In2Spanish Language School Madrid

In2spanish Language School Madrid


In2Spanish is a premium, boutique-style language school in Madrid with a unique perspective on personal service with quality education under an extraordinary environment.

Learning Spanish at In2Spanish Language School isn’t all about improving academic reading and writing. It’s also about making friends and having fun. We do believe in Spanish Language Learning beyond the classroom walls! At In2Spanish, we ensure that both inside and outside the classroom you will be totally immersed in an exciting, interactive learning environment which will keep you busy and teach you new skills.

We are open all year and we offer small and intensive classes of Spanish for adults, as well as for teenagers from 16 years old. There is also an exciting and active social program for all our students, discovering the impressive capital city and the surrounding areas, as well as social nights.


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Yes, I recommend this program

Magnifica Scuola! Raccomandatissima

Translated by Go Overseas:

I attended an intensive one-week course at this school. I didn't know her and I trusted the reviews. It's a great solution and I highly recommend it. I would have gladly continued studying with this school if I had more time. The manager and the staff are always kind and available for every need and the structure is brand new in the central area of ​​Madrid. In the classroom there were only three of us and the lessons were always fun, interesting and profitable thanks to the skill of the teacher. We have learned a lot even if in a short time. In summary, if you are looking for a school that really follows you in learning and in your needs at a more than reasonable price, the In2institute is the perfect and ideal solution for everyone. Thanks for everything.

Original Review:

Ho frequentato un corso intensivo di una settimana presso questa scuola. Non la conoscevo e mi sono fidato delle recensioni. È un'ottima soluzione e la consiglio vivamente. Avrei continuato volentieri a studiare con questa scuola se avessi avuto più tempo. La direttrice e lo staff sono sempre gentili e a disposizione per ogni necessità e la struttura è nuovissima in zona centrale di Madrid. In classe eravamo solo in tre e le lezioni erano sempre divertenti, interessanti e proficue grazie anche alla bravura dell'insegnante. Abbiamo imparato tanto anche se in poco tempo. In sintesi, se cercate una scuola che vi segua veramente nell'apprendimento e nelle vostre necessità a un prezzo più che ragionevole la In2institute è la soluzione perfetta e ideale per tutti. Grazie di tutto.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Intensive 10hr per week course

The course is well planned with great teachers and administrative staff too. The building is very central and easy to get to.
They have many different levels of courses designed to work alongside your current level of Spanish. My group class was small too so it meant we had really focused sessions and great feedback from the teacher.
I used to do Skype lessons but didn't appreciate the importance of face to face classes until this.
They have designed the classes so they are not repetitive in nature and always introducing new ideas. You learn through speech, reading, listening, audio recordings, videos and games. It keeps your mind alive throughout the classes.
I would certainly recommend taking classes longer than one hour per day to get the maximum out of each session too.

I will certainly continue to study here.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Great Spanish courses in Madrid with friendly staff and wonderful teachers

I took an Intensive Spanish course with In2Spanish Madrid and I was really satisfied with it. The classes were fun and interactive, and the fact that they have small groups (4-5 students) gives you the chance to participate more and have the attention of the teacher. The school is new and located in an elegant neighborhood in Madrid city center, the staff is really nice and professional. You can combine the course with activities such as tapas tasting, flamenco night or a walking tour with the teacher and the other students.
Regarding the accommodation, I was hosted by a local family that was nice to me and gave me the chance to practice my Spanish outside of the class. It was 15 minutes away from the school using the subway, as promised.
I was happy to use my holiday as a chance to improve my Spanish and meet new interesting people! Worth it!

Monika :)
Yes, I recommend this program

Private spanish class ( one to one )

Hola a todos !

It is not always easy to find spanish course when your level is nonexistent. That is why I was so happy to find in2spanish boutique school. The academy is situated close to the city center with plenty of transport options around. The entire space is newly done, quiet and it feels welcoming. Genny the director is excellent. She helped me find the most suitable way for me which worked perfectly. My teacher's name is Anai who has a lot of teaching experience from many different countries. She is patient, professional and very easy to talk to. Thanks to her my spanish has been improving every day. The learning material is fantastic. Plus she always has ready different ways to teach me like audio, videos, games or tests.

