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Gone2Korea Recruiting was created in 2002 between a small group of friends who were teaching English in the city of Gumi. We’ve grown a lot since then! Today Gone2Korea is one of the leading agencies for adventurous grads who are interested in teaching English in South Korea. American & Canadian grads constitute the majority of our candidates but we also assist Brits, Irish, Aussies and South Africans.

As your recruiter, our top priorities include:

a) Flooding you with an abundance of information & resources
b) Listening to your preferences & offering realistic advice
c) Matching you with a Korean employer
d) Getting you prepared

Oh ya, we’ll be answering all your questions along the way…we know you’ll have a lot of them

Ultimately, we’re with you through each step of the process. Job details, visa numbers, consulate forms, airfare details & everything in-between comes directly from us. We try to make things as seamless & stress free as possible for all our teachers.

Teaching during the covid19 pandemic

There are still lots of great teaching opportunities available in Korea - for first-time and experienced teachers - during the pandemic.


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Yes, I recommend this program

Totally satisfied with my decision to use Gone2Korea. I arrived in Korea last week and my school, apartment and location are spot on. When I started applying with recruiters way back in November I wasn't sure which one I was going to use but Gone2Korea quickly came out as the front runner. My coordinator always got back to me within a few hours and was candid, even blunt at times, about the realities of working in Korea. Everything went smoothly from start to finish. Great company, awesome service, nuff said!

Me and my students
Yes, I recommend this program

Gone2Korea was indispensable in my quest to find a job and move to South Korea. As someone who knew next to nothing about the process of teaching English overseas, my Gone2Korea agent helped me with every task throughout the journey. It's difficult to express how appreciative I am of Gone2Korea’s efforts in helping me navigate the obstacles that arose in the complicated process of obtaining a work visa. My stay in South Korea turned out to be even better than I initially expected. You'll likely find many stories on reddit of contracts being broken or not fulfilled by the Korean employer. I've had none of these issues with my placement at a private school in Seoul, and I think I owe that to Gone2Korea. All of my questions I had about the job contract, visa, the move abroad and living in Korea as a foreigner were thoroughly answered by my contact. I strongly encourage anyone who's interested in teaching English in Korea to work with the Gone2Korea site, as I've had an unforgettable experience with them from start to finish.

Yes, I recommend this program

I've never used a recruiting service before so I was somewhat skeptical at first, partly because I had no idea what to expect but mostly because I read a number of distressing stories about recruiters on reddit. That being said, my experience with Gone2Korea was nothing short of excellent. They placed me at a fantastic school and made the visa application process really easy, something I was initially worried about.

My point of contact at Gone2Korea was Hosoon, she was totally amazing and I can't recommend her enough. She always responded to my messages within a few hours and called regularly to check-in. Looking back, she really did it all! She presented me with different job offers, prepped me for the interviews, guided me through the visa steps, arranged my airfare and lots more. I was impressed!

The school I'm working at is called SLP and it's located in the Mapo district. It's exactly what I wanted, a job in central Seoul! The school is quite modern and I work with a bunch of other foreign teachers who are all amazing. We also live in the same apartment building which is super fun.

If you're thinking about coming to Korea then I recommend going through Gone2Korea. I'll definitely be referring my friends to them in the future. Thanx!

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Yes, I recommend this program

The Gone2Korea coordinator that helped me out asked me to write a review and I'm happy to oblige! Gone2Korea helped me land a great job in Suwon, which is a big city on the outskirts of Seoul, and things are going incredibly well. I've only been teaching here for a short period, since September, but I'm already thinking about staying for a few years. My schools pretty big, so I hear, with 11 westerners and over 20 Korean teachers, and everyone is super nice. Our director is pretty cool as well, he takes us out for dinner and drinks at least once a month. We basically take over an entire restaurant when we go, it's hilarious! I can't say enough about the kids, they're so eager to speak in English and I have a blast teaching them. I teach kindergarten kids in the morning and elementary kids in the afternoons. The kindergartner's are fun to work with but I prefer my afternoon classes with the older students a little more because it's easier to communicate with them. My apartment seems pretty standard from what I've been told by other teachers, it's tiny but comfortable. Anyways, Gone2Korea definitely hooked me up with a great job, at a great school, in a great location. I highly recommend giving them a shot, you won't be disappointed.

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Yes, I recommend this program

I used Gone2Korea to find a my second teaching job in Korea. I used a recruiter for my previous job as well but I wasn't impressed with their service so I decided to give some other agencies a try this time. After getting in touch with a few recruiters I decided to stick with Gone2Korea because they seemed more professional and went out of their way to help me.

To offer some context, my situation was complicated. I was still under contract with my previous school in Incheon when I started looking for new positions in Seoul. I was planning on going home for a month to visit my family, before returning to Korea, and I wanted to avoid having to resubmit new documents to Korean Immigration. I knew it was possible (as long as I was doing it from within Korea) but I had no idea how to do it or what was involved. The first agency I contacted told me that my situation was 'tricky' and advised me to visit the Korean Immigration Office for proper instructions. Really? Isn't that the point of using a recruiter? Shortly after I spoke with someone at Gone2Korea who actually took the time to explain things, they even got in touch with Immigration on my behalf!

Gone2Korea absolutely made things easier for me and I'm glad I found them. They presented me with multiple jobs to consider and they made everything really clear along the way. I'm very happy at my new school in Gwanak-gu, the children are adorable!


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