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How we began: EF English First was founded in 1965 by a young Swedish entrepreneur named Bertil Hult. Our first office was modest and our concept was straightforward: take Swedish students to England to learn English.

Who we are: Almost 5 decades later, EF Education First is now the world's largest private education company, comprised of over 15 subsidiaries and non-profit organizations centered around language learning, educational travel and degree programs. Today, EF has over 26,000 employees, teachers and volunteers; with offices and schools in 54 countries, EF has turned the world into a global classroom.

Where we are going: EF's mission is more timely than ever. EF remains committed to breaking down barriers of language, culture and geography by providing the highest quality educational experiences-whether that's in another country, around the corner, on or the internet

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32 years old
Shanghai, China
Alvernia University

Honest company, Great experience


I have worked predominately in EF's adult schools, and over the past two years I have met some of the best people in my life. From the students to my colleagues I have been beyond lucky with the people I have encountered.

When I first came to China, I only expected to be here for 1 or 2 years, but after I saw unlimited opportunities both inside and outside the company I decided to stay longer to develop myself professionally. At the end of 2 years of teaching I decided that maybe it was time to utilize my MBA. There were many opportunities across China, but I chose to stay with EF because this company has always been upfront and honest with me; I value that. This is a very large company (200+ schools in 50+ cities), but it still operates under a "small business" mentality. There are some aspects that make you know you are working for a large company (unavoidable), but the people you work with/report to give a very "small business" feeling.

Also, at EF, they are willing to take new and experienced people and give them opportunities to achieve what they desire. If you want to move up in the company, those opportunities are available. If you want to change cities for a new experience, please do! If you want to stay where you are and just enjoy life, you are welcome to. As long as you give EF your best, EF will return the favor.

I hope this helps. In full disclosure, I still work for the company, but the same review would be written if I didn't.

How can this program be improved?

The implementation of programs and communication of expectations from the external sites (outside the initial school) could be developed a little better. At the schools, sometimes there is very little time to adapt to new initiatives from the head office before the next one is rolled out.

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25 years old
Northumbria University

Great opportunity for new Teachers!


My time as an EF Kids and Teens Teacher was mostly good. My co-workers and students were great, which made the work day go very quickly. I had Thursdays and Saturdays off, which I preferred, as I had time during the weekend to be with friends outside of EF. However, this did mean I would miss out on some social events on Tuesdays (as this is the day most teachers have off in most ESL schools). My work load was reasonable and the pay is pretty good (more than enough to live off of in China).

The biggest positive to EF is the size of the company. As it's so large and has been in China for years, you have the security and the help when you first move e.g. Visas, apartment hunting and training. Without this support it can be very stressful and overwhelming if you have to do it yourself. It also means there's a lot of other career opportunities in and outside of teaching.

How can this program be improved?

More paid Holiday

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26 years old
Shanghai, China
University of Tampa

Reputable Company with Great Opportunities


My time with EF English First has been a positive two years. From the beginning, I was at ease with the communication with my recruiter and the application process. Once I arrived in Shanghai, I was given many resources and training sessions to help make me a confident teacher.

My first year was focused on learning the job and learning about my new home-away-from-home. In my second year, I focused on involving myself more with the company and was given opportunities to not be "just a teacher".

From experiences in the classroom and travel experiences out of the classroom...to the new friends I've made, I've enjoyed my time with EF.

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