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IGS is the leading provider of customized internships in twenty-three countries. We partner with industry leaders and help students build their resumes. For students seeking a group experience we run a semester gap year program in Australia and New Zealand.


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Institute for Global Studies - Custom Internship

During my gap year, Covid restrictions in the country where I planned to do an internship program made travel there impossible. On short notice, Dave Adams at IGS was able to help me obtain a custom internship in New York City with a costume design shop. My work there was literally life-changing for me, and allowed me to hone my professional skills while building my resume. I believe that that internship experience was one of several factors in earning admission to the undergraduate program of my choice in London.

My internship placement was wonderful. All of the staff were welcoming, kind and helpful and the owner made sure all was going smoothly for me. I had the chance to work on multiple creative projects with a great deal of autonomy, while still having the opportunity to learn excellent industry finishing skills from the lead designer. I also made some valuable industry contacts while there. What really impressed me is that IGS had not previously had an intern there or even in my field; they diligently hunted for a placement that met my goals and were able to create this opportunity just for me. IGS also kept in touch throughout my internship to ensure that my expectations were being met and that I was having a good experience.

IGS was able to help me find a small partially-furnished apartment in Manhattan for a two month rental within walking distance of my internship -- not an easy feat! The only advice I would give others considering doing something similar in New York City is to have some family support when you first get there. IGS does not have staff in NYC, so it was really helpful to have my Mom help me get acclimated to the craziness that is Manhattan and help me buy and carry all the things I needed to make the apartment liveable. (Since cars are prohibitively expensive to park in NYC, every trip to buy groceries and furnishings had to be on foot, public transportation or taxi.)

I highly recommend IGS for any custom internship placement.


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