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China Global Connections specializes in connecting China with the global community by providing jobs, internships, and language study programs. Thanks to our large network of international companies, we provide students and young professionals the opportunity to progress their personal and professional development in today’s one of the world’s largest and fastest growing economy.


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Internship in China, Chengdu (Panda city)

I am in China from August 2016, I was excited to go to my internship in China as early as possible, because who wants to stay in home country for an extra month of the summer if there is a possibility to travel through the half of the world! My first experience was pretty smooth and nice. As long as I have an experience in changing the culture, thanks to my life in the Netherlands, I did not have a "Honeymoon stage", depression or panic. To be honest, during the first-first day, at the evening I had a 5 minutes of panic and nervosity (because of the first official job), but I was so tired and sleepy that I passed out almost immediately and never had these feelings again.

I am taking my internship in Chengdu, in a company which is publishing mobile games, especially for me, entertainment industries (like movies and games) are very close and it is inspiring me. My job is Community Operation Intern, I am using my knowledge in languages to set up the community around the games, also I am here as a consultant and content provider. Experience that I am gaining, is not only about the games and work, it’s about working in a team, in a company that cares about their employees, in one word – satisfying.

From the first days I recognized that China is highly advanced in technologies. Everyone is using smartphone for everything, people does not use bank cards, actually, they have special QR-codes to pay for goods or food via universal applications like AliPay (part of the giant Alibaba) or WeChat (similar to WhatsApp). Your smartphone is a key for everything!
In overall, I would like to say that opportunity that gives China Global Connection (CGC) is enormously valuable, don’t look at this as an advertising, it’s not. You can accept it as an advice, because in the Chinese culture, everything based on your connections. That is why you need support, key figure who will present you to the country of opportunities and potential success.

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Internship in Chengdu

My name is Girts and I was born in Latvia. Later I moved to Germany and after I started my studies in the Netherlands. I had a chance to do my internship abroad, despite that I was already studying abroad, and I wanted to do it outside Europe. My goal was to get an experience outside of Europe to learn other culture and China seemed as a great choice. Through my University I received information about China Global Connections. At first internship in China seemed something very hard to achieve and without them I would definitely not be able to achieve it. But Norbert and Fiona from China Global Connections helped me a lot and made it easy.
After a few interviews I accepted an offer of Business Development Assistant in an event organizing company in Chengdu. My main responsibility was to create proposals for the upcoming events. And I also got to visit all the events that we were organizing, which I think is a huge advantage.
I am very glad that I choose China and China Global Connections for my internship, because I received an exciting lifetime experience. And Chengdu was a good choice as well, I love the food here, the infrastructure is very well organized, and there are many interesting places to visit.
Overall, I would highly recommend Chengdu and of course China Global Connections if you want to experience China and receive the best professional support before and during your stay.

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My Time In Shanghai

This blog has been the hardest to write for me by far. It is difficult, but on the other hand challenging of trying to sum up months of experience in just a few paragraphs.

During my internship in Shanghai I was positioned as a business developer. My duties were to improve the organization’s market position and achieve financial growth on a long term base. My primary role was to prospect new clients by networking and other means of generating interest from potential clients.

I just returned from my internship. I had a wonderful experience in Shanghai. I want to appreciate China Global Connections, especially Ms.Chen, who helped me a lot. I was not sure before the start of the internship, but Ms. Chen reassured me that I would not encounter any difficulties regarding my internship.

I can tell you that in the beginning I had a cultural shock, because everything was different than at home, but after a week I got used to the Chinese environment including its people, food, infrastructure (which is really good organized) and everything else.

At the internship there were many things that I liked and enjoyed. I was able to work with friendly people and learn the ways of doing business in China.

Overall I am very happy with the company where I had my internship and the city Shanghai which I really recommend, because I definitely will return one day to visit the company and my friends in Shanghai.


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Staff Interviews

These are in-depth Q&A sessions with program leaders.

Fiona Chen

Job Title
Office Manager
Fiona Chen is working at China Global Connections as an office manager who is responsible for searching and keeping in contact with cooperating companies to build long term relationships. Meanwhile she is responsible for managing the whole team.

What is your favorite travel memory?

My favorite travel memory must be in Paris. Before I went to Paris, I already heard a lot about it from people, books and movies. I was still amazed by the beautiful views and French art, culture, and atmosphere.

I went to the Eiffel Tower, the top of the landmark of France to view the whole city. It was impressive and I was touched as well by the great work from French people that built such a nice tower. I visited the Louvre, which is one of the most famous museums in the world, though am not art fan, but I did feel the European history and beauty of art and inspiration through those sculptures and paintings.

Of course, I also tried French food and breakfast. It was very delicious! I like all the things from Paris. I will definitely visit the country again!

How have you changed/grown since working for your current company?

I have gained a lot from this job. I learned how to manage a team and guide them through their work effectively and efficiently. I have done a lot of work on improving my time management. Before working here I did not use a to-do list and did not know how to prioritize tasks, but now after work in CGC, I will analyze what is the priority before I start to work.

Besides that, I have improved my communication skills and knowledge in different areas as well, because we work in all sorts of industries. I have to know the basic information about different industries, which gives me a good opportunity to have better understanding of those sectors and jobs.

What makes your company unique? When were you especially proud of your team?

Our company is not only responsible for people who want to come to China for jobs and internships, but we also provide support after arriving in China: accommodation, language courses, and help our customers to deal with the relationship between foreign employees and companies.

Our team's value is to provide our customers as much support as we can. Our goal is to make customers' life in China easier and more convenient.

What do you believe to be the biggest factor in being a successful company?

In my opinion, a successful company should have four points: the right products, good company culture and management, and work to develop and optimize products continually. At CGC, I like the service we are offering to our customers, we feel great when our customers find a suitable internship or job, and we are happy to support them to open a new page in their career in China.

We are an international team, we like to work together, and we share ideas and solve problems together. Everyone is important at CGC because they all contribute a to the company. We are improving together as CGC develops. We hope our service can make everyone closer with China.