• Thailand
    • Phuket
26 - 52 weeks
Classroom Audience
Pre-School Elementary Middle School

Program Details

  • Bachelor's Degree (minimum)
Classroom Audience
Pre-School Elementary Middle School
Apartment Hotel
Weekly Classroom Hours
Age Min.
Age Max


What's Included
Some Accommodation Some Activities Airfare Airport Transfers Some Meals Travel Insurance Visa Wifi
May 25, 2023
Jun 01, 2024
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About Program

The Year in Thailand teaching fellowship is your gateway to a global and impactful career. On the programme, you will receive fully funded Trinity TESOL training in Phuket, funded pre-programme tourism around Thailand, funded flights, and a great salary working in a supportive school in Thailand. We will be with you every step of the way to help you make the most of your move abroad, and you will receive continuous professional development support.

Whether you’re looking for a graduate role, yearning for a career change, or want a gap year-style adventure, this is the programme for you!

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Program Highlights

  • Funded flights
  • Funded Trinity TESOL training at a beach resort in Thailand
  • Great salary in a supportive school
  • Dedicated professional development programme
  • Exciting teaching locations in South Thailand

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Program Reviews

4.85 Rating
based on 40 reviews
  • 5 rating 85%
  • 4 rating 15%
  • 3 rating 0%
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  • 1 rating 0%
  • Benefits 4.65
  • Support 4.8
  • Fun 4.9
  • Facilities 4.75
  • Safety 4.95
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Yes, I recommend this program

Best experience ever

Such a rewarding experience working with gotoco in Vietnam. I made loads of friends and learned so much about Vietnamese culture and their way of life. I got to learn some Vietnamese and gain valuable experience in teaching. One of my favourite things to was trying all of the new cuisine Vietnam had to offer, such as pho and ban mi, and we learnt how to order in Vietnamese which was useful. But the best thing by far was the children, it was so rewarding seeing them learn English and being able to help in their educational journeys.

If you did this all over again, what's one thing you would change?
I would go for longer
  • Friends
  • Cool area
  • Food
  • Activities
  • Language barrier
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Yes, I recommend this program

thailand 6 month fellowship

Good program, i like that its funded and all the support from gotoco. Only issues that came up were caused by their sub-contracted teaching agency. I am grateful for my opportunity but I also don't like that I felt pressured to write a review in order to receive my deposit back (but undoubtedly I still recommend this as I had a life changing time!). I got placed in a rural area and I am from a big UK city so wouldn't recommend if you are not used to rural life as it is way more difficult to adjust to in Thailand. I wish this was taken into consideration when I applied as I mentioned in my interview that I would prefer a city and got given the MOST rural placement they offered!

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Yes, I recommend this program

You have to do this program!

After graduating uni, I had never left Europe and wasn’t sure what I wanted to do. I decided to apply for Gotoco on a whim and it is the best thing I have ever done! You get to travel and enjoy new countries and cultures all for free! You have to pay a £200 deposit but get it back when you finish the program and other than that everything is paid for for you, flights, accommodations, meals etc! You also get a Trinity TESOL qualification for free too! You will not regret doing this and I cannot recommend enough!

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Yes, I recommend this program

Highly recommend

I was skeptical with how my experience would play out at first with Gotoco, but my whole experience with Gotoco has been better than I could ever have thought. Not only have I now got a teaching qualification out of this experience but I have made lifelong friends and broadened my cultural awareness further through traveling in a new country and learning new cultures.
I feel like some friends are still stuck on what to do and I always recommend travel and gaining some experience to broaden your mind.
The experience I gained from this all has been invaluable to me and something I will never forget. I only have positive things to say about Gotoco.

What was the most nerve-racking moment and how did you overcome it?
It was my first time going to Thailand and I was unsure about how the programme would work, as I accepted the offer very last minute - the week of flying.

However, the organisers handled it very efficiently and managed it so well throughout considering it was done very last minute for me.
  • Teaching qualifications
  • Exposure to new food and culture
  • Lifelong friends
  • Away from family
  • Qualification can be hard work
  • Home-sickness
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Yes, I recommend this program

Recommended for young people open to new experiences

Overall, I had a great time. The team was supportive, I made friends, I got to travel, I learned a bit of Thai, I got back into teaching, I loved my students and my school, and once the program was over I got to move to Vietnam and start a new chapter there, which I would have found much harder to do had I not already been here.

And the whole thing was fully funded too, giving an amazing opportunity to those of us who could have never afforded this otherwise.

I think it's a great opportunity for someone trying to get out of their comfort zone, travel, gain new skills, learn about a different culture, maybe change their career path.

That said, it's not for everyone and there are probably some people better suited for it than others. If you'd like to have the same life you had at home somewhere else, then it's probably not for you.

