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We specialize in education programs since 2011. Edu Au Pair in China is our feature program. And we firstly came up the term ‘EDU Au Pair’, as the Chinese host families focus more on education instead of housework. Also, we offer Mandarin and English teacher program. Our Au Pair movie came out and it is called ‘when Beijing family meets an Au Pair’. We are very proud that the movie is based on the stories of our Au Pair and family and we got involved.


#911, Ao Jia Guo Ji, No.26 Dong Zhi Men Wai Da Jie
Chaoyang District
Chaoyang Qu
Beijing Shi, 100027



My experience in China was amazing. I am very thankful China Educators and there Edu Au Pair program for providing the opportunity to understand the Chinese culture so closely. I stayed in China for 3 months and my host family doesn’t’ let me feel that I am from some other country. Being the part of their family, I was involved in many of there works such as picking up child after school and spending time with her, sometimes helping in her homework, helping in reading English and also we had good bonding during our exercise sessions. If anyone wants to experience unforgettable moments and explore China by feeling like a family than I highly recommend China Educator.


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I personally feel that this is one of the best program and and l am completely satisfied with them.
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I enjoyed it very much. I am very thankful to God and to China Educators for giving me the opportunity to improve my working abilities with children, to improve my level of Chinese and also the opportunity to travel and real friends. I recommend to anyone who enjoys spending time with children and also like experiencing new, exited and unforgettable moments, this program is for you. During my stay at a house of a wonderful family in Beijing, I enjoyed to Great Wall, Forbiden City, 百花山 and many other picturesque landscapes.

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I really like how it gives an easy opportunity to begin proper English teaching, and that there's no worries on how to live in China and where to teach, as that's all done through the program. So basically doing it makes life easier than with a normal teaching job I suppose. Maybe the problem is that I had to change to teach at a lot of different schools when things happened, so sometimes my schedule would change a lot. And teaching 9 years old children is a lot of fun. My Chinese improved quickly here, but only because of more hours of class and more homework

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China experience is really great! I have had a few small problems, with my school and living situation, but nothing too bad! I am really liking the city and have made new friends and I learn more and more Chinese each week. Also the food is great! However, the chicken feet are not recommended. Ningbo is a great city! Nice weather and environment. All the friends I made there would leave an unforgettable memory in my life.

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I am enjoying my time in China so far. I have been given a fixed scehdule, with Mandarin and English classes through out the week with two rest days. I admit adpating to the English teaching environment was a challenge in the begining. Now I feel a lot more confident, the workplace and collegues are all great. I've jumped on every opurtunity to vist the historical and cultural sites around the area. The coordinators here are all very friendly and helpful. I study Mandarin and Chinese Characters whenever i have spare time.

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