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Why choose Go Abroad Chile?

GoAbroad-CHILE forms part of the MARGA MARGA UNDERTAKES PROJECT. The aim of the MARGA MARGA UNDERTAKES Project is to increase international visibility to Marga Marga County, Valparaiso region, by promoting the following Academic and Experiential Learning opportunities intended for international and Chilean participants:

International Participants:
•International Academic Visits
•Faculty-Led Trip Programs
•Study Abroad Programs at the University of Aconcagua
•High School Programs at GoAbroad CHILE High Schools: Short Term, Semester and Year Programs
•Experiential Learning Programs (Volunteerism, Internships, Community Service, Field Education, Service Learning). As members of the MARGA MARGA UNDERTAKES project we are able to offer Experiential Learning Opportunities to international participants in different fields since Marga Marga County is a new County created 6 years ago within the Valparaiso Region.
•Intensive Spanish Programs
•Homestay Abroad Chile Program



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