me if I was up for a hike the next day. You cannot imagine how happy I was! I had missed the Austrian mountains a lot, and I agreed to the hiking session.

We went on one of the most beautiful hikes ever. The weather was great, the company super friendly and the mountain and sights over the sea incredible, I will never forget that day!

Aside from that memory, I really enjoyed waking up on the Ko Phi Phi Islands in Thailand and going for a run, and going to sleep in the Atacama Desert in Chile during my semester abroad. I NEVER leave my running shoes at home when I travel.

How have you changed/grown since working for your current company?

Centro MundoLengua is a family! Even though I have always been a social and friendly person, this strength grew even more while working for this company.

All the people who are working and teaching here love their job and this is the reason why not only me, but also the students who visit our school, feel so welcomed and comfortable.

I have become even more sociable and interested in other people, and more open to cultures and languages -- I love to hear other people's stories and why they are how they are.

What is the best story you've heard from a return student?

One of my favorite stories is from a 65-year-old student who loves Centro MundoLengua. I like listening to her as she always tells us how much she loves the atmosphere at our school and our team. She feels welcomed as part of our family and she enjoys the individual treatment.

Moreover, we have coordinators who are responsible for organizing the free time outside of our Spanish courses -- she loves that she can totally immerse herself in the Spanish culture by eating tapas, visiting local markets and buying artisanal goods.

If you could go on any program that your company offers, which one would you choose and why?

I would choose the Spanish Immersion Program. As many other programs do, this program combines both a Spanish course and a variety of free time activities which can be individually designed.

Native speakers will teach you Spanish in a way that you can increase your writing, speaking, listening and comprehension skills. The afternoon activities include whatever your heart is searching for -- eating tapas, playing sports, visiting the most beautiful attractions, and more.

What makes your company unique? When were you especially proud of your team?

As I have already mentioned, this company is a family, a team! You can see this team spirit in our work every day. The programs, the courses, and the activities just work because we all work together and love our job. I am proud of my team every single day, not just on certain occasions -- everyone does a great job!

What do you believe to be the biggest factor in being a successful company?

Team spirit, honesty, and working toward the same goal. The people who work in the company should know which goals they are working toward and why. Set a goal for your company and share it with your employees -- see your company as a team and go for the goal together!