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We help you Find Your Hustle. You learn to lead, to understand culture, and to make an impact in your world.

Our programs draw students from all over the world (80+ Countries), which enrich our discussions, expand our minds and make dinners and experiences that much more fun.

Imagine learning about human rights issues surrounded by people from the Netherlands, Chile, Australia, Prague, Egypt, etc. Now imagine laughing with them as you go through our leadership retreats and free time activities. You're expanding your mind 24/7.

You graduate our program a Change Agent with friends from all over the world.


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In July 2015 I took a great challenge and moved in Raleigh for one month. I became one of ten students of this program, the only one from Europe that time. And it was a game changer.
Ten strangers turned quickly into friends who worked and studied together. We explored, created or helped someone every day. Along our journey it was amazing to follow our ideas which started to shift into real business plans and socially responsible ventures. And that happened thanks to help and support from start-ups leaders, CEOs, professional coaches and other people. We developed every day, our visions got thicker, more consistent and vivid with every lesson we had.
At the end, 10 people full of passion introduced their ideas to broad audience during final pitch presentation. 10 great ideas which our about to change our societies and communities.

How can this program be improved?
I can hardly find a thing that could be improved. From the education, organization, safety to housing and overall effect on my life – this program was incredible, extraordinary experience.
Yes, I recommend this program
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I had a life changing experience on the Global Leadership Summer Study Abroad Program in Prague. Through the classes and leadership of the instructors, and the powerful and inspiring stories of the delegates (from all over the world), I was challenged in how I thought about the world, leadership and even myself.

When I returned I had developed a clear idea about what I wanted to do and felt I had the tools to achieve it. The program inspired my postgraduate level studies, career choices since and even travel destinations (to go and see my friends!).

Not to mention, the Czech Republic is a stunning country! From paddle boating on the river, visiting the castle, weekends away in Berlin and Vienna, and catching up with friends over 20cz beers after class- there is no better place to spend your summer!

You will not regret signing up for this program. It has inspired the development of NGO's, social enterprises, and helped to develop changemakers across the world. What happens in Prague can't stay in Prague- when you come back you will never be the same!

How can this program be improved?
Take me back!
Yes, I recommend this program
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I was student during the summer of 2012 and it was one of best experiences in my life. The city of Prague is such a magical and wonderful place full of secrets and history, and it's the perfect place to study about philosophy and leadership.

During this program I had the opportunity to meet a great group of people from around the world. I was so inspired about their knowledge and their cultures, and I'm glad to call them friends.

The 'Philosophies of Leadership' class was amazing. I had the chance to understand others as leaders, research about great leaders from around the world, from Plato and 'The Allegory of the cave' to Havel and 'The Power of the Powerless', and in that way to understand what was my purpose as a global citizen.

Taking the Social entrepreneurship class and being able to look at the window and see the Charles Bridge, just a few steps from you, is an experience that you don't want to lose. You get so inspired by all these people and places that you won't regret it.

Don't lose the opportunity to spend an incredible summer with the Global Leadership Program at Prague.

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