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PolyU Design has been an important hub of design education and research for Hong Kong since 1964. The School thrives on its geographical position in bridging the East and the West, allowing its students to develop their design strengths with a uniquely international cultural awareness at both professional and social levels.

The School is ranked as one of the Top Design Schools in the World by BusinessWeek, Top in Asia among the Top 25 in the World by Business Insider and by Quacquarelli Symonds (QS) World University Rankings® by Subject - Art and Design.

The University is ranked 29th in QS Asian University Rankings and 6th QS Top 50 Under 50 Rankings.


V810, 8/F, Jockey Club Innovation Tower,
Hung Hom
Hong Kong SAR China


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This course provides a framework for coping with the dynamic and complex business task entailed by deeper study, and motivation to brush up on the related design thinking tools. Really interesting course and a perfect starting point for someone who wants to step into the business world with designer backgrounds. The interdisciplinary backgrounds of tutors and students also can inspire each other for an open-minded view.

How can this program be improved?
The program focuses on the practical applications of design thinking in business rather than the methodology and theory behind it, which should be more strengthened. It was conducted by teamwork. Due to the students from different backgrounds, it is a challenge to cooperate in a fast and effective way, which need more supervision and guide during the programs.
Yes, I recommend
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With its geographical position in bridging the East and the West, the Program of Urban Environments Design allows its students to develop their design strengths with a uniquely international cultural awareness at both professional and social levels and encourages me to enhance my urban strategy knowledge and identity system thinking, which focuses on strategic breakthroughs and practical design with a wide range of objects. The ellectives from other programs has also created many successful cases in the fields of publishing, design, space and exhibition. Its efforts in promoting different culture exchange and it’s wide range of impressive projects and research from graphic to space design gives me a lot innovative ideas and concepts to understand the relationship between culture, design and business.

Yes, I recommend
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The course title says it all, Design Strategies. The core subjects were pretty good and allowed us to see value in design more than ever. The different design tools have also allowed me to create more design explorations more than ever in my practice.

What makes this whole experience unique and one-of-a-kind is that I am a practicing architect and have two offices in the Philippines of which I fly in between to manage both and at the same time flying back and forth Hong Kong. Imagine flying four times in a week in three different cities. And cap it with the projects we work on at school! This wasn't easy but it was very challenging and the fact that it was made me even want to push it.

Some subjects do not demand so much, others did, so it is good to ask from previous years' classmates their thoughts about the electives you wish to take so you can gauge the work load you will be expecting from work too. One should be able to balance both work and school well and not have both work and school have the same amount of work to do. Check your onward schedules and expected work load prior to deciding which subjects to take in a particular semester.

This has definitely given me a new direction in my practice and together with a new train of thought even while I was in school mid-way through. Definitely, I am expecting a good change and improvement on my practice from what I have learned from school and can definitely see a lot of applications at this point and most probably in the future.

A space I will definitely miss most is the studio provided. It has the perfect spot for you to either work on office-related stuff or down to your school work. Very conducive to such work and socialise with the rest of the classmates and student from the program in different year levels.

How can this program be improved?
To see the long list of electives become available for us to consider. There are a lot of interesting electives and subjects that did not come out during my two school years of stay. The choices were limited and forced us to take whatever subjects are available to fulfil our needs to complete the required number of units to graduate. More selections would have allowed us to focus on which aspects of design we would want to explore.
Yes, I recommend
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Taking a master's degree in Hong Kong is one of the greatest learning experience in my life. The classes was mostly held on weekends. It was perfect for me since I can still run my business in Manila on weekdays and fly to Hong Kong on weekends for my classes. Most of the subjects were intense, but it was what I was expecting since the class is a 7-hour lecture, presentation and discussion. Professors are very approachable and accommodating. In Hong Kong, local people are very hardworking. They seem to move very fast so sometimes I tell my classmates to relax a bit. Food is really great and the place is very safe. Planning to study in Hong Kong? Be ready for an adventure of food, good friends and some home works in between.

How can this program be improved?
Program can be improved by creating more time for students to be together to develop bonding and relationships. I suggest to have all students in one class on all core subjects to open up opportunity for students to develop relationships especially for overseas students who are just present during classes.
Yes, I recommend
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Student-centered, quality teaching, high reputation and award-winning university. The Jockey Club Innovation Tower, the architectural awards landmark inspired many design students. It always a joy and pleasure to attend our lectures in the building.

Excellent academic support services and advisors.
Extensive library and computing facilities.

Hong Kong a city of unexpected and cross-culture with living and learning experience.

You may need to watch your happy belly, Hong Kong is famous for food-obsessed culture and savor its best-loved dishes.

How can this program be improved?
Hoping the program could include internship and more industry visit to the related company.
Maybe 1.5 years for the programme?
Yes, I recommend


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