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Meddeas is a Spanish organization with presence in five countries that supports multilingual teaching in more than 200 educational centres. It offers language assistant programs and provides consultancy services. Recent graduates from all the main universities in Ireland, the UK and the US have already joined our programmes.

“When I tell people I spent my past year teaching English in Spain, the reactions are always positive. Of course, it is an impressive feat to list on your resume. Employers understand the importance of life skills that can only be acquired from leaving the comforts of your home town, not to mention your home country, in exchange for an adventure. Additionally, the independence and professionalism gained from working through a private agency as a representative of your country and language is remarkable”, Thais M., language assistant 2014/15 (Source: Meddeas Language Assistants’ Blog).


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I applied to Meddeas long after the traditional post university retreat from a "real" job auxiliare de conversacion program in Spain had closed. It took a skype interview and a jaunt to Dublin to get me into the program.
My application information was deemed enough to make me suitable for a position in Bilbao in the Basque Country. Apparently it's in Spain but I haven't seen much to suggest that's true. It rains almost every day and people say aupa more than hola.
Political unruliness aside I've had an incredible year at my school and a great experience with Meddeas.
The Meddeas team have been so helpful and always quick to answer my questions. (Quick as in, within the week, which is pretty tremendous for a Spanish program)
An added benefit (see short term stress) is the compulsory participation in an online TEFL course. This has been a pretty frustrating process for me as a lot of the taught material is so general that I end up doing extra leg work on top of it just to arrive to class prepared. That said, having a TEFL certificate and a years experience should make me employable the world over as an English teacher.
Have too many memories to even begin to share. Get your applications in and go make your own memories.

How can this program be improved?
A bit more money wouldn't go a miss as we are a little overworked and underfucked compared to the auxiliare participants. But hey, if money is my only issue then they've done a top notch job because more money would always be nice.
Yes, I recommend this program

I am not an education major but even so, I have found this experience incredibly rewarding. Meddeas was very helpful throughout the entire process and while I was not placed in any of my 3 preferred locations, I am happy with my location and have learned to enjoy it. The Meddeas staff tries to help as much as they always can, so I never felt lost during the application process and after my arrival in Spain. They honestly always try working with you and I really appreciated that. The work experience is quite demanding but if you are up to the challenge I am sure you will find it as rewarding as I have. I wake up every morning wanting to go to work and see my kiddos! My coworkers have been very supportive as well and I am sure I can apply the work experience I have gained here to any future job I have. The added TEFL course is an excellent part of the program as well.

Yes, I recommend this program

I am a Language Assistant through the Meddeas program and I was placed in Bilbao, Spain. This program did an excellent job matching me to a school and location that I felt I would be most successful in. In addition, they provided me support through the Visa process, the numerous Spanish documentations, as well as answering any questions I have had throughout the year. This program has provided me the opportunity to live abroad, practice my Spanish, as well as create strong relationships with other Language Assistants. I am very thankful for having come across this program and highly recommend it to anyone interested in teaching English abroad.

How can this program be improved?
The one downside to this program is that you come to Spain on a student Visa and thus are required to take a class throughout the year. Depending on which level you are matched with (Meddeas has three levels) you will be signed up for a class. At the advanced level you are required to take the EBE- Expert in Bilingual Education, which is a lot of work to complete but unfortunately does not really help to learn how to teach a foreign language.
Yes, I recommend this program
Mariah Girouard

When I was first graduating college I had no idea what to do with my life. I heard about Meddeas through an email sent out by my school's career services office and I decided to apply. Little did I know that this would be one of the smartest decisions I've ever made. The process was long and intense but Meddeas helps you out every step of the way. They are great at getting back to you with email and they've answered all of my million and 1 questions. I felt very supported by Meddeas from the very beginning.

The orientation was also very helpful as it provided some insights into the workplace culture and social mores in Spain and it also gave us some workshops for the ages that we are teaching. I found the workshops to be extremely helpful as they gave us some ideas of different activities that we can do in our lessons and what to expect from the children. I felt prepared to enter the workplace after the orientation and it was also great for meeting new people in the program and networking.

I know a few other people from different programs in Spain that are similar to Meddeas and from what they tell me, their programs aren't nearly as supportive or organized. I feel lucky that Meddeas chose me because I wouldn't want to be a part of another program.

This program has taught me so much about myself and what I am capable of. I've grown as a professional and I now feel like I can take on the universe. I love the variety from day to day and I am never bored here. This is such an amazing opportunity and I'm so grateful to be a part of it.

How can this program be improved?
Maybe this program can have more support for non EU citizens. The visa process is very complicated and stressful so if they could have a better understanding of the process they could maybe support us better!
Yes, I recommend this program
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I am currently working and studying in Spain with Meddeas and I would highly recommend both the company and the experience. The program allows you to study a course related to teaching English and also work with school students in Spain. I didn´t have any teaching experience, but Meddeas, the online University and my school have supported me and, after 5 months, I have already learned so much! If you want to work, study and live abroad all at the same time, I´d recommend applying!

Yes, I recommend this program



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