I will also add that it is an intense program. There is a lot happening and you do have to work. It's not all fun and games. You are there to teach and learn to be a teacher and you should take that responsibility seriously.

What is your advice to future travelers on this program?
There's always someone in the group carrying way too much luggage. That someone was me. Don't be like me.

Unless you have some medicine that you can't get abroad or some super essential things you absolutely must have with you at all times, everything you need can be bought in Thailand.

THAT SAID, if you are on the heavier or larger side, you might struggle to find clothes and SHOES your size, especially formal wear, and even more so outside of Bangkok.

While not all schools will require this, some will and you won't know which school you'll be based at until later on so my advice would be to bring, at the very least:
1. One pair of formal-ish black shoes. They don't need to have high heels or be super formal but just think of office wear.
2. One or two formal white shirts, the kind you might wear to an interview or an office.
3. One or two black formal trousers/slacks. If you're a woman, I'd take one pair of trousers and one long black skirt too, ideally below the knee.

Remember you're there to teach. Again, this might not be necessary, but it's better to have it and not need it.
  • Fully funded
  • Lovely team
  • Amazing experiences
  • Can be a lot happening very quickly
  • You will have to spend a lot of time in close proximity with a lot of new people and share a room for a while
  • You don't get to choose your school or location
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Yes, I recommend this program

the BEST 6 months in Thailand

I had the best 6 months teaching in Thailand. My experience was fully funded by Gotoco and included about a month of travel and cultural experiences and activities that really immersed me into Thai culture. I have received a Level 5 TESOL qualification and have valuable teaching experience. There was so much opportunity to travel and meet so many new people, and was just overall the most incredible experience, which I cannot thank Gotoco enough for. For anyone wanting to travel or just experience a different way of life, then I couldn't recommend Gotoco more !

What was the most unfamiliar thing you ate?
  • fully funded
  • Level 5 TESOL qualification
  • meet friends for life
  • Sometimes staff are a bit unorganised and lack effective communication
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Yes, I recommend this program

Gotoco 6 month teaching placement - Thailand

This was an incredible experience that I am grateful to of had.

The program was fully funded which means that it is accessible to many people. The team offer support throughout the program. Before departure they books your flights and insurance, host webinars for you to meet other participants, learn what to expect, and offer support and advice. Your accommodation, transport, activities, and food costs are all covered until you start to earn a wage at your placement. You could definitely get by without savings, however, I would advise to bring some of your own money if you would like to do added activities, drink alcohol or incase of something unforeseeable like breaking a laptop ect.

Upon arrival they offer a wide range of cultural activities which are both fun and educational. You get to travel to different locations, stay in some lovely accommodation, and eat some amazing food. You train to become a teacher and get to practice those new schools in summer camps. You also meet lots of new people and have fun! The staff we lovely and supportive throughout the experience. Once you are at your placement gotoco still offer support, meet ups, and educational talks. When you finish the program you are offered advice on the next steps such as purchasing insurance and still have the support of your teaching agency,

The program is a great way to move to a new country, meet new people, and gain transferable skills. All with support and minimal costs. It also gives you a great foundation for changing career and becoming a teacher by attaining a TESOL qualification for free.

I thoroughly enjoyed the program, made life long friend's, and chose to spend another 6 months in my placement school. This isn't to say I didn't naturally have challenging moments throughout the program which come from moving to a new country and starting a completely new career. However, I felt that if I needed support then it was available.

What was your funniest moment?
Definitely hard to choose to one but some honorable mentions would be;

Visiting the Sukhothai historical park and riding bikes around ancient temples.
Visiting Wat Phra That Pha Sorn Kaew temple in an amazing thunderstorm.
Having lots of fun teaching in summer camps.
Learning about history in Kanchanaburi.
A bike ride and visit to a sustainable and organic farm in Bangkok.

  • Fully funded
  • Become Tesol qualified
  • Organised for you
  • Sometimes response times to emails can be slow
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Yes, I recommend this program

Great experience and opportunity!!

Some comments from my Thailand TESOL programme experience.

6 weeks travelling with Gotoco was a great experience, meeting so many new friends and travelling together.

Developing new skills as a teacher from no previous experience - phichit summer teaching camp to a confident and full time teacher ( I've almost been teaching for a year in Thailand now) .

My experience has been full of new culture, people and professional skills.

It has made me stronger and a more rounded person to have taken part & integrated into a foreign country for the first time.

Some personal highlights from my 6 weeks travelling with the gotoco team were -

Kanchanaburi - historical war museum and hellfire pass.

Bangkok - nightlife / eating out and river cruise.

Hua hin - sunrise on the beach with the monkeys & the nightlife.

Meals and drinks out with gotoco team and participants.

Date of experience: April 01, 2023

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