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Globalteer is a registered UK charity operating overseas to provide support to ethical and sustainable projects working in community development, animal care, wildlife rescue, and environmental conservation.

Globalteer provides volunteering opportunities at affordable rates and free volunteer internships, while maintaining high standards of responsible volunteering.

We are a 100% not-for-profit, registered charity, operating in several locations within South East Asia and Latin America.


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I volunteered with Picaflor House in November 2018 for couple of weeks
Globalteer team put children into their heart and they direct you accordingly during your volunteer program. The kids are amazing, teachers are so helpful and everything is so well organized that you don’t have anything to worry about.
I can’t stop talking & thinking about this amazing experience I had!
Wish others would also find the opportunity and be as lucky as I am to have such an amazing experience!
Thanks much for this great experience
I spent time with helping the little ones at kinder garden, playing sport, teaching English, joining art class ,helping the coordinators...
Each and every task was fun, well organized and was a pleasure with kids,
I really hope I can repeat this experience in Cusco or somewhere else.

How can this program be improved?
With more volunteers!Everything is well organized nut of course would be much better with more volunteers. We can provide much more to those kids both financially and giving our time
Yes, I recommend this program
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I spent the most amazing few weeks in Cambodia volunteering at Helping Hands. I decided to volunteer while travelling so I could give back and experience the culture from a different perspective than just a tourist.

I have never worked with kids before, so I was a little nervous. The project is so well organised though, they are able to use all the volunteers taking into consideration their skills and abilities. I was quite happy being a teacher assistant, working in the classroom with the kids.

The kids were inspirational, always eager to learn. They have a good understanding of the importance of their education to help them in the future.

Everyone was wonderful at Helping Hands and Globalteer, I felt part of this amazing team in Cambodia!

Yes, I recommend this program
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I will always cherish the experience in Peru

I grew up on a farm and have been passionate about helping animals all my life. I particularly connect with dogs so wanted to volunteer to help dogs in need. I already have experience volunteering with dogs at home but wanted to take on the challenge of helping at a shelter overseas.

The project did not disappoint, I was able to get stuck in straight away and the dogs were amazing, really friendly and loving despite their horrific backgrounds. The work was as expected but probably more rewarding than back home knowing these dog’s stories.

Cusco is a wonderful place to volunteer, beautiful city and friendly people. The staff and other volunteers were great. I never felt alone in the hostel, great place to socialise.

I would highly recommend!

Yes, I recommend this program
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I absolutely love all dogs so decided to combine my holiday with helping dogs in another country again. This project was amazing, the shelter owners were so passonate and there love for dogs was obvious. They worked so hard for many years to care for dogs in Cusco, I was inspired by their dedication!

The problem for dogs in Peru is huge, attitudes are different and there are so many dogs on the streets.

The support at this project was wonderful, Globalteer has an office in Cusco, so the staff were always there and available when I needed help. When I volunteered overseas before though a different organisation, their office was back home and support was via email so not so good as this project, especially as I have not really travelled independantly.

Yes, I recommend this program
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This was a great experience for me in Cambodia. It was my first time in Asia, so I was a little nervous. The project was really cool, it exceeded my expectations. It was really rewarding work and I hope I made a difference to the wonderful animals. Cambodia was a truly fantastic experience for me, I definitely want to travel more having experienced such a wonderful country. I would highly recommend this project.

Yes, I recommend this program