Gotoco FUNDED TEFL Adventures (Bali, Thailand, Colombia, Europe, SE Asia!)


Interested in FUNDED/FREE and short-term TEFL adventures abroad? We provide a global immersive experience to give you TEFL,teaching experience, cultural exchange and travel opportunities that cannot be rivalled. Our projects allow you to flourish and explore, while contributing to our mission to make a positive social impact.

What you get:
- Free/funded placement service and access to support network
- Funded/funded TEFL training and certification
- Free/funded accommodation and meals during your project
- Free/funded visa and flight assistance

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Our prize-winning work has been recognised by various awards, including the prestigious China Social Impact Awards 2019, an award granted through the United Nations and British Chamber of Commerce in China.

Gotoco is a social enterprise focused on boosting cultural exchange and international adventure. Gotoco works with over 40 programmes in 10 countries. Join us!



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Yes, I recommend this program

Thailand 6 weeks

I loved how involved our school was with how we are doing and progressed through the placement. On weekends, our school director took us to different nearby provinces that were hard to reach and not touristy. Without this, I would have never seen and experienced these places.

GOTOCO is a good experience to gain after university for life and professional skills. I would recommend it to anyone looking at teaching aboard, global travel or a career break. It gives you a new career gateway of teaching English as a foreign language and the option to have a career abroad.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Incredible 2 months in Bali

Very grateful to GoToCo for this opportunity and for incredible 2 months in Bali!

Easy application process and support throughout the program.

Life in an incredible villa surrounded by like-minded peers.

A lot of free time to explore the island and get immersed in local culture.

Great teaching experience with no prior experience necessary.

Memorable weekend trips and parties.

  • Outstanding accommodation - living in a villa with a pool
  • Great weekend activities, trips and parties
  • Staying with like-minded young people who share your goals
  • Severe food hygiene issues. No hot water in accommodation.
  • Management not transparent enough, communication could be improved
  • Could not complete all TESOL observations, had to arrange tutoring lessons at home.
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Yes, I recommend this program

Year in Thailand

My experience with the programme was so good! It’s let me form friendships with people from around the world, sharing culture, interests and creating new memories that I will always be grateful for. I also gained new skills and it has let me process in a field of teaching. I was placed in Bangkok and taught science and maths to kindergarten. It is a one of a kind experiences that I wouldn't have ever done had it not been for this programme. not only has it given me confidence in a career role but also I feel confident to travel on my own, and I feel like I have the ability to work with anyone.

  • Meet new people
  • culture
  • exploring Asia
  • lack of support and understanding from Tefl course
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Yes, I recommend this program

Amazing cultural experience

My experience with Gotoco involved teaching Biology in an international school in Bangkok and then teaching English in a remote NGO school in Cambodia - one of a kind experiences that I wouldn't have ever done had it not been for this programme. Being culturally immersed into a culture completely different to your own is not only great for your personal development but also an exciting adventure. Having a TESOL course funded alongside is a hugely valuable bonus that required hard work but was worth it.

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Yes, I recommend this program


Gotoco was a great experience! I met lots of new people from the host country and from my country. I was hesitant to go at first as I didn't know anyone, however everyone that I met on the program was in the same position as me and made each others experience great. From learning about different cultures to trying different foods, this was a completely new experience for me.

Not only do I feel a lot more confident now, I feel confident to travel on my own, and feel like I have the ability to work with anyone as the program gave me the ability to adapt myself to where I'm working.

Great experience

  • Culture
  • Meet new people
  • Food


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