Muchas gracias por todo !!!

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Yes, I recommend this program

Unas classes fantasticas

Me gusta estudiar en una clase de espanol con pocos companeros porque es mas facil aprender. Me gusta tambien como la profesora ensena a nosotros. El libro donde estudiamos es completo. Lo siento porque no puedo venir todos los dias al curso porque tengo que trabajar . Hay muy buen ambiente en la escuela, los companeros son muy agradable y estudiosos. Hacemos tambien actividades fuera de la escuela, como ir a dar una vuelta en el centro y tambien museos. Hacemos un grupo por whatsapp que nos ayuda en la escritura y lectura. Escuchamos cansiones y vemos las palabras proyectada en la pizarra. Os recomiendos venir a estudiar espanol en este escuela en Madrid una bella ciudad

Staff Interviews

These are in-depth Q&A sessions with program leaders.

Donelia Ruiz

Job Title
Done works as a Spanish teacher since 2013. She grew up in Albacete, a small city in the centre of Spain.

She loves travelling and learning languages and came up with the best way of doing both without having to move from Spain’s capital city, as she has the fulfilling opportunity of seeing the whole world through her students’ eyes. Not only does she shares her culture, but she also learns from the differences between the nationalities that can merge in one classroom.
Four people smiling.

What is your favorite travel memory?

I have a lot of dear memories from my different trips, and thus it is quite difficult to choose just one.

Half quoting Joey Tribbiani from Friends: “Love is based on giving and receiving, as well as having and sharing. […]” And so are life and travelling. I’ve travelled alone, with friends and family, and each time I’ve been able to meet people eager to share your experiences with others, might that be an anecdote or just a piece of conversation.

My favourite travel memory is the people that I’ve met and how I’ve seen them open to other points of view. Even those times in which we could not speak a common language, communication was not difficult thanks to our common will to share with one another.

How have you changed/grown since working for your current company?

I truly think every step is important to grow as a better person and a better professional. Since working in In2Spanish, I feel more relaxed and trustworthy, as I feel that I am part of a new growing project whose first aim is the student, their needs and their own ways to learn.

It is a challenge I enjoy dealing with every day. I have different responsibilities than I’ve had before, and it is fun to take these steps while doing what I love in a place I believe in.

What is the best story you've heard from a return student?

It is not what I’ve heard from my students but mostly what I’ve seen. Let’s keep in mind that I take part in their experience abroad.

In their time in Spain, what I see is a bunch of people from very distant realities, countries and ages mix among them all and learn to live side by side. I see them achieve it by helping each other work through their struggles and problems of all kinds, ranging from frustration to the loss of a loved one. Moreover, they create community and bonds that turn into the most adorable and shocking friendships, like the one of a Turkish teenager and a Japanese retiree or the time that a 65-year-old Icelander and a 25-year-old Chinese entrepreneur that spent all their free time travelling around.

If you could go on any program that your company offers, which one would you choose and why?

I love learning languages. Every time that I can, I ask for a different expression that I might be able to use, like thank you. So far, I can successfully hold a conversation in 4 languages, so you can see that I enjoy learning and communicating.

That’s why In2Inmmersion would be the program I’d choose. I could invest 4 hours a day studying and sharing learning strategies with other students, plus 1 extra hour having a one to one lesson, in which I would be able to strengthen every concept.

What makes your company unique? When were you especially proud of your team?

Our company is unique and I would also say rare, like eclipses. Why? The main reason is our youth that conveys a will to work for the student and to learn from their needs that many old schools have forgotten for the sake of numbers.

And I’m proud of our team's energy, our bonds and our ease of communication. We build the school day by day, side by side, which is not only something to be proud of but also something that makes me very happy.

What do you believe to be the biggest factor in being a successful company?

Something that I am very proud of is communication. This should be the main aim of any company and the one and only factor that would show if it is truly successful.

Communication consists not only in the freedom to give one's opinion but also in the disposition of those in charge to listen and give the appropriate feedback. That's to say, that I strongly believe in the success of a company as the success of the whole of its members.