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Chantiers Sociaux Marocains works for the awareness of the importance of volunteering and the need to its recognition. We work to reinforce the values of citizenship and strengthen the capacity of the population to contribute to sustainable development.

We work to: Implement projects dealing with local population needs such as, global education, capacity building, youth activities, protection of environment, health.



Yes, I recommend this program

Joining this program to learn arabic brought into my life, not only the basic elements of a new language, but a completely new culture, together with a wonderful atmosphere, characterizing one of the most intriguing city I have ever seen, Rabat. While I was in Morocco, my days seemed to have a true and intense meaning and the challenge of arabic classes filled my spirit to know more about the country I was getting acquaintance with. My host family and the staff of CSM brought me physically and mentally in the deepest and brightest parts of the country and I will always be grateful to all of them. I strongly recommend this camp to anyone wishing to learn and practice arabic.

Yes, I recommend this program

Durante 25 días pude disfrutar de Rabat en todos los sentidos. Gente humilde, solidaria, cariñosa, entrañable. Mi opinión sólo puede ser positiva. Recomiendo a todo el mundo que viva esta experiencia. No hay día que no recuerda mi vida en Rabat, aunque sólo fuera un mes.
La gente con la que convivi en Rabat fue magnífica. Los alumnos del Colegio me Transmitieron tanta dulzura que no se puede explicar ocn palabras... Solo puede vivirse allí.

What would you improve about this program?
Organizando una conciliación con la Familia con la que compartes dicha experiencia. Hacer cosas juntos, vivir la propia cultura con ellos...
Yes, I recommend this program

For me the best part was to exchange experiences with the teenagers and kids, and to be able to teach them something important for their lives, but the most beautiful thing is to learn something new from their culture. All of them are amazing people and it's a lovely experience to be part of their education. In another hand, Morocco is a very exciting country, full of culture and traditions, with a lot friendly people everywhere.

What would you improve about this program?
More interaction from the staff with children.
Yes, I recommend this program

My volunteering experience at the Center Lalla Meryem for orphans and disabled people was truly amazing. The entire staff is very welcoming and the general atmosphere is warm and caring. I've spent almost 6 months volunteering there, I was working with the orphans from 0 to 2 years old. I took care of them, under the supervision of the nurses, who are very happy to explain you how to do everything. I had a really great time and I will remember this 6 months and all the people I met for the rest of my life.

What would you improve about this program?
Working at Lalla Meryem Center is really a great opportunity, but the Chantiers Sociaux Marocains can definitely improve their organization and you have to make sure you agree with the living accomodation they will offer you before hand. But otherwise, they do a great job by giving an opportunity to do some volunteering.


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