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Kenosis Foundation

This organization has been expired and its programs are no longer offered.


Kenosis Foundation (KF) begun its mission in 2010 and established in late 2013 as a registered and not for profit trust ( NGO), have started intervention in selected poverty stricken pockets of India and brought about a significant change in the life of women-young mothers ( single, widows, abused and living with many girl children) and orphan (90% of girl) children in terms of providing formal education for all orphan, needy and underprivileged children, after school programs (tuition/coaching), food security, sustainable livelihood (donating milking cows, goats, growing chicken), micro-credit (interest free loans), micro-finance to start self-business or income generating activities ( Selling fruit, vegetable, food , flowers, cloths, jewellery) for women, computer and IT skills for school drop-out and unskilled youth employment & placement , International volunteer & internship cultural exchange programs across world.



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Yes, I recommend this program

Me and my friend visited different projects of KF in September 2014 and it was a really good experience. Issac, the founder of this NGO, explained us everything in detail and he has a lot of passion for what he is doing. He dedicates his life and his energy to help other people in need and he focuses on building a better future for girl children which is an important goal. It was interesting to see the different projects. We spent 3 days with Issac and we visited for example the families in the slums of Bangalore and spent some time with the children in the school there. I think this NGO does a great job and I can only recommend to volunteer at KF.

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Yes, I recommend this program

I came from the UK and volunteered with Kenosis Foundation for 1 month in Bangalore, India. I taught computer and life skills to disadvantaged young adults aged 18-25 years old. This included the basics of hardware, software, typing, Microsoft Office, security, and the internet. I also taught the students how to prepare their CV, and how to perform well in an interview. When I first arrived at the centre, there were some technical issues with three of the computers, but I was able to resolve these within the first day.

I enjoyed teaching the students, and they were all keen to learn during my lessons. This made delivering the content enjoyable. My biggest issue that I faced was the language barrier between me and some of the students. This meant I had to remember to speak more slowly and clearly. There was also usually another member of staff available to translate for me when necessary. I also had to learn how to plan and deliver lessons, as this was my first time teaching. On some days, the student attendance was poor, which was a little demotivating.

My living arrangement was with Issac, the founder of Kenosis Foundation, near to the teaching centre. His wife and daughter also lived at the house. The house was a little too small for 4 people, although I did get my own room. Laundry facilities were also lacking, and I had to wash all my clothing by hand. I was, however, provided with plentiful and delicious food throughout my stay. Issac’s only transportation was a motorcycle, which I wasn't particularly happy about, as the driving standard is very poor in India.

I feel that this program was very rewarding overall, and I would recommend it to other people who want to make a difference in India. Areas for improvement are the accommodation, transportation, and training before the project. I was given minimal training before I started, and I feel that some online training before I came to India would have been helpful. I was provided with some material to base my lessons on, and this was very useful.

What would you improve about this program?
Better transport
Yes, I recommend this program

When I look back at my time with Kenosis Foundation, I am very thankful. The trip was a gift for me, and I learned so much from traveling with Issac (he has the the primary responsibility in KF) and by meeting wonderful people in a beautiful village. I got close to the culture, and I felt very welcomed everywhere we went.
Issac was a fantastic guide for us, and he is one of the most kind-hearted persons I have ever met. He knows a lot about Non violent communication and is also a very humorous man. We travelled around on motorbikes, saw a beautiful waterfall, visited some catholic and hindu schools, and I tasted the most delicious food.
I hope to come back soon.
Conclusion: I can really recommend Kenosis Foundation!!


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