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CW Latin America is Connecting World’s sister company that focuses entirely on Latin America as its programs destination. Connecting Worlds is an Argentinean cultural exchange organization founded in 2011 by passionate people who believe that truly cultural immersion programs do change not only the participant’s but also the receptors’ lives.

At Connecting Worlds, as our name suggests, we CONNECT the right people to the right places. Either as a volunteer, English language teacher, intern, holiday worker, Spanish student or simply as an avid traveler, who prefers a more in-depth experience, we make sure we have the perfect match. We provides, fun, safe, enriching and affordable programs in Argentina starting at USD 250!



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Yes, I recommend this program

Adventuring in Argentina

My first week in Buenos Aires was one of a kind. We would spend the mornings taking Spanish Language classes at a local school about a block from the hostel. The classes were intensive, but were coupled with such a laid-back atmosphere that it was impossible to not enjoy yourself and have fun. After this we were free to explore the city with our fellow teachers. In the evenings our Connecting Worlds coordinator would arrange for dinner and a cultural immersion activity. One night it was Tango lessons at a Milonga, another it was dancing to an impromptu drum line. No matter what was on the agenda, it was a guaranteed good time. I didn’t want orientation week to end, but with the confidence it gave me (both in Language skills and cultural awareness) I knew I was ready to meet my host family and take on my teaching position.
My host family that Connecting Worlds paired me with was absolutely wonderful. They welcomed me as one of their own into their family. My first night there they invited the entire family over for a typical Asado dinner. We drank red wine and they fed me so much delicious typical Argentinean food I could hardly walk up the stairs to my room. One of my favorite things about Argentina was how down to earth my host family was (and most Argentinians in general).
After spending a few days getting to know my host family I started my first day teaching at a local private school. Both teachers and students alike were so welcoming. It blew me away at how helpful and kind everyone was.
Overall, my time in Argentina was amazing. If I could do it all over again, I would. I made so many lifelong friends, both Argentinians and my fellow teachers. I would recommend this program to anyone who is driven, open-minded, and looking for an unforgettable adventure.

What would you improve about this program?
One improvement for this program would be to have better communication between the teachers, Connecting Worlds and the school in regards to what is expected from the teacher (hours, pay, days off, Spanish language lessons, etc.) Just to verify that everyone is on the same page and is expecting the same things.
Ben Tollington
Yes, I recommend this program

A Passionate country

I still reflect very happily on my time in Argentina and I am so glad I decided to do it, and I am especially thankful to Connecting Worlds for making me feel comfortable throughout my program. After an amazing induction week in Buenos Aires learning Spanish, eating other-worldly steak, and exploring the sights and bars of the city, I travelled to a seaside city called Mar del Plata and taught English for 4 months in a private school. As it was my first time teaching I prepared a presentation which I gave to all the classes of a variety of ages and skill, which made for a challenging but exciting experience. I then gave a range of general and specific classes as I gained confidence. Everyone was fascinated to listen to my accent and hear about my life in England. I was given all the support and encouragement I needed by the teaching coordinators, and everyone was so friendly and energetic that I enjoyed every minute.

I was lucky to live with a very kind family throughout my stay who showed me the typical Argentinian hospitality, I will never forget the countless lively dinner conversations we had which I just about managed to keep up with after 4 months, and to intimately experience and learn from such a passionate culture was one of the highlights of the program. I was also really impressed with the social events that our co-ordinator in Mar del Plata organised which enabled me to meet lots of amazing people who made me feel welcome in the city, helped me learn the language and the culture, and made it such an enjoyable experience.

My advice to someone thinking of joining a Teaching English Abroad Program is if you have an open mind and the time and money necessary, then do it. Any worries or nerves you have about taking on such a daunting experience are nothing compared to the new rewarding perspectives and values you will take away from it. Regarding the Argentina program I can highly recommend Connecting Worlds who looked after me personally and offered a fair and fulfilling program. I should add that as the program was quite new when I signed up, the level of teaching I would be giving and the host family I would be staying with was subject to change, so I would advise asking lots of questions to make sure you understand what to expect, but as long as you are driven to get the most out of the experience as you can and keep an open mind I can recommend choosing this program.

What would you improve about this program?
If I could change one thing about the program I would help the interns get more integrated in the school through allowing more teaching and assisting opportunities.


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