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With a whole new approach to higher education, IU offers accredited degrees for students who want to do their studies on site but also offer full online programmes for distance learning. Plus, IU takes flexibility one step further. IU offers a combined approach for many of its programmes. Students have the freedom to spend a semester studying from home, and the next semester on a university campus.



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Yes, I recommend this program

International Management

It does offer a well structured education plus there are heterogeneous career opportunities proffered to students pursuing the course. Not just this, there are various benefits offered by the IUBH universities to its students:

Well maintained library
Experienced faculty
Personal guide on interviews
Language classes
94% of IU Graduate receive confirmed job offers within 6 months of graduation.
Earn while you learn - Only 12 - 15 hours study time required per week
In many courses there additional modules dedicated to ensure your success in Germany etc.
There are many more benefits that one has on offer apart the listed above. One can avail these benefits while they study here.

  • Well maintained library
  • Experienced faculty
  • Language classes
  • No exam reviews
  • No additional exam support
  • Detailed material
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Yes, I recommend this program

My experience at IU

IU International University in Berlin, Germany is an exceptional academic institution that I would highly recommend to anyone seeking an educational experience abroad. My personal experience at IU was truly great and I was extremely satisfied with their professional service and with the master program in International Hospitality Management.

From the moment I enrolled in their program, I felt welcomed and supported by their knowledgeable and dedicated staff. They were always available to answer my questions and help me navigate the academic process.

In addition, IU also provided a supportive and diverse community. I had the opportunity to meet and collaborate with students from different parts of the world, which enhanced my learning experience and broadened my cultural perspectives.

Overall, my experience at IU International University was fantastic, and I would highly recommend this institution to anyone seeking a world-class education. Their commitment to excellence, dedication to their students, and academic rigor make IU International University one of the best educational institutions in Germany.

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Yes, I recommend this program


Great experience at IU International University of Applied Sciences. It helped me achieve me career goals in Germany and I am a succesful consultant working for a top company based in Dusseldorf, so thanks IU!

I would recommend this university to anyone looking to start a succesful career in Germany, especially in any fields related to IT or applied business.

It was a tough journey and I have to admit it wasn't easy to succeed, nevertheless, I pushed through and can say my MBA at IU was truly worth it.

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Yes, I recommend this program

IU International University of Applied Sciences

Overall I am quite happy with the program. I can study from home and take exams online. The university gives all the materials and an app to follow your progress. You have to find more information online but this can be said about a lot of universities.
I was looking for a degree in Computer Science or related field that I could do online, that would be in English and allow me to study at home. It's very hard to find a university that satisfies all three requirements but this one does. You can choose your own speed and do what's more comfortable for you.

  • Can study online
  • Not expensive
  • in English
  • Sometimes it's hard to get in touch with the university stuff
  • Some books may use more clarity
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Yes, I recommend this program

Well Reviewed

Online learning gives you a unique chance to live and work in a different country while having access to high-quality education from other areas. Therefore, it is an amazing opportunity to deepen your knowledge in a field you are interested in and the university offers a variety of programs to choose from. The platform itself is very flexible and you can easily get support in case of any need. The provided materials are very interesting and there is a great opportunity to access various ones through the library.

  • Studying at the convenient location
  • Studying at your individual flexible hours
  • Diversity of study programs
  • Lack of possibility to meet
  • More self organized skills required
  • Lack of discussion possibilities


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